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Before the spa shootings, a history of stereotypes that perpetuated anti-Asian bias | Nightline

Before the spa shootings, a history of stereotypes that perpetuated anti-Asian bias | Nightline

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I cant believe this is happening in 2021, come on people

  2. Hmmmm the way treat my ppl tho!!!

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  4. Maybe because they don’t respect anyone else and everyone else is fed up with them? But I don’t mean “Asians”, I mean the Chinese. They created COVID and look how they act when they visit other countries, example: https://youtu.be/wMVjskBB4w0

  5. Lol imagine provoking the most prolific race on earth.

  6. It’s so sad they had to be the victims of white male rage 😓 RIP

  7. Asians are so frightened that they’ve had to move out from the areas they were brutalized in.

  8. Boring gun-happy Americans. The world is sick of US racism, mass shootings, school shootings and bombing in the name of peace.

    The US show videos from Mars but no videos of Uyghurs in Xinjiang and only two suspect witnesses from a city of 25 million…

    The Changcheng (Great wall) to Lu sè Changcheng (Great green wall) can both be seen from space.

    The US had fires from a gender reveal party that could be seen from space. When was America great?

  9. Covid deaths US 558,131 Mexico 199,048 UK 126,382 Canada 22,753 China 4,636 Australia 909 NZ 26 Taiwan 10.

    Two thirds of Covid variants originate from the US which makes Covid the US VIRUS.

    1964 Japan's first bullet trains vs 2021 US has NO high speed trains.

    Americans die believing Traitor Trump and Fox TV when they called the pandemic a hoax. When was America great?

  10. It's hard to watch this stuff, can't believe this is going on, just sad terrible please stop were all human with different shades.

  11. Any media going to investigate the sex trafficking and slavery at these rub and tug … "asian themed" shops….

  12. Mom worked at a brothel .! I love ❤️ getting Asian “ massages “ with a very happy ending.

  13. Thank your politicians and journalists for dividing the country! Always about race in America 😁

  14. Stupid.
    Shooting in Boulder was an anti European American hate crime. Wasn't it?

  15. Anti-Asian sentiment was large even before spread of COVID19

  16. Asian hate while "white" people are being shot too. Oh well that shooting isn't about hate.

  17. Here we go again 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  18. CCP killed 60 million people in China

  19. Theres a joint among the memorial candles at the end

  20. The root of anti Asian in US is the sentiment of anti China of the West.

  21. Heartbreaking… sending them love

  22. No soul searching at all. These weren't spas but houses of the happy ending, where you pay the house fee ($50/60), give the gal a $140/150 tip, and that means full service, to include, if you're lucky, CIP, and perhaps she even plays Greek, if that's your sort of thing (it's not mine). This is called targets of convenience, and please, find me such a place in ATL that isn't run and staffed by either Chinese or Koreans (here in HNL they are known as AMPs aka Asian massage parlors and no one is under any delusion as to what occurs). For fvcks sake, select Google images and search, massage parlor arrest, and see the pictures. Funny how their evil was destroying the community, or so you've said, but now that you've sent that message you're crying tears over a predictable outcome. If you clowns are "woke", please, call me comatose.

    Oh, and here, from usasexguide, for ATL:

    Originally Posted by Niteluvr [View Original Post]
    All three parlors been reviewed extensively over the years. Young's was a Chinese parlor (rub and tug) and the other two were Korean parlors (full service).

    I'd bet the world that this rear end in a top hat had visited each place prior. And not murder because they're Asian but instead because he has some whacked out view on what it means to avoid the near occasion of sin.

  23. Some of the same people who howled with appreciation when Trump said "Kung Flu," or put that special nasty emphasis on CHI when saying "China," are not here claiming to have never supported hate and bigotry against Asian Americans. And the bigot is sitting right there in Florida now, still pushing hate. You want to claim to be "good," then call him out. Don't support any more of his garbage.

  24. This is so sad! These women were killed for no clear reason at the moment except for what seems like racism, sexism, & bigotry

  25. How can I be attracted to Asian women without making them my fetish? Lol I really need answers without judgment

  26. Holly molly I still remember half of the Asian population maybe more voted for Trump lmao

  27. Stop the protest we need isolation because of the Covid Chong 19

  28. Are we going to ignore the fact that these spa was basically a brothel?

  29. . Baizuo



  30. I’m Japanese and very proud to be Asian!!! We asians are not virus!!!!!

  31. Never met anyone who hates Asians.

  32. I understand ,the asain community experience racism on a daily. Yet, why aren't the Asian community addressing their deeply ingrain hate towards the African/ Black Americans. The asian community hold a tremendous amount of disgust towards them . The Asian community should consider looking in to this as well. If they can fight this much for justice in a cause for this deeply attack towards their community by a white man's ignorance. Would this be the same as if a Hispanic or Black American person was the preposterous perpetrator in this deadly attack. ? Life is not fair but protest is temporary while racism and discrimination will always remain.

  33. Leave it to the liberal media to push and promote Marxism.

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