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Bannon gives his take on the 2020 Democratic candidates

Former Trump White House chief strategist Steve Bannon says former Vice President Joe Biden needs to prove that he’s not compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. Steve Bannon also weighs in on the U.S.-Iran tensions and the crisis in Venezuela.

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  1. Americans must vote for real Americans you cant Trust traitors because American people comes first the same way China and Iran are doing and all nations around the world 🌍

  2. Joe China says it all you are voting for China what upsets me China has been using coal for all there lives and because the west is starting to use coal China gets upset and aggressive

  3. Youtube algorithm keeps giving me FOX NEWS. Now that is unacceptable. FAKE YOUTUBE FAKE NEWS dominance. Not acceptable to me in America. Shame on you ……..NO MORE FOX NEWS.

  4. Who cares wut the bimbo says, she's nothing more than a self appointed expert. I want to know wut Bannon knows.

  5. Good on you Steve Bannon true patriot, knows what he's talking about, a lot of people just didn't realize what was going on in their own backyard 😣

  6. Sleepy joe really is not to sleepy when it comes to his wallet… DemoRats is Controlling Corruption Greedy and now pushing a new Agenda pushing VIOLENTS,
    Liberalism democrats and Fake News is OLD OUTDATED THOUGHTS

  7. That was so very informative. I hope everyone could watch this.Tump Republicans for Congress and Senate in 2020. Thank you Fox news!!!

  8. Wish Bannon were still in the administration. Hope that he still has the president's ear.

  9. Trish, What a great interview. Steve is a firestorm and you did the best possible. Let him run.

  10. I love Mr.Bannon.
    Please Mr.Bannon run for 2024 Presidency.

  11. Bannon is a great patriot and a very bright man. 🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸

  12. China isn’t a problem for Biden because his son is making billions off of them

  13. Yep, Mr. Bannon is no dummy. The presidency is a global job. I seriously doubt ANY of the people in the Democratic party could handle the international conflicts as well as Trump does. He's a business man, not a fool running for office.

  14. When Biden is asked a question he says “ come on man “ what the hell is that about that would really impress other World leaders if he was President what an embarrassment he. Would be but not to worry our Rock D J T will be 2020 President 100% 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. Trump is a true patriot who loves America unlike Democrats

  16. why i'am i not a load to share this video. ? not nice.

  17. That’s exactly the Chicago way of silence invasions activists to stealing their investment returns from……legally……

  18. I am a lefty-liberal but enjoy listening to Bannen. He is intelligent, articulate, logical and offers an alternative view ton some matters hat I find convincing.

  19. Thank god America has people like Bannon and President Trump won’t cave in to China

  20. Q: So, who would you say is the biggest threat to President Trump in 2020? A: Now, watch me talk in circles. The answer is TRUMP.

  21. Great interview with Steve Bannon great guy

  22. Joe Biden is Hillary lite. He's not going to be the nominee.

  23. Once the Democrat Clown Car goes over the cliff Soros will unleash his "Draft Michelle" Campaign. That's why Obama could not would not endorse Biden. Been in the works for 2 years. Trump will win 45 states. 70+ million votes.


  25. Yes. Steve Bannon will again add strength to President Trump in 2020 now that people got to know what a great intellect he is.
    Very few politicians have such a great reservoir of knowledge with regard to Politics. Amazing gentleman.

  26. Every time I listen to Steve Bannon, I realize how smart he is and how lucky we were that he decided to join the Trump campaign in 2016.

  27. WHY DID CHINA PAY $1.5 million dollars to HUNTER BIDEN before leaving China?

  28. Bannon is a smart man. Appreciate Trish letting him finish his message.

  29. she asks who is the greatest threat to Trump in 2020.. i think it will be a very close race between Martha Stewart and Gordon Ramsey, with Emeril Lagasse a close second ??

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