Sunday , January 23 2022
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Bannon: Today is the most important day of Trump's presidency

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon on why he supports President Trump’s threat to increase tariffs on Chinese imports.

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  1. Just like you can be a Star Football player, but if you're not a team player…you're not playing! So Hilary, you're not a team player, you didn't include the citizens…you're not playing!

  2. Russian Collusion was an invented fairy tale to inoculate all the bandits that pushed through Uranium One. Mueller…..Brennan…..Clapper….on and on it goes. They are terrified of Barr's upcoming revelations.

  3. It's true, the election was stolen from her and Steve Bannon master mind that entire conspiracy..TRUMP IS IGNORANT, WE ALL KNOW. TRUMP IS BANNON'S PUPPET!!

  4. Of even more profound importance than prosecuting deep state crimes, is a glaring truth all Americans know. It will greatly encourage future corruption if Barr is pressured into ignoring the main reason for the Clinton's server which was to hide the corruption of selling out US interests using the Clinton Foundation cash machine. This is the most precedent setting crime of recent history.

  5. Bannon‘s name will be in the history forever

  6. Lou Dobbs sold his soul upon joining the Fox Network of MISINFORMATION. Steve Bannon is no great American! Unless peddling hateful rhetoric is the new low bar.

  7. On top of everything they are talking about the President does not have the backing of the republican senate. WE NEED TO CHANGE THAT next election.

  8. thanks Lou your doing great .keep up the great job your helping Trump and America…

  9. Bannon; for real? Go home. The Donald has already fires you.

  10. Her voice makes me physically SICK. Forget cRaWeLy, SHE, IS THE most EVILEST most GREEDY sOuLeSs moNsTeR in our ENTIRE written history!! 😲😲😲😂😂

  11. Thanksgiving class Bannon🙏🙏🗽🗽


  13. looks like Hillary's had a whole big batch of baby brains lately now she's putting on the three-year-old Act watch out for that evil monster take a look back at the evil eyes with nasty little attitude she had previously if you think that woman has changed you're insane

  14. Hillery cli nton you lost we the deplorables and more people saw rogjt threw you we elcectded DONALD TRUMP NOT HILLERY CLINTON. NO ONE STOLE THE ELECTION WE WANTED TRUMP NOT HILLERY GOD HEARD our PRAYERS AND INTERCEDED all GLory to GOD AMEN

  15. Got fired by boss Trump and now by whole world

  16. The corrupt Clinton’s are still kicking!!!! 😀😀😀😀She will be in prison soon with Obama!!!

  17. Wow!! Catch Hiliary! She should be in prison!

  18. San Francisco, California is a society created by Democrat/elitist/socialism/liberal/progressives policies …. Result is two class 1.Elite class and 2. poor/homeless class…."No Middle Class" …they move out of Calif…into another state …eventually America becomes Cuba, Venezuela a banana republic ….

  19. Hillary, now listen to me, girl,your people aren't going to do it, so I'm going to have to do it for them. Don't worry. It'll hurt you worse than it hurts me. It's time for to pick up your jacks and go home. Get thee to a nice pleasant picturesque place and rethink your life. Work down your karmic debt. It's gonna take a long time, and you don't have a lot of time left. Just think about it. I know you've never pictured yourself dipping soup in a soup kitchen, but the experience might do you good. Do something, anything, out of the goodness of your heart. That means you're going to have to find your heart first. Swear off the sauce. Get up early in the morning and listen to the birds. Calm. Calm. Peace. And maybe you could do something for the illegals you love so much. No, I really mean it. For them. Not for a photo op.

  20. So are the price as Apple cellphones. However, Chinese workers only made poor wages, Apple company made hundreds of billion dollars in one year as 2018 but counting China's export products to the US. Is that fair?
    Mr. Bennon spoke blindly for the trade deficit with China. No knowledge in business person.

  21. Do you know the real world? Ask the US SP500 companies whether they have factories or companies in China and paying lowest wage to Chinese workers used to be US$1.00 a day per worker, then gradually increase to US$5 a day, US$10, US$15, and now US$20 a day for the past 20 years. Ask those SP500 companies whether they made several Billion dollars for past 20 years from China. How much Chinese workers gain, for the poor wages? Just simply ask Apple company how much they made, the earnings in 2018, one year only? The Cheap price, high quality Chinese products keep the Dollar stores going and Low Inflation in the USA.

  22. Speaking about Clinton and stolen elctions, we have to remember that this work that Pres. Trump is doing in bringing back jobs from China should have been done by Bernie Sanders .

  23. Bannon can burn in hell. This douche causes trouble everywhere he goes and should be punished severely.

  24. I took my vote for Clinton and at the very last minute voted for Trump instead
    thereby securing his success… so I guess I'm guilty of fixing the election too.

  25. Hillary is incomplete. As Bill. Their Time has gone. I’ve seen their Hearings. From what I became to understand it’s true: The Clinton’s need investigations regarding ALL CORRUPT & Major Security Losses of America. Pay-To-Play as some is called. Nancy even said No One Is Above The Law! Americans y’all must come together both Democrats & Republicans To Stop these Corrupt Thieves. It’s like cleaning house with your Toilet: Flush!!!

  26. You check all the comments in this video. Most are without any clear thought or evidence. Just simple minded talk. And these people wonder why "Mexicans are paying for the wall" and "Chinese are stealing our jobs". Ya huh.

  27. Hillary Clinton and Bill retire already!! go back to long walks in the woods. Quit already, you guys are old news. You have your millions of cash in your savings!! thank Goldman-Sachs and all the big banks for that. Just enjoy your life already and leave politics behind.

  28. Can she just admit she lost? Hey you lost Hilliary.

  29. All due respect shut up Hillary I can come up with those words I probably take a lot more English and collagen you have plus major in sociology and psychology in your body language is not with it give it up give it a rest!!!

  30. Will someone ask the witch if she wants some cheese to along with her wine

  31. They have no idea who Donald John trump is!! He lives for the fight he was sent by god to save this glorious nation!!

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