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Baseball fan lands minor league contract

Nathan Patterson’s video of him throwing a 96 mph pitch went viral and got the attention of the Oakland A’s.


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  1. He took several steps in that video, he'll probably only hit 88-92 on the rubber

  2. This wasn't a fan this was a division 1 baseball player who was in a car crash

  3. I’ve been in that pitching cage!

  4. Do they mean major league contract

  5. The title is wrong then. He signed with the major leagues not the minor leagues.

  6. she sounds like kitty plays haha

  7. of course, it would be the A's …..they dont have to pay him anything but the minimum so why not right? he can throw a 95 mph fastball, with a stepup, hows his accuracy? hows his demeanor? is he good with a glove ? can he protect himself on a liner? ehh who cares he can throw 95 lolol just crazy

  8. I can't blame him for not wanting to watch the Rockies. The Rockies lost a future piture by sucking without even knowing it lol. Its hard to be a Rockies fan..

  9. Who else to sign him other than the athletics

  10. Lol she said professional basketball 1:43

  11. I'm not jealous or anything but I think that it is fucked up he get's chosen because it's not fair in certain ways.

  12. Turning a negative to a positive. Car crash to Minor leagues? After some years of off time? Hats off!

  13. dudes taking like three steps before he throws the ball wtf lmao.

  14. Wait a minute… he landed a deal because he can throw 96??? Bruh where’s my deal

  15. He's going to play the team in my city, Stockton. They are called Stockton Ports. It's a single a team. Go Ports.

  16. Nothing to the nfl player who was homeless and came to a Browns tryout and got a punt return touchdown in a game

  17. This is the most Oakland A’s thing I have ever seen LOL

  18. There is a 99.9% chance that he is on some sort of steroids/HGH. I give it 1.5 years before his arm blows out or he gets popped for steroids.

  19. He threw for the first time yesterday and had 3 strikeouts on 9 pitches. Granted it's Arizona Rookie Ball, which isn't exactly very good baseball, compared to top NCAA programs. But it's still impressive

  20. For anyone who cares, in his first inning with the AZL Athletics, he struck out the side

  21. I can throw 60 mph, can I get a major league contract for the Yankees?

  22. Shit head in the yellow dress really shitting on people’s dreams

  23. Hopefully he’s exactly like Kenny powers !

  24. Anyone else thought this was Brian from the bay in the thumbnail?

  25. Yeah don't doubt the yee yee As signed a bum off a street who can" throw "

  26. Cool story but cheesy reporting.

  27. Imagine grinding all those years in college and then getting ur spot taken by a guy who was signed cause a video

  28. Bruh wtf !?? Don’t matter how fast MLB players gonna launch 🚀 his pitches for homers BET !

  29. 90 is not that good for a major league player

  30. He was crow hoping throwing 96 when he actually pitched he threw 91 92

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