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Battle-hardened Melbourne Stars too strong for Brisbane | KFC BBL|10

The experience and class of the Melbourne Stars shone through as they proved too strong for a youthful and inexperienced Brisbane Heat side to handle


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  1. I think dilbar hussian is the only Pakistani playing in this years bbl

  2. Good crowd, seems corona is over in Australia

  3. Woods bowling action is a bit weird

    ME:32 cutlets,24 pattis,inmese(BOOKS) kuch b nahi bikka sir.

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  6. Please send the channel link

  7. I must say there is no level of batting
    Every one just wants to hit the ball hardly.
    There is no technique in there batting

  8. Why they are doing that gesture before the start of play..

  9. IPL flop Maxwell
    In bbl maximumwell

  10. Maxvell Couldn't Use His Legs because of Powerful Indian pace Attacks 😂

  11. Kxip will not dare to release Maxwell 🤣

  12. First Haris and now Dilbar… Stars knows the trick to make unknown as Super Stars 🌟🌟

  13. BBL. Big boring leaque. Playing like test match. Worst than Bangladesh player. Some player don't know how to handle the bat. Shame ..

  14. Maxwel perfect for his national team,also bbl but not in ipl,

  15. I need boyfriend 😭💝💞💖🌹💖💗🌹💞💖💝💋💋💋

  16. I love you all 💘💕💝🌹💝💗💕🌹💝💘💝💋💋

  17. Dilbar spell was impressive 🙌

  18. 3:47 one of the best six i have ever seen

  19. Pls add match number in caption or in dp

  20. I'm here for Dilber Hussain.and please mention the match number

  21. Good Bowking Dilbar hussain pakistan ❤

  22. Sad for Cartwright, Larkin yoinked that 50 in style.

  23. Agar thum miljahoo😄 zamba stoins

  24. 5:10 sad news: he broke the chair
    Good news: he said sorry

  25. What a memorable debut for Xavier Barrett! Keep it up.

  26. Superb run outs by Coulter-nile

  27. Excilllent 4 wickets by Coulter-nile. Well done.

  28. We need Boom Boom playing for Brisbane heats please

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