Saturday , January 22 2022
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Ben Stein: The Democratic Party is ideologically ‘bankrupt’

Economist Ben Stein takes aim at the Democratic Party and criticizes the Green New Deal.

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  1. Okay folks know you're not going to want to hear this one either.
    See all those people running for the Democratic nomination you see how they're so hard field concerned about the immigration issue.
    Come on folks she really don't see through this garbage.
    American citizens are waking up it doesn't matter black round yellow gays lesbians LGBT they're all waking up and the Democratic party is going to lose all of those votes where are they going to get enough votes to win the nother election yep you got it.
    They're going to get all those illegals the right to vote Lincoln replenish their voting Supply you really don't see that no wonder this country is in the shape it's in

  2. Nail on the head Ben. Thanks for the truth

  3. we're not bankrupt. we're pledged. for 103 years.

  4. With all of the REAL working people democratic party leaders shuffled aside in favor of well heeled freemason insanity, the democratic party really is as lost as any parakeet ever managed to be. the second 'debate winner' still thinks 19 Arabs with box cutters did the 9-11 attacks and preaches anti-war when we need the conflict at HOME to clear the lying traitors out of government.

  5. America is Not a Party it's a BUSINESS run it like one!

  6. Student loans is money that has to be paid back by the recipient. Citizens of America should not be paying other people's debt. The democrates just keep pandering lies for votes. Democrates they always want to have people in a welfare state. With their foot on your neck. That is socialism, communism.

  7. Ben Stein is spot on. Check out Walk Away Movement. Just Walk Away. Ben Stein is pragmatic and is correct.

  8. Fox News the Propaganda Channel…

  9. ideologically ‘bankrupt’, morally corrupt with no principles too.

  10. America should enjoy the good years of TRUMP 🇺🇸👍
    Because once he's gone and a DEMOCRAT gets in America is finished

  11. Bueler, Bueler, lol . first thing I think of when I hear Ben Stein.

  12. Singing the praises of their satanic commander in chief who never calls people names like Pocahontas, crooked Hillary, rocket man, lying Mueller. Trump who tells us no president has ever done half as much in the whole history of the United States for America: since Washington secured the air fields 👀during the revolutionary war. He made Mexico pay for the WaLL 😏and plays less golf than Obama the Muslim. Only on Faux News does such sewage get accepted as MANNA from Trump: and so the most embarrassing spectacle of our time is American, thanks to their demagogue Donald Joker Trump.🥺

  13. And yet the democrats has more ideas than republicans. The only thing you have is the wall, an idea from the white supremacy nutheads.

  14. If we want reasonable discussions of the issues including the differences between the parties, DO NOT read, much less heed, the comments in this or any other kind of socio-political story no matter which side the story slants toward. These comment sections are typically only used for the display of our biases.

  15. What a show going on in our nation every day is exciting.

  16. I hate to see Ben age (cause it means I'm old too) but still so smart. I saw him at a lecture 20yrs ago and he's brilliant. Vocal fry?

  17. TULSI is the only reason up there . And she barely passes the COMMON SENSE TEST .

  18. WIN BEN STEINS MONEY!!!!! lol his voice has gotten soo much more harsh since then. He also did the clear eyes commercials right? He used to just be monotone now it's like he swallowed glass…

  19. Ben Stein says the Democrats need clear eyes..

  20. You mean Ben Stein the guy that rejects the theory of evolution? The guy that assured us there was no housing crisis immediately before the economy collapsed into recession? The Ben Stein that creeps on and sugar daddies for young girls (by his own admission, look it up) without even getting laid in return? That Ben Stein? Yeah, he's brilliant.

  21. Oh and this is coming from the party of fiscal responsibility (just ignore the skyrocketing deficits), free trade (just ignore the disastrous trade tariffs), exerting American strength over adversaries (just ignore our president fawning over dictators), and law and order (except our criminal and corrupt president and his cronies).

  22. Funny, a game show host is defending a reality TV star. Nice call Fox "News".

  23. When someone says the word "Democrat"
    I start hearing circus music and the first thought that comes to mind is corruption, hate and discontent and mental illness

  24. democrats are insane!  The republicans aren't too far behind.  Insanity for president!

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