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BEST OF 2017 | Crazy "OMG" Fitness Moments LEVEL 999.99%

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MUSIC : N’to – Trauma (Worakls Remix)

BEST OF 2017 – Crazy “OMG” Fitness Moments LEVEL 999.99% | best of calisthenics – Best of bodybuilding – best of powerlifting –
best of crossfit Incredible Physiques | MR Olympia 2017 | Workout & Training 2017 (Motivation) | Bodybuilding , Fitness & Aesthetic , Gym Motivation

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  1. 2:52 he only have druggs in There biceps

  2. 2:53 999.99% steroids 000.01% fat

  3. Its so hard to look for some good motivation. from speech talks to athletes but after i recognized that dude at 1:00 i complete lost my honor. what kind of loser is that? just to prove for a sec.. i mean there a lot of people learn at gym but this is very cringe. ..

  4. 1:00 I see nothing.. not even 1 rep

  5. Is it just me or does the thumbnail look like its deep fried

  6. Why tf did they put the cynthol in there???

  7. 00:56 ulan nusret heryerden çıkıyorsun. He is Nusr-et Steakhouses Boss

  8. جميل جدا لا أمل من هكذا فديوات أريد المزيد

  9. No jodas como vas a poner este tipo como motivación en el minuto 2:55

  10. Im watching this while eating chips xD

  11. I learned how to do it with Unflexal page. I think unflexal's guide is the best way to be salubrious.

  12. Did anyone felt that the floor moved when the army people were all doing push ups🤔

  13. 2:55 sunthol is not muscle its pure funny idiots 😀

  14. Para q ponen el de 2:52 eso es un asco lo q iso con su cuerpo es anti Atlético

  15. I'm more impressed by the people doing athletic movements, not some douche walking around with big muscles.

  16. 9:06 brother forgot to wash his work uniform or what?

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