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Barbados Travel Vlog – Sun, Sea, Sand & RUM! | Fashion Mumblr

Sun, Sea, Sand and RUM! Join me in Barbados for the Food & Rum festival – hopefully Part Two coming soon! #FashionMumblrOnTheGo

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  1. really cool vlog! i watched it a million times before visiting barbados so i know all the great spots! thank you for sharing! =)

  2. I’m going to Barbados next year and I’m so excited and watching this is making me even more excited I can’t cope

  3. Intrigued to read about shoreline stories? here you go the link for the same:

  4. Hi there, I just discovered you the other day, and just wanted to say hello and tell you, that your videos is addictive. You are so sweet, beautiful and clever and I love to get inspired by your travel vlogs, but also your fashion and make up tips. Thank you so much, dear. It’s a good thing that Easter is here, it gives me the time to catch up. Big hugs from a new follower in Denmark.😍❤️🇩🇰

  5. What was your favourite destination Josie, was it the Maldives or Barbados? xxx

  6. I see this vlog was posted on the 50th Anniversary of Barbados independence. There were big celebrations for this. I am disappointed that you did not show the real Barbados. What you showed is for the very few and privileged. That is not how Barbados really is and is all about.

  7. Poor horses being forced to run in that heat!

  8. I love that you put in the part about not touching the turtles. That's really important but rarely noted. They also shouldn't really be feeding the turtles, the tourism diet for the turtles is pretty bad and it is making them obese.

  9. Loved this video Josie – how stunning is Barbados?! Favourite place I've ever visited, it's so stunning! X

  10. I love Barbados! I live in Puerto Rico and its really close

  11. Hi!! can you please tell me what is the song during the polo till the end? I shazam it but doesn't catch it 🙁

  12. Barbados has to be my absolute favourite holiday destination, the people are so lovely and the views are breathtaking x

  13. Barbados looks amazing! I so wanna go there someday 😀

  14. So good to see UK vloggers doing so well. I'm focusing my own channel on business advice with a bit of personal stuff so we'll see how that goes 🙂 Good luck with your channel 🙂

  15. wish i was in barbados 😍😍

  16. Did you start blogging before YouTube?

  17. Great video! Someone help, what is the song playing at 6:40??

  18. i've watched your fake tan routine video which i found so useful! I think you said you usually tan once a week but I was wondering what you do whilst on holiday – do you bring your fake tan with you and tan more often?

    I hate being pale on the first few days of holiday but always worried about wearing fake tan and it getting all streaky after all those hours spent in the pool/sea!

  19. Barbados looks amazing! Hope you get your memory cards fixed x

  20. Grenada is even better!! But then this Grenadian is biased 🙂

  21. love the striped dress. where is can I get?

  22. Just beautiful! Watched you as I'm getting ready to go out to dinner, always a treat! 🌹😚

  23. Hey where do you get your background music from?

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