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Best PROVEN Ways to Lose FAT (Fat Loss Tips)

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Burning fat and losing weight, the almighty goals of virtually everyone that think their scale is lying to them. Although a great struggle for many, the answer to fat loss isn’t so much knowing what to do, but to actually do the few things that matters most. In this video, I outline my favorite fat loss tips (4 of them!) that, if followed to the tee, will guarantee you to shed all of that belly fat and put on some good muscle as well in no time. Pay attention folks! But more importantly, take action after you’re done watching!

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  1. I only eat at night and workout 30 minutes everyday

  2. I need more motivation. 1 like =1% better motivation

  3. How to lose fat?
    Just go to the THE BIGGEST LOSER tv show

  4. Can someone tell me why when I excersice I don't sweat

  5. Great video super comprehensive

  6. I'm fat i didnt eat any chocolate potato chips no unhealthy I'm swimming 1-2 hours a day doing cardio . I lost 2 kg in 4 month pretty demotivatinig

  7. I weigh 235-240lbs
    Am I still supposed to eat 0.73 grams per pound?

  8. It all really depends!!! We discuss fitness myths, check us out!!!

  9. Thanks ! You sums up every thing

  10. People often tell that someone my weight-height should eat 2100-2300kcal everyday but I can't reach 1600 food is not for me

  11. Should i do cardio before or after weight

  12. it's just me or FBI was trying to help me…

  13. It's not all about the calories. 300 calories from broccoli is going to have a hugely different effect on your body than 300 calories from a donut. It's about the actual nutritional value of the food and the amount of carbs (specifically glucose). Glucose is what is stored in fat. You will see much more weight loss simply by eating actually healthy, than you will by reducing your calorie intake.

  14. 90% of junkfood is comprised of flour

  15. Anyone have a sensu bean💪😬

  16. No.1. Nutrition
    closes video

  17. Just discovered this awesome channel. I've watched and read soooooooo many things, so I think I need to stick to the third tip – I need to keep it simple! I am so going to follow these tips, and only these tips (hopefully). I can't wait to see results. I'm subscribing and sticking to this channel 😍😍

  18. 4:09 well all those poor habits drawn look…delicious!

  19. The calorie in and calorie out theory was proved wrong at least 30 years ago. In many cases i have seen fat loss after tripling calorie intake.It's where the calories come from. It has nothing to do with the number of calories. Avoid refined highly processed foods get your calories from fresh hole natural foods. Walk before breakfast. Do strenuous exercise later in the day. I taught nutrition and fitness for more than 30 years

  20. Recently found your channel and I love the condensed low fluff information. I lost 60 pounds through diet and your videos are helping me tailor my new exercise routine so I can knock out the remaining 100 pounds and be fit when I finish. Thanks!

  21. “Get some sleep”

    *cackles in 3AM*

  22. Resistance training might be bad for weight loss but my dude you should see hoe much i sweat during my leg day
    like during arm day back day chest day n stuff i sweat probably like 2 times less than during my legs exercises
    now i am quite a chub so i guess that has to do with my extreme sweating but i dont get it why is it only during my leg day and not during the other 3 workouts (4 if you count my cardio only day)

  23. I became so enthusiastic to try the diet routine “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it). I didn`t change my very own eating style and didn`t improve my workout level. More than a period of 30 days, I lost around 6 pounds. The technique has allow me to ate lesser and getting full is a lot quicker. .

  24. I'm personally starting out with the OPM challenge (with the running being as much as I can do)

  25. Just starve yourself and you will lose fat.

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