Thursday , January 27 2022
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Ben Carson on US-China trade, says Trump is a great negotiator

HUD Secretary Ben Carson reacts to President Trump’s vow to respond to China after the Chinese slapped new tariffs on $75 billion worth of U.S. goods. Carson also discusses his department’s new proposal, which aims to stop housing discrimination.

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  1. I shop on eBay a lot, and I avoid all products from China.

  2. yes stop exploitation and child abuse in China's sweat shops

  3. Do Trump and gentle Ben followers know that China is not actually writing us a check for tariffs. For example The Dollar Tree pays the Tarriffs at the Port of Los Angels when they pick up their Made in China stuff. The President continues to say China writes the checks. It’s American companies who write the checks


  5. Did you know most of the clothing, shoes and watches and tech products are mostly product of China? So is he asking people of USA to wear their birthday suits in USA????


  7. The only thing trump is: is a pathological liar with advanced dementia !!

  8. Great job you are doing *President Trump, please keep America Great!!! From one u.s. citizen and Marine Corps veteran, I thank you, Sir. *2020

  9. Of course Trump is a "great negotiator" he negotiated himself out of 6 bankruptcies. Trump is honest and never lies and he always treats women with dignity and respect and believes that all men and women are created equal and that no one is above the law no matter how rich and powerful. Now would you like to buy a bridge in Brooklyn to go along with that turd sandwich you're eating? lol

  10. How is this dude a brain sugeon?Any doctor or a nurse who worked with him?

  11. Thank you Ben, I find your calm narrative, very intelligent and reasonable.

  12. “Great negotiator” 😂 Ben Carson is such a shill. Trump is running this country into the ground and only a spineless shill like Ben Carson or one of Trump’s dumb worshippers would say otherwise

  13. Good Lord that host looks like a clown … Men in the media are all going feminine … Love Ben Carson !

  14. – NEWS FLASH –
    China Happy Meals
    only contains plastic toys
    but no food & the drink cup
    Is just full of plastic straws.

  15. It's called Dictatorship. It's why the Second Amendment exists. WORST. PRESIDENT. EVER.

  16. I read somewhere Carson has an IQ of OVER 5000. So, everything he says is the bigliest and bestest words. The US don't need to trade with anyone. We can make our MAGA-hats at home – it will lead to billions of new jobs, so people now can have three jobs!

    And Carson really cares about the people by not working for higher wages. That's real Christian compassion

  17. So let's hope Moscow Mitch McConnell sets the example Trump wants by having his wife shut down her Chinese transport businesses right away.

  18. 中国不会守承诺的,谈不拢,中国只相信暴力

  19. American people buying cheap Chinese products, look at what it has cost us in the long run, jobs and lives, everything these people touch seems to be either stolen or poisoned. Put your money where your mouth is, are you in support of communism? Cause that is what your money is supporting.

  20. Seriously. Tariffs are an indirect tax on us, Americans. I know that there are tons of Trump supporters here but at some point please be objective. Take a step back and tell me if your household can take a 20% increase in all of the items around your home. YOU will pay for Chinese tariffs not China.

  21. If you raise the minimum to $15 how would that impact us that have worked for years to get paid above minimum? Will that not affect the price of living therefore affect the middle class?

  22. We have to let our President do his Job!

  23. Trump is definitely not a great negotiator.

  24. It is hard to believe. Unless no plan is the best plan works

  25. No a trade deal with China, why do you think trump is a great negotiator? A toadeater really is.

  26. God bless Dr Carson you are the answer for the truth, people need President Trump Pence and you to destroyed evil

  27. China is one lying evil government that needs to be reckoned with. But most of us knew this anyway.

  28. black people supporting white supremacist are the only kind of black people I like.

  29. A great negotiator who never pays his bills..or taxes, in other words: A Al Capone.

  30. EVERY USA Citizen should buy USA MADE   ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. So y'all are just going to ignore that Trump bought all his building steel from China, and all those maga hats & Trump clothes are made in China too?

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