Friday , November 27 2020
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Behind The Scenes of a Blogger Photo Shoot! | Fashion Mumblr

A Behind The Scenes Vlog of our latest shoot day, see what goes on behind the making of a YouTube video – my favourite video EVER – my Romantic Lookbook!
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  1. Great vlog. Really shows how hard you work and how passionate you are! ❤️

  2. Really enjoyed this, what a beautiful location x

  3. LOVE your blogger insider videos!! would love to see more. happy to see how your subscriber count has skyrocketed

  4. This is a great video, thank you. It was great to see behind the scenes and see what's involved in creating a look-book, thanks again xxx

  5. I loved your look book video and it was really interesting to see behind the scenes too.

  6. The shots turned out beautifully! Great vlog as always xxxx

  7. Loved this video!!!! I'd love to see more travel vlogs, as well as all the latest fashion and beauty videos too 😍😍😍

  8. I love this so much! You know I love all your vlogs, but it's so nice to see the behind the scenes of YouTube/blogging vlogs that you do. With so many young people wanting to do YT/blogging as a career, it's important for them to see just how much hard work it takes. It's also nice to be able to see that on bigger projects like that amazing lookbook, it's not just you and a tripod doing everything, you have a literal team of people helping you. I really appreciate bloggers like you who don't keep this side of things secret, I think transparency is the biggest thing to helping the YT/blogging and influencer industry succeed long term (and I say that as an academic who studies this lol, not just as a fangirl).

  9. Loved this video!  Thanks for all the hard work you do Josie!  Love seeing the behind scenes. Love the country side with all those trees!

  10. This was so lovely- that place looks beautiful! It is amazing to see how much work goes into creating content. You do a great job!

  11. LOVED this type of video! It's so fun seeing the behind the scenes stuff now and then!

    (side note: i can't get over that pink bathroom!! To DIE for! )

  12. LOVED this Josie! The car, the venue, the scenery, the amazing clothing and makeup, the RESULTS (watched both of the vids produced from this day over the past couple of weeks), and the product that you all produced was quite simply stunning, and totally classy. You are a real talent, and I'm such a fan! Keep up the great work guys, and thank you for putting in the time , effort and love in for us all… Love from little ole' New Zealand!!! xxx

  13. How does it work this the location you use? Do you rent it or can you use it for free? Looks absolutely beautiful!!! LOVE the room and the hotel!

  14. Loving how creative your videos have been!

  15. Looks amazing <3 So beautiful!

  16. Great vlog….Beautiful location and beautiful you! I love your shopping with Charlie vlogs pls 🌹❤

  17. hello hahahah! that video was amazing! you always put so much effort!!!!!

  18. I love this video! You were so productive! It goes to show just how much goes on BTS and how hard working you actually are – I think you have to be a serious self-starter/motivated to be consistent like you are! Bravo! And also thank you for showing us what's possible! xoxo

  19. Very Marie Antoinette🕊stunning interiors!! Really fab behind the scenes vlog Josie🎬congrats on the final production shots💫superb lookbook💛

  20. I just subscribed after watching this video!! You seem to be super nice, down to earth and appreciative of the opportunities you have, which is a breath of fresh air! Could you maybe share some of your favourite recipes? Just watched the one where you made mac and cheese and it looked incredible! I also love seeing bits of London, I lived there for a few years and it'll always have a special place in my heart 🙂

  21. Selling that Mini hard … would it make this just a little promotion, a mini AD 😂😂😂

  22. Too beautiful! I want to go but I live in Australia so it's a little geographically impossible, maybe one day?

  23. I miss your come shopping with me blogs

  24. Beautiful video! Bless your mum getting in on the ironing action! Can't wait for the Maldives content x

  25. Oh wow, that suite was beautiful. Absolutely love your vlogs

  26. such a beautiful place! so happy you were able to shoot there!

  27. This was really interesting to see! Another great video 🙂

  28. I enjoyed this behind the scenes 😍

  29. Hi Josie, beautiful video! Loved the intro! I was wondering if you maybe have some tips about getting noticed on social media. It is my dream to make this my profession and I'm uploading a video every single day but I feel like I don't get noticed. Can you give me some tips? ❤

  30. Such a lovely vlog! Your mum is the sweetest for doing the ironing at your shoot bless her! 💛

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