Monday , January 18 2021
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Barack Obama holds town hall on reimagining policing in wake of violence | USA TODAY

Former President Barack Obama holds a town hall with leaders in the police reform movement to discuss the recent tragic events and specific steps needed to transform a system that has led to the loss of too many lives.

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All four police officers in the killing of George Floyd will face charges, Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar said Wednesday, and court papers described more troubling details about how officers did nothing to stop Floyd from dying on the ground.

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  1. The violence happening today is in large part Obama’s fault. He had an unprecedented opportunity to permanently blend this country but he chose to do the opposite. He chose to become wealthy off of it all….and he did. He chose to elevate racism for the sake of trying to bring about socialism. It’s not going to work. History will show the truth. And I voted for him too.

  2. Gee Berry in eight years you didn’t even mention or do anything about this.Hell the evil statues weren’t even notice politics pure and simple

  3. Reimagining policing? Obama who the hell comes up with the wordplay at DNC? It's such an obvious propaganda tool!

  4. Reimagine ??? Reimagine how poor people raise their families & learn how to respect other people… U might wanna start there.

  5. Look up Lore Elisabeth Blumenthal to see a fine example of what Obama's "reimagining" of policing will look like. Massive government surveillance and control.

  6. If you want to know just HOW MUCH the Dems OWN the media and how they PUSH their agenda to ALL of America… The brand new term is "reimagine policing"… in less than 24 hours, look how many MSM push this new DEM term; check out Tucker Carlson…
    fast forward to 20 mins 48 secs and note how many of these media outlets are controlled by the DEMOCRATS, and told WHAT to say! How much correct info are you REALLY getting? Come on America, THINK about it! They tell you what they believe will get your vote… not the truth. They're POLITICIANS!! We need to vote on OUR opinions, not the biased opinions they TELL us to. Check out the facts yourself and form YOUR opinion, then vote based on THAT! Example; women's right to choose, most women will vote FOR this, as did I, until it went from voting for abortions rights til viability (20 weeks) to aborting literally within minutes of birth (40 weeks and mom in LABOR). I agree with the former, will NOT cross the line to the latter. They don't discuss the "abortion" of a FULL TERM INFANT, but it's there and LEGAL and SICK!

  7. Reimagining Policing is a trap. Reimagining Police = Defund the Police

  8. WHAT A SNOOZER 😴😴😴😴😴💤💤💤👎👎👎👎

  9. The Irish indentured were the FIRST ..before any African was brought here..

  10. Did Obama not notice the police brutality for the whole 8 years he was president, or the 3 years he was a community organizer in Chicago?
    So just now he is WOKE?
    Just how did Democrat Obama work with Democrat Mayor Betsy Hodges and Jacob Frey of Minneapolis to eliminate racism/brutality in the police force.
    So easy to point fingers after you are out of office…..

  11. Theses police reforms are what Obama started before trump & sessions reversed them . look it up, public knowledge

  12. Obama is in the right side of history this time.

  13. The comments section of this video is a pretty solid snapshot of what is wrong with the US. A bunch homophonic, islamophobic, NRA loving, white supremacists. Poor US. At least one day, the dinosaurs will all die out….

  14. Biden isn't going to denied police brutality defund police then f*** him I'm not voting for him I might as well be defeated and stay with Trump

  15. I wonder why In 2012, Obama altered the Smith-Munde act that was created in 1948 after WWII which made ALL propaganda illegal.
    Why would OBAMA ALTER that act and Make PROPAGANDA LEGAL AGAIN?

  16. Obama is criminal and was just about to stand in court for his crimes. This is why the tilts begun. Deep state indefinitely staged the murder and all proves are gathered already. Blacks and the rest of humans will pay for this organized Deep State. Crimes. The plan. Is to depopulate world using deadly vaccine injection. President Trump is the one only who can save the world . But unfortunately everything were planned ahead of time. To divide us and make it possible again. Black peoples are used because is easy to manipulate them. Deep State ANTIFA Black Life Matter organization are doing v well . This is last chance for humanity. To unite and stand together with president Trump.please find ❤️❤️Last speech of Phill SHNEIDER In 1995 just before he was murdered ❤️❤️❤️tThis is a real reason we have to be depopulated by 2029 . Maybe we still have chance But stop raging and just listen.

  17. Obama made a big mess and Trump has almost cleaned house. Gallows coming Muslim Brotherhood President.

  18. He's the leader of the riots. Arrest him or we will.

  19. Oh please, your to late, Trump isn’t the one that did wrong elites in Antifa & organize group to point it protest to blame Trump as usual, wicked people using the protest to stir up violence & property distruction, your not in office anymore & should of done all righteous things then ….

  20. U r a loser and a hypocrite. U r also so clueless just like ur bookshelf

  21. Obama still hates the U.S. and is still out to destroy it.

  22. Shut your mouth You did nothing for The Black Americans all You did was talk but you had no action !

  23. You sure changed things all right.

  24. He's still flapping his lips and doing the same thing as when he was president… no solutions and creating massive debt.

  25. Shameless creature who destroyed USA…

  26. Why don’t you get me my social security I’m bi polar can’t work lost my 30 year old son two weeks ago you are full of bs Obama gate you would not help some one to save your life James robinson garden grove ca your a bs artist shut up

  27. Obama has to be one of the worst president’s in history. He accomplished nothing other than being well liked by his supporters. Most of his bs executive orders have been eliminated and foreign policy blunders put on a better course.

  28. All talk no solution per usual, waste of time

  29. Those African Americans voted you but what did you do to resolve the issue in 8 years term?

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