Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Battle against massive wildfires in California rages on | ABC News

Some evacuated homeowners were given only five minutes to go back home retrieve belongings.

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  1. Did you see that house?? All the trees weren't burned!

  2. Why isn't there more coverage on these fires??? Too much attention on the Trump scandals.

  3. 🙌This is just the beginning for what coming yet no man can stop it🇺🇸🔥💫⌛


  5. U.S. is destroying other countries God is burning U.S. (warning from God)now U.S. will sanction God😂

  6. California, literally on fire. Not just metaphorically.

  7. Wait. I thought this was a video of Kurds houses on fire.

  8. Some of the WORST CRISIS Actors that I have ever seen.

  9. California people had a chance to get out of California! What a mess if you stay! Same type of fire different area!🇺🇸

  10. Is Cali ever not on fire, Honestly by now how do they even have tree's?

  11. 8000 acres? That is almost half the size of my ranch.

  12. Imagine that in California. Who would of ever thunk it.A fire in California.. No way.

  13. ABC News will save that footage of trees burning for their next report on Syria!!!

  14. Geoengineered weather P & G E Rothschild agenda 30

  15. I don't even think I'd want to keep living in California. The state has earthquakes, wild fires…is it even worth it? I know its not the WHOLE state but, Christ.

  16. Hey ABC, you sure that isn’t Syria ? Turkey burning the Kurds because Trump pulled troops out?

  17. why iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis the fire i n arease where is pepole living

  18. California rn is legit the most dangerous place on earth rn

  19. Great people are coming out to help each other . we donated 8 portable generators as there was a power cut and some canned food from this site –
    Great site to donate for emergencies but i think we should be prepared for any such natural disasters.

  20. Who cares California is. Liberal/communist anti American shit hole , they deserve to burn

  21. Hopefully the liberal cities , and all its scumbag baby murdering degenerate liberals all burn to death

  22. I live in Florida- Metal roof, concrete house, metal shutters on  windows and doors Interesting building code they have in California(build everything out of things that burn!)

  23. P G & E electrical black outs prove the fires are man made and manufactured . Zero power ? Some one is MANUFACTURING THESE FIRES . NO POWER AND STILL FIRES EVERYWHERE ? P G & E SHOULD SUE FOR SOME OF THEIR LAWSUIT BACK !

  24. California not using the $billions they get for forestry services for some basic stuff that most States invest in, like pruning woods and park-land fire-breaks. Where is that money REALLY going? Things that make you go Hmmmm.

  25. well well…Rothchild's klan is at it again…we see you..and so does the military you idiot's…

  26. Material things dont matter, life matters!

  27. Haha! In NorCal they shutdown the electricity to prevent fires…

  28. I'm not some fire expert or anything but I've been studying our fires for the past couple of years and so when one was finally near me I jumped in my car and followed 6 fire trucks which lead me to this hill (before the jumped on the freeway) so I drove up the hill till the top where I parked and grabbed my digital camera. I went across the street to where I parked which gave me a pretty decent view of the fire. It was spectacular in all the wrong ways… But what really made me trip out was the fact that you can feel the extremely strong frequency pulses, the wind was blowing strong and gusting in ways that didnt feel natural and I could see the fire growing by the second with each pulse. Idk how to describe it better but all I know is that these fires cannot be natural. Theres absolutely no way I'm 1000% sure of that now. My camera barely worked during all this and its brand new. I was watching the flames get bigger and the heat growing in intensity literally by the second. Ive never seen a natural fire grow in pulses before in my life but it is real and now I understand how these "Fires" (Attack on civilians really) grow so fast and get so hot. Frequencies…. Frequencies control our weather its a fact get it through your head we are under attack. Stay safe and alert.

  29. why are these fires underground ?

  30. it's between billions of dollars or your house. I take billion dollars and let you burn. Fuck human animal.

  31. Thank God I live in San Antonio, TX. Yay!
    Earthquakes? Um, no. Earthquakes? Very very very slight tremors, due to 'fracking' south of here.
    Tornadoes? …. ahm, very rare
    Hurricanes? Nope! ……. Bad flooding? No. …….. Snow, blizzards? > Not even. ………. Cost of living? > low. ….. So? S.A. for the 'Win'

  32. Why most people have wooden houses, California must have cement buildings for hurricanes and wildfires.

  33. Scared to let public put up videos. Why do we want to see these lies?

  34. Every summer. You’d think americans would try develop a way to find out who or how it starts before IT STARTS. Rather than finding out after.

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