Wednesday , December 2 2020
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Banners Removed, Media Event Canceled Amid NBA’s Rift With China | NBC News

Banners advertising an upcoming NBA preseason game in Shanghai were removed and a news conference by the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets was delayed indefinitely as China’s backlash grew against a tweet by the Houston Rockets general manager voicing support for the Hong Kong protests.
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Banners Removed, Media Event Canceled Amid NBA’s Rift With China | NBC News


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  1. Just here to point out all the NBA hypocrites that are liberals in the states and oppressors in China.

  2. I support the states of the United States to independently support the Indians to take back their own territory. For the sake of freedom, I stand in Osama bin Laden. I think that the 9/11 incident is a great battle for faith. The above remarks are only my personal thoughts and my family company. Irrelevant

  3. 「&^3 Freedom of expression」







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    Freedom of expression is very important. In order to express, we need to have the feelings when we first see something and when we hear something.

    People who care about things and get paralyzed often lose the feeling of feeling something. I think that human emotions are so complicated.

    Therefore, human beings should be courageous and those who express otherwise should be praised.

    For many years I had been swearing on the internet as a monster.

    You can laugh at yourself if you have humor, but it was too persistent and sad.

    Expression should not be used when the other person thinks it will be obviously hurt. However, being able to express means having feelings, and if there is no feeling, suicide or not cherishing yourself.

    I would like to read YHWH from the opposite to make the name of Supreme God a hero and look for ways to lead to real happiness.

    h / why = yhwh = 360 ° The shortness of life and the time that is honest to me are similar.

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  4. The Hongkong backlash is only an excuse. After the CBA took what it needed from the NBA, it found a reason and left. Now it's the only market in town. Welcome to the Chinese business model. The media is next.

  5. one thing about Americans (overall Americans are very lovely and nice people) that is opposite to Chinese, Americans barely checking themselves, anything happened, or anything seems worse and worse, it must be the government's problem it is the president problem, oh yes, it is my leader's problem, and probably it is my wife's issue, nothing wrong about himself/herself, In general, they are used to blaming others, but not keep a humble mind to say :hey, are we really doing that great? should I spend more time on improving myself? anyway, just a conclusion, and general speaking. Very rare, some Americans are very humble.

  6. not like that, Americans have their rights to express, same, Chinese have their rights to decide where they want to spend money on. In China people express whatever they want, but if it is in an extreme public situation, Chinese know what is the RESPONSIBILITY of speech. Which one is more mature, totally freedom of speech without considering the public and others, or the semi-freedom of speech but fully understand the RESPONSIBILITY of speaking in public As social being, especially a public person, you need to be responsible of what you say. It is not like freedom of expression that simple. People in west been told by the main media that how terrible that China limits people's speech, come on, that is not true, that is completely ignorant and go to China, stay for a bit while, you will know, wow, it is not like that. You have your right to say, then we have the right to dis you. same thing.

  7. The best TWEET of all time!

  8. China elevated this to a whole new level. They could have ignored it but they didn't. It wasn't the NBA that said that it was Daryl Morey. And thanks for china stupidity the nba had to defend it interests in America. It could have been a level 1 and ignored it and nobody would have cared but they went to level 10 and everyone knows. Great job china they should stick with boring old ping pong.


    After Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Whatsapp, Google, NetflixYoutube…The NBA is banned !

    Chinese are very…sensitive.

  10. Support China & Communism – Vote Blue! After all, the liberal NYT's says communism is a good thing and they would never lie to us, right?

  11. Democrat, Elite Billionaire, and Chinese Communist admirer David Rockefeller:
    "Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure–one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

  12. Nike shoes made in China,, NBA merchandise made in China,, China is NOT your Friend..

  13. Showing the NBA is in bed with the communists in order to become rich. Where is Steve Kerr now ? He's been MIA.

  14. Team China.. Say no to NBA NFL… They are 😈 Antichrist anti-American losers..

  15. The NBA is not going forward with there 😈.. They should be shut down in America till they can educate themselves beyond the mental illness of liberalism Darwinism abortionist Antichrist homosexuality agenda of the CIA deep state Satanist cult.. China should make them pay more for shoes because that's about the extent of there knowledge of the world..

  16. The NBA should promote basketball in other countries in the meanwhile. China will come to their senses eventually when they realize their citizens like watching basketball lol

  17. We are not under your contol. We have the freedom to express our own thoughts! Glory to Hong Kong for fighting against your tyranny!

  18. This shows how powerful China is since Trump had been the president. He made China and Russia the superpower leaders of the world not US.

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