Hi Guys! I apologize for the quality of the footage from Day 1 to Day 90. 🙁 My hard drive with all my files crashed a few days ago and the only footage I had was low res 🙁

I went on 7 trips last 2017 and I thought to myself ” what would the point be of eating healthy if I was just going to indulge when I’m on vacay. ” so that’s what i did. I ate and ate and ate.

So after my trip to Korea earlier this January with my family, I told myself I’ll give myself 100 days to eat clean. And I did!!!

I was depressed. I reached my heaviest weight in SIX years. I knew something had to be done. I gave up everything I loved. Cheese, alcohol and sweets. When people invited me to hang out I knew I had to decline. I could not tempt myself with food and alcohol because my self control was not good yet.

It was a mental battle, I had to constantly keep myself motivated. Scrolling through Pinterest for recipes, saving motivational videos on YouTube to watch in the morning. I knew I had to keep motivating myself as over time motivation wears out but if you’ve made it a habit then you’re good!

All you gotta do is start, that’s actually the hardest part. But once it’s a habit, kayang kaya na!

Looking forward to pushing myself even more!

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