Thursday , June 4 2020
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Bernie Sanders drops out of 2020 presidential race | USA TODAY

Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose call for a progressive agenda galvanized millions of followers, has dropped out of the presidential race, giving former Vice President Joe Biden a clean path to the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.
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The intensifying coronavirus pandemic meant Sanders could no longer hold the large rallies that came to define his grassroots movement, though he often pointed to the problems many Americans had getting tested and treated for the virus as a way to push his signature Medicare for All proposal.

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  1. Congratulations trump I guess. Gonna buy spray-on tan stocks tho lol

  2. Senator, your decision is disappointing, and I am sorry, but no matter what you say I cannot bring myself to vote for skirt-groping, lying-Biden! It might take another 4 years of Trump´s madness for America to wake up, sadly you will probably not be the flag bearer of that revolution.
    Adé adé dear sir!

  3. What a weak man. Bernie is a pushover, I wouldnt let him be a president of a bowling club.

  4. 5:25 "I could accelerate and institutionalize…Joe Biden" 😄

  5. Trump 2020 and beyond 🤪

  6. Bernie finally did the right thing; yet can't let go completely. He is still planning on keeping his name on future ballots after admitting he can't win; when will he ever learn, he is not president material? ..Also, why would any sensible Democrat want to vote for any Democrat running for president, that 45 wants to run against? Think people & make this work in November?

  7. The Belly Crawler calls it quits, and soon he will tell his supporters to lick the bottom of Biden's shoes…support a real socialist, support the real Joe, support Joseph Kishore of the Socialist Equality Party.

  8. The Belly Crawler calls it quits, and soon he will tell his supporters to lick the bottom of Biden's shoes…support a real socialist, support the real Joe, support Joseph Kishore of the Socialist Equality Party.

  9. He was in the USSR (Russia), but did not understand Soviet people. They loved our capitalism and prosperity; they loved the United States and Americans. They hated bureaucracy and a social lifestyle. Biden is not a solution for us, but at least he is not a communist. Communism is a kind of fascism. I lived there until 1990 and know it. VOTE TRUMP 2020!!!

  10. Now the coronavirus will mysteriously go away. Biden will have a 'plan', and the media will embrace it…and HIM.

  11. CELEBRATION TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Bernie Bro's all talk no vote. Suckers.

  13. Let's support Joe Biden .. Trump is two dangerous …

  14. Its so strange … the greatest country on earth … history of earth… and we still have Communists among us! Wow… start eradicating!

  15. Haven't voted yet…………………………

  16. B.. b… but the top 2% of the top 1%!

  17. Proves Communism and Socialism does not work – I am Ukrainian and I know 1st hand 🙂

  18. Bolshevik Bernie is out. So only Dementia Joe is left? How did the Democrats end up with an admitted Socialist and the other candidate with obvious mental deterioration? OMG, I doubt that even the leftist lackey press cannot win this one for him.

  19. If Bernie bloody Sanders thinks his "ideas" are the future of the USA he's truly arrogant. If he thinks the patriotic citizens of the USA will hand over power over their lives to bureucratic simpletons without a bloodbath he's an idiot too. Socialists always state that theirs is a movement from the ground up, yet in truth they are all about power and corruption from the top. You won't change the world Bernie with you satanic ideas. You and yours will be crushed under the heel of the rightous.

  20. Bernie the fake socialist is going to buy a fourth vacation home and retire smiling all the way to the bank.

  21. I'm on the LEFT SIDE ….BUT I DON'T LIKE BIDEN…TIES TO CHINA (his son.. look it up)GOT ME SUSPICIOUS 🤔

  22. Bernie20/20 no matter what!!!!!!!!!

  23. I wasted my 20$ on U Bernie!!!!!! I will vote for you anyway………. jus like last time😭

  24. Bernie20/20 no matter what!!!!!!!!!💪😎👍

  25. Bernie will be missed
    I hope he works with trump and his state government help the victims of this terrible disease


  27. Best news of the day Sanders dropping out
    TRUMP 2020

  28. The DNC may have engineered the demise of Bernie Sander's campaign, but they cannot engineer my vote. If senile Joe Biden is the DNC nominee in 2020, I shall vote for Donald Trump in the great state of Florida in November 2020. The DNC tried to manipulate the American electorate in 2016 and force HRC upon us. How did that work out? I hate Donald Trump and realize that he is destroying the USA and will complete the process with a second term. However, a man like Joe Biden in the middle to late stages of dementia is hardly a suitable opponent to even an incompetent, corrupt imbecile such as Donald Trump. Perhaps America deserves to be destroyed. The fact that out of 350M people the two main candidates for POTUS are Donald Trump and Joe Biden confirms this. If anyone can destroy the USA, it's Donald Trump! To cheer us all up, here is a poem I wrote about Joe Biden:

    I wish it wasn't so
    but everyone must know
    that senile Uncle Joe
    is mentally quite slow
    treats every woman like a ho
    will bring the Democrats down low
    Trump could want no mo!

    My name is Joe Biden and I forgot this message.

  29. Congrats, America. You've prevented millions of people from getting healthcare yet again. Joe Biden is against Medicare-for-All. America has a fetish for Rightwing Oligarchs like Trump, Biden, Hillary, Bush, Bill, Reagan, etc etc etc etc.

    We, the rest of the world, fears you America. But we were looking forward to a peaceful world lead by Bernie Sanders. Instead, you give us an Iraq-war initiator oil tycoon or a reality tv bimbo to deal with. You are absolute trash, America. We thought you'd come around. Your people at the very least deserve healthcare, you should probably remove your +800 military bases outside of your borders, stop invading countries for oil, stop bombing poor people, stop bailing out the elites while watching poor people die of covid-19 or a million other poverty related ailments.

    God, we wanted to give America a chance. But your country is co-opted by so very many forces. I don't see light at the end of the tunnel for your nation, and that's solely due to your ongoing choices. Now you're going to pit Biden against Trump? And? Who cares? None of you can name a single Biden policy, because he hasn't announced any.

  30. Despite the Pandemic, the press war with the President is apparent. Beyond doubt, most of the media want to see Trump lose in Nov. The press knows it, so does Trump. Yesterday CNN host Jake Tapper, quotes from a Trump hater saying the President is INSANE, Literally, Completely, if this had been done to Obama, CNN would have been sanctioned by management as Glen Beck was when he took a personal shot at Obama. But Tapper has no fear that ATT which owns CNN will discipline him. Why Should They…? CNN attacks Trump EVERY DAY, ALL DAY, CNN and their cohorts even use the virus news cycle to do it. There is no fairness when it comes to covering President Trump … NONE. He can do NOTHING right. Regardless, he WILL WIN in NOV… YOU can put your money on

  31. Bye bye old cunning fox 🦊..
    Will sleepy Biden live till November let's see!!

  32. Good riddance Bernie dropped out. I don't want a Communist turd running for president. Trump 2020!

  33. Joe Biden’s Campaign Platform: Orange Man Bad, Dementia good.

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