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Beto O'Rourke on gun reform: 'We're going to take away your AR-15, your AK-47'

WATCH THE FULL DEBATE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UWVO0Trd1c

The El Paso, Texas, native proposed his plan to take back semiautomatic weapons at the Democratic debate. READ MORE: https://abcn.ws/2kf5z1H

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  1. Fuck this dude….. you ain't taking shit my dude. Come get them see what happens.

  2. I cant believe how many people are clapping at this bullshit fuck beto id like to see him
    and everyone who agrees with him try to take are guns!

  3. Thats a negative ghost rider.

  4. The reason Francis doesnt like the ArmaLite Rifle 15 is that it is BLACK….Goofball is RACIST…..

  5. The Founding Fathers want to know your location

  6. This ASS is a bit out of line. No way are you taking our AR's or AK's away.

  7. Beto isn't taking anything he's a Prohibited buyer with his past felony record Why is he even running??? This jackass knows NOTHING about firearms and even less about the constitution!!!!! VOTE ALL DEMS OUT ON STATE AND LOCAL LEVELS they are ALL oathbreakers!!!!!!

  8. To take away AR15s and AK47s they are going to send men armed with M16s, M4s

  9. Well if you want to get rid of these people against the constitution file them for perjury because they are breaking their sworn in office oath that is a legally binding statement

  10. He just politically sealed his fate and will never be president.

  11. Come and take it witcho bitch ass Beto

  12. F Francis! Come and get em you bucktooth bastard!

  13. Relax folks. He knows he's not going to win. And he knows nobody will take our guns away. He's just spewing this self-righteous rhetoric to pander to his brainless base and leech their pockets dry getting them to donate campaign money because he knows he gets to keep all of it when he loses.

  14. And with those Nazis remarks on gun control. Beta bitch just shot his campaign right in foot.

  15. This guy is a complete idiot.

  16. Any time you need to use a gun you are on a battle field, beta.
    Hunting an animal is a hard fight, that's why people don't do it with spears anymore.
    In most places outside of Afrika.

  17. But Comrade Beta, what if we take their guns away, and then the FSB just ships a hundred million AK 47s to the Midwest, like the KGB/CIA used to do all the time to install regime change in the shithole countries?

    I mean if America is becoming a banana republic… how long until the other players start throwing their bets in openly?

  18. Let me tell you. As soon as you try to take away my guns it is a battle field.

  19. And just like that, I want to be a gun owner.

  20. My AR 15 identify as a nerf gun😋

  21. That fuckhead just committed political suicide on national TV!

    It was so tragically stupid that I made my 16 year old son turn his head!

  22. You ain't taking shit pussy.

  23. If only history had a prior example of a time people cheered when their leader told them they'd have less rights….. Guess 85 million people dying is an easy one to forget.

  24. You hate America…therefore you're a pussy bitch..Try us fucker

  25. This fools out of his fucking mind. It’ll never happen. I read an article where he says he believes all gun owners will follow the law and comply……..HAHAHAHA NOT!!!!! Get bent dude. These fucking psychos who do commit these horrible acts that punish us gun and AR15 owners and yea I do got one so fuck off……will just find another way to go through with their twisted fucking thoughts. They’ll start using explosives. I guarantee it. Then what are you going to ban from us. In the mean time I’ll still have my AR. Come an get me…..fine me…..what the hell ever.

  26. Creepy kidnapper dude voice on the movie Taken

    Good luck

  27. Sorry fuck sticks..sold my weapons at a gun show last week..oh I dont remember the guys name he had alot of money..that's my story and I'm sticking to it..suckers.

  28. Ok have him take away the ar15’s just make ar16’s

    Lol sorry

  29. All the idiots cheering

  30. Fuck beto the burglar dwi evading police has useless

  31. The second amendment specifically protects guns for the purpose of maintaining a militia. Guns that can be used on a battlefield are basically the entire point.

  32. LIKE HELL YOU ARE. And by the way. The ar15 dosent kill. A bad person with it kills. By the way you just killed your chance at being president. Your mouth is like an ar15 when you say these things.

  33. Hey beta every gun is designed to kill by making you bleed to death lol

  34. This idiot just don’t get it! My constitutional right shall not be infringed, my second amendment right is not for sale!

  35. "A gun that can kill" isnt that every gun?

  36. I find it funny as a Texan because this man doesn’t represent the interest of Texans who are prideful gun owners!

  37. I will be selling leashes for AR15's so they can't get out and shoot people on their own. Be a responsible gun owner & tie up your rifles so they don't get out.

  38. Didn't you kill someone while drunk driving and then fled the scene? You'd fail a background check, you homo.

  39. Hell yes, the GOP leadership just archived this and will use this to batter future DNC candidates for years to come.

  40. Beto just made gun sales sky rocket. Millions more rifles will be sold now. Beto said the AR15 Shot all those people. My guns never ran outside & shot anyone. Let's blame the car now not the drunk driver.

  41. And if that happens another civil war will happen

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