Bartlett, Khawaja stand up as Heat overpower Renegades | KFC BBL|12

The Brisbane Heat have qualified for the penultimate match of KFC BBL|12 by defeating the Melbourne Renegades by seven wickets at Marvel Stadium after excellent performances from Xavier Bartlett and Usman Khawaja.

Watch Khawaja’s innings:
Watch Shaun Marsh’s innings:
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  1. Up the heat 💙💙💙

  2. Heat are the best team. GO HEAT!!!!!!

  3. After 11overs 90 runs next 9 70 runs

  4. The way Josh Brown hits a ball gets me hard

  5. BBL is so much better with the Australian player's taking part

  6. Love the sound off the bat when the roofs on

  7. Damn Fawad Ahmed and Shaun marsh still going at 40 years old

  8. 6:20 Back To Back Fifties For Superstar 🌟 Usman Khawaja 🔥

  9. Guptill End His Season where he start, poor Season 😢

  10. stop putting result in title

  11. Did anyone else think Howie was off his head last night? Eyes like dinner plates everytime the camera cut to the commentary box & fidgeting like a muthafkr 😂

  12. 4:53 tht shot real cricket 22 makers should watch for it to launch in game…

  13. Usman khwaja come play for Pakistan. We need batsman like him

  14. Osman khawaja King 👑🇮🇳😎

  15. Shaun Marsh 😎🔥
    Class act

  16. Spencer Johnson is an exciting talent.. Certainly a player to watch out 👀 in 🇮🇹Italy

  17. Bring the heat🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. It's not fair Heat will go into challenger full of confidence while sixers are struggling

  19. Khawaja won't play next match

  20. There was a time when Australia had world class commentators like Bill Lawry, Ian Chappell, Tony Greig. Nowadays they just have a bunch of annoying chirpy voices. Mark Waugh, Gichrisht, Hussey, Ponting, Brett Lee, Damien Fleming. Just miss those legends. The current guys are a headache.

  21. Why Shaun March Not Playing Australia

  22. Khawajas the most underrated cricket player ever man

  23. Titles spoil the game

  24. In the stadium covers is there for covering from rain

  25. Need to improve the highlights with out and six replays.

  26. I really like the caremera work. You can hear the gunshot that produce off the bat. Visually beautiful BBL is.

  27. What’s amazing is the Heat don’t have any players in the top 10 of anything except Neser for wickets taken. That’s what you call a team effort

  28. Usman khawaja underrated innings 🔥🔥🔥