Saturday , August 15 2020
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Bernie Sanders updates campaign after string of primary losses | USA TODAY

Bernie Sanders is expected to give an update on his campaign after a string of primary losses.

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Bernie Sanders won the North Dakota caucuses Tuesday, capturing a state that has 14 delegates.

The Vermont senator won the state four years ago, beating Hillary Clinton by nearly 40 percentage points. The Associated Press reported that after votes in Fargo were tallied, Sanders had 53% of the vote compared to 40% by former Vice President Joe Biden.

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  1. I’m old. Will be 65 next month. I’ve been with Bernie since 2015. The policies he supports are right on. He’s a great debater and could easily defeat Trump.

  2. Yawnnnnnnnnnn 🤮🧐🤦

  3. Old Bernie is done like dinner but is such an old fool he'll hang around like a bad smell

  4. BURN BABY BURN BABY this is a Disco Inferno! LOL

  5. Workers For Bernie! American Communists support you!!!

  6. This is a MARATHON, not a sprint. We're with you, Bernie! We're with EACH OTHER to the very end 🔥🔥🔥✊

  7. You can win the people, but not the “democratic” party. You might want to stand for the people, but they certainly not.

  8. Will do "everything in his power" EXCEPT get the — OUT when he cannot win and Dem voters have TOTALLY rejected his 60's radical BS.

  9. TRUMP and his boot-lickers on-call at FOX News PUSH BERNIE – NUFF' SAID!!! All these Russia bots posing as Bernie Bros can shut the h — up about who can beat Trump!

  10. Dear Bernie, it’s always the message, sometimes it’s the messenger.

  11. I hope Joe IS watching. Maybe it will give him a head start on issues to discuss, other than just repeating what "we, the people " are saying.

  12. A socialist and a senile guy…. happy the senile won… he will quickly forget how Trump crushed him!

  13. They Are Stealing Our Primaries AGAIN! Bernie Won Last Night And Everyone Knows It! We Can't Let Them Rig Our Primaries This Time! Only Bernie Can Win! Only Bernie Cares About US!

  14. This is all a waste of time and money because Trump is going to win a second term.

  15. You know only 25 states have voted right? Msm relentlessly and corruptly pushing biden, disguising his lies and terrible record. Hard for Bernie to get momentum with older people when corporate media give him hardly any airtime, and it always has a negative slant when they do. All the elites and their money now backing biden. But push on bernie! Trump will tear up biden, you have to test him and let people know what a weak candidate they are voting for.

  16. The American voters never seize to amaze me, Bernie is the only hope have for good wage and reasonable medicare.

  17. Please Snapchat me when "The Revolution" starts.

  18. ''i'm joe biden and I hereby declare myself the winner of the United states senate, now on to nebraska and alaska and let's defeat that dog faced russian pony soldier. Here's the deal guys i'm the one who has hairy legs, i'm the one who in fact kissed my adult granddaughter on the mouth when no one could, i'm the one who served as the vp for barrack america, so make sure you hear words, put the record player at night and go to 303303 and help joe win the thing. this is the united states of arabia there's nothing we can do when in fact we stand divided and keep punching at it and punching at it. we are pretty much ALIIIIIIVE.'' (like if u read this with biden's voice)

  19. We love you Bernie and can not thank you enough however, it's time to UNITE for the good of this nation.

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