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Bernie Sanders addresses campaign plans after heart attack l ABC News

The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate said he was “dumb” for not listening to his body ahead of his heart attack, and vowed to continue on the campaign trail.

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  1. This is the strongest indictment of Warren I have yet to see in this race.

    Kyle Kulinski
    Elizabeth Warren Isn't Really For Medicare For All – Harry Reid

  2. LMAO hes the walking dead hahahaha no berniedawg you cant have my fucking money you dirty socialist. fuck you die commie. lol

  3. Bernie Sanders is as stupid as he looks here’s proof.
    “Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit.” ~Bernie Sanders

  4. Also, fuck you guys at CNN. You are useless and toxic.

    Edit, this is ABC news. Just proves my point further, MSM is all bullshit propaganda hubs for the establishment. Fuck you all

  5. I'm voting for Bernie. We are so lucky to have a candidate like Bernie Sanders. This is a one in a lifetime chance.

  6. He's not fit for the oval office. Neither are his policies. I hope and pray that he gets better, but when it comes to politics, he needs to drop out of the race.

  7. Bernie should retire from politics, Bernie is too quick to act like a perfect political opponent lacking empathy to see good men have contrary views instead of thinking an opponent is flawed without proof of it as the same must break the laws merely that one with such opinions contrary to your own must prove they are quick to break the laws of the land.

    No, this proves you, Bernie Sanders are the worst kind of opponent as you can not see your enemies are good men, you refuse to trust in the common goodness of all men, you refuse to see your opponents for who they are,

    So I say Bernie your the perfect politician to keep this nation divided forever and that is the only way this nation shall fall, as you simply can't love your enemies as nothing else can end opposition as there is a time for any ideal to progress as the times do change to elect the right party to the right time, but no one can know this apart from those who are true peacemakers and those kind of men see those who oppose them as having virtues of lawful character holdings onto ideals that differ for sure, but with such willingness to see any ideals goodness then so may such a person show his own opposing ideals as goodness as it is a matter of when an ideal is best for a nation as no ideal can always hold a candle before the change of time, only one who could first see your enemy as good men could also love them.

    For who divides as Bernie does shall defame good men and alienate a nation of people to make the politics of war that says they must first have enemies having faith ideals corrupt men simply that their ideals are not your ideals, instead of respecting the common goodness in your enemies that are found within your self.

    Where a great man would command the ideals of all men by unifying them having no need of the war machine which first must have faith the principles of men in all parties are at least redeemable , where commonalities are seen in respect of each other as any parties views will never stand the test of time as they must all fail in certain times as the ideals of any men work together having each a fitting time.

    For actions of those ideals to come to rise to pass in accordance to expecations and if we forfit some ideals then those ideals will not be there in there own due time and so what is best for the nation shall not even be seen before the conceit.

    The natural order of democracy exists in this service already as the conceit that deny set of ideal or it's party for that matter denies the proof democracy elects opposing parties against your own conceit as the dictatorship of its own way exalted above the any set of ideals manifest way before the time of it's choosing to the greatest good as democracy her self has no conceit to exclude any to be so elected in service of the nation led by it's own time to prefer one set of ideals over another as see how your conceit has already denied democracy's perfect way!

    As to a peacemaker view is to all human ideals held to a good esteem of actions in a political warfare where understanding your opponents ensures you are more likely to defeat them seeing them as good men that are lawful and moved by the belief of what best serves the nation being acted out where each holding the same profound belief held to each a set of ideals.

    The respect you have for your opponent's opinion proves you could at least see the truth, as any Peacemakers sees that at least a leader of a nation must understand any duration of lasting time has contrasting moments that each thrust one property of a party's ideal above the other and these by times cycle trusting again one over the other.

    For whosoever transcends his own ideals also loves the ideals of the opposing party loving such men as full of goodness and does hold all parties as one party through the times echoing the realities that trust the path of the most ideal President who simply obeys what ideal fated to be in best service of nation for the time for that ideal is nigh.

    What ideals each soul holds in good esteem may differ endless and each set of ideals creating differing men in their ways yet are all good as the diversity makes a stronger profession of ways even as the way of a nation that is best is also matter only time can tell as who declared his own ideal as the only way of a nation has not honored the nation and it's people but who puts aside his own ideals that leads his way to ensure whatever time fated the ideals best for the nation at the present time are also the way the nation shall go as this may not honor your own way, as your way can not always honor the nation, but the way that best honors the nation the most, however long your way must also be the way of the nation and the same to your ideals must be the same for your nation so do you prove your conceit both divides the nation as thought the devil to divide and conquer as only those conceited could do a work of the devil so unaware lead to the devil's deed beset in confusion conceit provides and so the senses no more see and so unawares so beset in the conceit already made comfortable to the mind as the habit of what is thought good as held to ideals to one way of politics and so one party's confusion set as dictator of your own ideal in office opposed to what greatest good comes from ideals differing from decade to decade as such variety of many different ways provide a pool of possibilities each needed when the time for election occurs so does the time elects the best ideals as the way that shall honor the nation to the greatest.

    Who must trust in only his own ideal as best this is the conceit that will one day with the conceit of all men damn us all to separation and then the confusion that shall call our brothers enemies and then for this we will hate them also.

    We do know the truth we would have loved our brothers had we known them, as if we truly knew our fellow men then we would know one of our brothers ways are fated to be the greatest good for the nation's time and with the times each time brings the change to which what was thought the opposing party and its ideals are more ideal during one time over another and even more so with greater diversity so a finer spectrum has even a more narrow set of ideals more befitting the hour of nation as to ensure one out of many in diversity is the present greatest good to the hour of that nation's elected way.

    Leaders who forsake there own conceit and forfeit their own good view as universal to all, but only to themselves knowing the way of a nation changes with the time as what best serves a nations path changes with the time. Wherewith, a large pool is a better diversity of ideals where more refined possibility exist to best bring forth highest good.

    For every possibility of the nation's times knowing the time tells the future as well as God, so can we then predict who is the fairest of them all, simply that one of our brother's ways who we love carries the ideals befitting to this present time and so this diversity exists so no matter the time, the best ideal will be shown it self before the honest men who forsook their own conceit they were the best as the modest knew themselves well enough to know any good man and the time will speak to these modest men who know the great virtue is carried though time to a varaible difference requiring diversity to ensure what ideal for the time of the nation is available to rule always to the best interests of the nation realized least our own conceit rub us of our foresight.

    Knowing I told you the truth only requires faith even before so much conceit.
    Do not let your conceit deny
    ☮️ a Peacemakers way,
    I have no conquest,
    as I only conquered myself.

  8. Two socialist Hypocrites – Both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren A.k.a. Pocahontas, Mistake Money For Wealth. Both of them are millionaires and democrat socialist hypocrites on the far left. Neither one of them will beat President Trump.

  9. Pretty sickening to play a sound bite and quote Bernie calling himself dumb to gain some type of cheap points knowing what he was faced over the last week.

  10. Bernie Sanders the Vermont Hick who has all the answers for the everyday Joe. Bernie you let your wife Bankrupt a tiny college. Burlington College with only 185 students and Jane received a golden parachute of 200k or 1100 dollars from every Student/parent. How can you live with yourself? Talking about inequality and demanding the sacrifice of peoples wealth for the benefit of your megalomaniac perspective on life. When everyday people realize you are the consummate bullshite artists and your whole family is on the take. Carina, David Driscoll, total scumbags and being enriched by the fable of equality? In America poor have big screen tv's.

  11. I agree with Bernie Sanders he is dumb.

  12. Go home old man. Enjoy your remaining years

  13. I felt bad for Bernie Sanders and if someone does not that means they are pure evil because this man has a heart attack and some family members dying

  14. He should endorse Andrew yang

  15. #YangGang take a look you’ll like what you see

  16. Nice guy, but won't get the nomination. Save your lunch money and allowance. You'll need it to pay your new taxes of Trump isn't reelected.

  17. If he is getting heart attacks by running for president amagine him being president he would get a heart attack in a week

  18. Old man is on his way out I hope. A good Socialist is a dead socialist

  19. Hang on Bernie! You already got my vote

  20. Lol the fake picture of Bernie Sanders with spots on his head what a joke.

  21. Why don’t you put some journalistic effort into covering his plan to strip financial corruption from the DNC then elections in general? Pathetic distraction ABC. Do better.


  23. Loss of family, taking the weight of hard-hitting issues of our country…no wonder this courageous man is meta- physically "heavy-hearted".

    If we put our minds to it, you can light a candle, say Bernie Sanders name and imagine his heart strong and his being full of vitality.

    Keep in there, much love!

    #BERNIE2020 #WakeUpRiseUp #MyPresident #HumanitariansforBernie #PresidentSanders

  24. Bernie for nursing home 2020

  25. To all morons hoping to vote for this scummer. I was born and grew up in a communist country. I know the garbage he is promoting better than you can imagine. Most of you are young and spoiled by the greatness of this country. You will realize it when everything is destroyed and you loose it. Yes there are a lot of things that are corrupted and messed up in this country. Everything could easily be fixed and reversed if we went back to the time when American Constitution was treated with respect and followed and criminals and traitors punished harshly. But instead you,brainwashed by your communist teachers and left wing traitor criminals called democrats are trying to turn America into another Venezuela or Cuba. You are to stupid to realize that all the promised “FREE” stuff is the most expensive crap you are going to pay for. Many of you with your own LIVES… Just look into the history and around the world. Ask yourself why something tried so many times NEVER has worked anywhere ? Why smart people are warning you about millions of victims tortured and killed by the greatest “for the people” system ? Wake up you weak and pathetic ,mentally challenged spoiled brats and start thinking for yourself ! Do not fall for this scum. This is a trap. A one way road straight to hell. I know it well. I’ve tried it personally and I am warning you be careful what you are wishing for…

  26. You are so jealous of President Trump it just must kill you.
    Lazy hippie with the big mouth never done much more in your life than flap your yap.
    If it's free it's for Bernie. You're not physically able to run the United States and you're certainly full of so much hate jealousy and anger you're not mentally stable to run the United States.

  27. What the fuck is that picture of him come on.

  28. Tooooooooooooooooo Old. Retire buddy!! Trump 2020

  29. Damn! Bernie lives on so that others can too

  30. All front runner democrats are weak.  Just like crooked Hillary, stumbling all over and passing out..  Weak as their socialist agenda.  Who in their right minds support the government taxing us into poverty for senseless ideology?

  31. I don't always agree with Bernie, but his passion is undeniable and he's a great example for especially the youth to speak up in a respectable manner for what you believe. Get well soon, Bernie!

  32. Nice job ABC, putting up as many unflattering pictures of Bernie as possible, including the doctored one where he has unsightly red blotches on his face and forehead, editing his answers to prime the audience with negative thoughts eg. "I was dumb"

  33. Bernie is done, not going to get it now, was looking tough as is.

  34. Americans need to elect him before he dies, otherwise they'll miss a train

  35. I am really sorry for the whole witch hunt thing. This is crazy !!!! #Boobies#Butt#Hands#Shaking??? I guess politicians turned into doctors? Wait, Melania has boobs! #Needler!!!!

  36. Me when I heard the news about sanders heart attack.

  37. Everyone please join me in wishing Bernie a peaceful transition into becoming a good communist. .

  38. Now Bernie needs to embarrass Biden. It's his last chance to save America. If he keeps quiet than he doesn't deserve to be our president. Expose the crimes, silence Biden, and fight for us.

  39. Him and Andrew Yang are my frontrunners.. sadly, I'm not a US citizen so I cant vote.. hehe.. But I see a better future for America and for the world (as America is still the most powerful country on earth) if any of these two wins.

  40. Cardi B grinding to hard he could not handle it

  41. I actually agree with Sanders – he was dumb. However, to his credit on awareness- he is still dumb. And, he most likely will remain dumb until his upcoming death. Then he will realize just how stupid he was.

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