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Belarus accused of funneling thousands of migrants to border due to Western sanctions

ABC’s Ines De La Cuatera reports on the migration crisis in Belarus, where President Alexander Lukashenko is blamed for organizing the crossing of over 16,000 migrants to the Poland-Belarus border.

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  1. 0:27 It's a criminal offence to enter this area, 200 towns in a 3km (2 mile) strip along the border are now off limits…these idi0ts (so called activists) are illegally there and have been reported to Polish authorities ! Poland will not process illegal economic scammers, they will be send back to Belarus the same day!

  2. Well if it means so much to the reporter, why doesnt she adopt a few into her country? Ahh the hypocrisy.

  3. A computer engineer sitting in the woods couldn't find legal roads or seek asylum? Like alwys propagand evry migrant is computer engineer very funny . Western media are very funny propagandists they even give him I want asylum in Poland . They all want go to germany so germans should ask Poles they can sit thers and looking someone with such sheets . They can take drons or j dont know what and penetrate whole forsets looking for such people with sheets . The West can do much more for the people who are held in prison by Lukashenka, so it is also responsible for them

  4. here come the right-wing border nuts.

  5. Human, global world. Borders should not even exist any longer.

  6. Ooohh my Gosh..
    My heart's broken see them like that.

  7. People will be kicking themselves in the few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Bitcoin as it's retracing …..BE WISE

  8. Stop the Islamification of Europe!!!

  9. Thank you for defending the boarder Poland! Good job! A tough deterrent strategy is the best strategy.

  10. They have Belarus' tourist visas, they flew there by plane from Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, etc. If they feel unsafe at home they should ask Belarus for alyssum not Poland.

  11. Help the migrants return to their country of origin.

  12. Send them back to Yemen. What does Poland and Belarus need them for?

  13. Send em back! It's their country they can do wat they want. Eff international law. That BS! U can't force folks on another country!

  14. U should start your film from 2001 – 6,000,000 homeless just in Iraq!

  15. Migrants do not accept that neither Poland nor Germany want them. Nobody is waiting for them there.

  16. Amerykanie jak im chcecie pomóc to weźcie ich sobie do USA.

  17. So, you are telling me that under international law Poland is obliged to accept all economic migratnts (thousands, millions, doesn't matter, simply all of them). Just because migrants have such a wish. Europeans are hard-working so they'll manage, we can establish new retirement age , eg. 90 years (after 6 years 37% of Syrian refugees "already" work).
    No, thank you. Good work Poland.

  18. what's the cynical political game she is talking about…??? Isn't it also cynical to think that you can cross the border illegally without any consequences of that at all…? The countries they trying to reach (Lithuania or Poland) haven't any obligations to these people… They could have paid lots of money for the flights and for illegal crossing and now they cry when cannot cross?The migrants are self-responsible for what is happening. Futhermore – they help the dictator…

    But – on the other hand that's the rich countries which should help more the third world countries to stop poverty and such migration traffic…
    And everybody of us is responsible in some way for what's happening on this planet…
    I feel a bit sorry for that people but they also self responsible…

  19. Such racists and Russia claims to be run by conservative Catholics. Such Nazi.

  20. First, Poland hosted many refugees from Belarus, and Lukashenko’s regime catches belarusian’s citizens who are fleeing from their country but not the emigrants. And secondly, the refugees do not want to stay in Belarus, why are they going this way to EU or even US? The average salary in Belarus and Iran is the same. So what is going on?

  21. No Islamist in Poland, period, end of story.

  22. Soros has a hard on to destroy Poland after he destroyed Western Europe

  23. Got my first car my dad and mom was happy for me and I recommend ☝️ on YouTube for them and they keep recommending like an doing too

  24. This story is Jam packed with EU and UN propaganda!

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