Tuesday , December 1 2020
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Bannon: The left wasn't worried about democracy when they were winning

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon discusses the impeachment inquiry and anti-Trump protests.

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  1. If it weren't for trump, bannon would seem like satan.



  4. Hey Americans
    if you want your Country to move forward
    make sure you vote
    and that you also make sure
    everyone you care for votes
    for the re-election of President Trump

  5. The Democrats didn't mobilize in the 2018 mid-term elections. It was the Mueller probe and the false accusations of the Democrats and their media mob that came with it that caused the Republicans to lose ground. It was intentional.

  6. Who are the people who are behaving badly? Where are they from?

  7. The Sultry Trish Regan,… pushing the drama (!)

  8. What? Does the media want civil war? Stop talking about it.

  9. No, the left didn't win the house because they mobilized. It was because the baseless mueller probe was strategically d r a g g e d out to prevent the truth(that we're now learning)from being exposed.

  10. The left needs to stop the violence. There are many Patriots growing weary of watching Our People getting beat upon. I am one of them. When Trump wins in 2020, who believes the violence will stop? It will escalate, We all know that antifa will not stand down. They are cowards who ruff up the elderly, reporters, and lone Patriots. How long will We The People allow this to continue? We know the Police have had their hands tied by leftist leaders. Wake Up America, We need to save Our Republic. Has anybody important gone to jail?

  11. Bannon is wrong on one thing. The mid term elections had so much fraud going on that was not reported on. Voting machines voting for the wrong person, but always "accidently" voted democrat.

  12. The party of John Kennedy is long gone. The modern dems are a mix of nazism, and communism, all funded by their silicon valley funds, and the Hedge Funds. So, what remains for Americans to do, is identity the weak points of this democrat war, and see if we can somehow exploit their weaknesses?

  13. They say all roads lead to Rome.
    That may well be, but in the case of Antifa etc, roads lead back to a certain George Soros.

  14. Unfortunately violence I'm afraid…God forgive me…will be our only option at some point. It's the only language these deep state globalist democrats understand. If we're going to win the debate. We're going to have to speak their language. Sadly.

  15. Nothing is going to work to stop these tactics from the Left. I’ll bet that in ‘20 when Trump gets re-elected, the Left will go beyond what they’re doing now. Riots everywhere. Now is the time to pull the trigger on the DECLAS and stop them in their tracks. Later will be toooo late.

  16. And I am sorry to say but its your fault… The MEDIA.. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc… You need to talk aboit the NEWS.. Stop even mentioning racism, guns, anything political juat SHUT UP.. Negative Negative, Negative.. Social Media needs to be shut down.. You are all using it and abusing what it was actually meant for.

  17. Trump is on live right now at nbc. Fox isn't reporting it. Go give him a thumbs up👌

  18. Note to Left: Pay close attention to boxes of various types, and note the ballot box isn't the only one. Don't invoke the others, you will lose.

  19. "It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled." – Mark Twain

  20. One group supports our country and president the other side is calling us Nazis and rioting

  21. These protestors are little children who have no respect and need repremanded

  22. How can police function if they have to hold their bikes?

  23. These sh-t heads in the street don't know what a ballot box is.

  24. drama queen. Agree with what she says, but her drama-speak bs is sickening. Just say it plain and simple without her desire to be in theatrics!

  25. This is at least as bad as The civil war, its just over similar but different issues, the most serious being our very freedom.

  26. Bannon is absolutely correct. The 'battle' will be won in the ballot box.

  27. Let’s see ….Democrats want to fight when they have no guns or straws? I think we should bring our patriotic military home from overseas and send Democrats in their place.

  28. When criminal activity is allowed to grow and grow like Obama started, the criminals will be alot harder to defeat when there's no other choice. Don't let the fire get out of hand before you put it out. I bet the dems got a nut seeing these protesters and rioters.

  29. The Democrats would not have lost the last election, if their campaign leadership just refrained from stealing all of Bernie Sander’s votes and transferred them to Hilary Clinton.

    Watch Michael Moore’s latest documentary Fahrenheit 11/9.

  30. The cops should be on road scrapers keeping the streets clear and safe. Just like Trump said, fight fire with fire.

  31. How about fox try to talk to the ines who get arrested and ask wtf r they doing?

  32. Omg trish go a little overboard why dont u? They look like paid homeless street kids and drug addicts

  33. The Left doesn't want to see a Civil War, and we have no Leaders in the Democratic party.

  34. Sounds fairly simple to me. If you want your country back get off your backsides and vote. To much high level corruption and fake news will be the downfall of the USA. Not to mention treason by aiding and abetting an enemy with the uranium sale.

  35. Sorry Steve, this is NOT about just differences of opinion, this IS about morality and if America can survive an onslaught of ungodly behavior promoted by liberals who hide from the Light of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

  36. I'm sorry Steve Bannon, but you need to stop spreading those lies. The reason for losing the house and many many seats was the unbelievable amount of corruption in the 2018 midterm elections which was not challenged by the Republicans who simply gave up. Those that fought it, In Florida and Georgia, won their cases. Never before have we had Voting results take more than one week to be returned and counted. Voting day simply does not work that way. This is a big problem, stop blaming the voters, we turned out! Check out the voter fraud, and common sense. Why did an emergency voting poll location turn up in Phoenix days before? These questions were never answered. Nothing will change either if you keep blaming the voters and not deal with the election fraud. In California, Republican voters were sent their ballots in Spanish language.the other issue is that States are allowed to register non citizens. What are you doing about that? Nothing?

  37. It is time for Pelosi and Sheiff to go to Pakistan AGAIN.

  38. we can tell those demonstrators are losers, so why are we tolerating it?

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