Saturday , November 28 2020
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Bernie Sanders treated for heart blockage: Report

FOX Business reports Sen. Bernie Sanders has undergone surgery for heart blockage but is currently in good spirits.

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  1. Poor guy.on denial again

  2. Why wasn't this 78 year old man's healthcare rationed? This is unacceptable. Someone younger and in need, in fact, multiple people, could have used that healthcare.

  3. I wish I could afford health insurance

  4. Now hellary will take his place. Trump vs. Clinton 2

  5. Somebody stuck a pin in his voodoo Doll.

  6. ..the way that angry old fool rants and raves…..not surprised one bit…he's done with the campaign

  7. Did they go ahead and fix all the % blockages or will they save those for the next heart attack like they do the average citizen?

  8. So this senator has health insurance which is paid for by the tax payers. Because of clowns like this i have no health insurance because morons like this fixed health care. Only welfare clowns and government employees have health insurance that is usable.

  9. Bernie Sanders 2020 for president. God bless you Patriot

  10. Wow this heart stenting of two valve's just happening like Democrat's-India ( BHEL, Ramachandrapuram, Sangareddy, Telangana/Andhra Pradesh) involved in implanting electro-electrical mechanical stent's against KING Donald J Trump and SON of Man Donald J Trump during election campaign and to stop from becoming a crowning 45th President of USA.

    And Bernie also gets the same treatment for what he and his gang's, Joe Biden involved in doing criminal attack against President Donald J Trump.

  11. Not only is he unfit mentally, but now he is unfit physically to be president. 50% + 50% = 100% unfit – FINISHED!!!!

  12. I wish I could afford health insurance 🤔

  13. Stop misinformation You are as if a KIM YUNG UNN PROPIGANDA CHANNEL

  14. Fox DoDo news guess what it’s minor surgery

  15. Well right wing and fox and this guy will be loving this

  16. This man is an enemy,to me and my fellow country men. Look deep in to the history of crazy uncle Bern. As crooked as the rest of them. This guy got rich of our dime.

  17. I wish Bernie Sanders well and lift him in prayer.

  18. After he recovers he's probably going to feel more energetic than ever after having that blockage cleared up.

  19. Hope he used government healthcare, something about eating your own dogfood.

  20. Now if only his arse would block up, he would explode. Or will you please step out of the race, your damaged goods.

  21. I know a stent is no big deal, but I'm crying now. He's like our Dad. Love Bernie cause he cares for us through the years.

  22. The doctors treated Bernie with professionalism, even if they disagreed with his politics. I would like to see honesty and professionalism from journalists, but I don't expect it.

  23. OMG I didn't think he had one.

  24. High cholesterol or heartburn

  25. Meanwhile

    Crooked clinton

    On listening tour.

  26. Must be his rich, socialist diet. Ugh.

  27. Bernie want to be President, dinosaur he physically cannot be

  28. Yeah he needs to retire lmao

  29. Comrade Kotex gave him some boner pills and he stroked out.

  30. he just needs to die Hillary killed him awhile ago by stealing his nominee so this what I call An UNFIT FOR PRESIDENT

  31. Bernie is on his way out🍻🍾🍷👍👍👍👍

  32. Just Hurry up and die already

  33. This is straight BS . He’s fine and it was just a minor thing

  34. Why waste taxpayers money on Bernie. Considering Bernie's age socialize medicine would decide he is to old to waste healthcare money. His life expectancy is to short.

  35. Send Bernie to Venezuela for treatment…!!

  36. I hope Bernie got the best health care socialized health care can provide. OR on second thought, at his age was it even cost effective to treat him?

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