Saturday , May 30 2020
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Bernie thinks Dem establishment is 'very nervous' about his campaign

It seems to be Sen. Bernie Sanders versus the Democratic establishment, if you ask FOX Business’ Kennedy. Former House Democratic Congressional press secretary Rochelle Ritchie, ‘Part of the Problem’ podcast host Dave Smith and political editor Guy Benson discuss. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Bad news for Bernie. DEMRAT leadership will keep him chained up in DC senate hearings till mid March so he cannot campaign. BERNIE IS AGAIN SCREWED BY HIS OWN PEOPLE. WITH FRIENDS LIKE THAT, BERNIE DOESN'T NEED ENEMIES.

  2. Bernie is going to be robbed again. And he will apologize for it.

  3. Sometimes Kennedy has a word but I definitely do not trust it-her

  4. Center voters never wanna go full left, they're the ones paying for whole operation after all

  5. Bernie looks and acts like he is always pissed off! I think he is constipated and on the verge of a heart attack!

  6. The left finally got a candidate that will take dark money out of the government. Bernie will be the nominee unless the DNC finds a way to cheet him. The whole establishment left and right make me sick. Money out of politics, and power to the people is what needs to happen. Let's take our country back from the oligarchy. Nice reporting Kennedy.

  7. It's more like we are anxious to put the socialist's in their place, the cesspit of history.

  8. why isnt Podesta in jail, Clinton for that matter, then there is crazy Berny and his dangerous presidentual employes, omg, why even think about voting blue, you would have to be crazy, just saying.

  9. Fox is hoping Bernie doesn't win so they can play the corrupt DNC card during the election.

  10. the republican party is the largest treasonous organization in the world. the only good one is a deceased one.

  11. Bernie is very forgetful..dems will not l allow him to with. Primary!

  12. Stinking commie, nothing more, nothing less. PROJECTVERITASACTION

  13. I bet she pops up last minute to run again..
    She wont pop up too early though, less chance of her muffing it up like that..

  14. Well he's particlly to blame. He's done nothing but defend and justify their Corrupt Behavior.

  15. Hillary will be a waste of time. Bernie will not win whatever he thinks. Socialism will never work for America. Democratic Socialism is one big lie.

  16. Don’t use the Lord’s name in vain Bernie. Its offensive.

  17. If the Democrat leadership wouldn't be constantly attacking Trump and trying to get him impeached, they would have a better chance of getting their favorite candidates elected but as you can see, Trump and Bernie are what U.S. citizens believe in. Voters are sick and tired of the usual party politicians taking stances against each other for no reason other than money and power.

  18. why do we allow a communist run? this is America!

  19. Oh Mr. John I love pizza Podesta is back?

  20. Wow. This was literally a more fair and reasonable discussion about Bernie than anything I've seen on CNN and MSNBC since before he announced his campaign.


  21. And the Bernie Sanders farewell tour rolls on.

  22. Wait until Hillary comes out and says she's running and Bernie gets yanked again.
    "Hand over the mic Bernie, now back away, I got this"

  23. We have a basket of deplorables for you Hillary. 😁

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