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Beto O'Rourke relaunches campaign in wake of El Paso shooting

The former congressman gave a speech in his hometown of El Paso, Texas.

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  1. He is a joke like the rest of the democratic party.

  2. Beto is a horrible example of what Texas is. I am a Hispanic Texan and Beto does not speak for me. Even when he thinks I am stupid enough to fall for his BS Spanish he speaks. He is a divider and a hate monger.

  3. This dipshit has relaunched like three times already 😂

  4. Try to take our guns and we will give you the civil war you are asking for. We've had enough.

  5. What a shameless clown. He’s been exploiting this shooting every chance he gets.

  6. Failure to launch in any meaningful way that will capture the interest of anyone with a pulse…
    This guy is way too off the wall
    Polling less than 5 %
    Time for him to dry up and blow away

  7. You are a liberal joke just like your whole democratic party.

  8. Looking at his views on abortion I am really sad that O'Rourke himself was not aborted by his loving mum!! Such a disgusting creep 🤮🤮🤮!!!

  9. 2:08 so did you guys Accept the murder of kids?? Apparently i did 😕 this guy is a radical

  10. I have videos of people's policemen beating people of the Communist Party of China

  11. your an idiot people kill people not the gun get rid of the crazy persons that intend to do harm get it right moron

  12. Beto waves arms & enthusiastically speaks a boatload of words with no meaning at all.

  13. Libitards are Raciest, Terrorist!!!!

  14. what a total cracked-brain!!! a total caricature. b.o. + b.c. (wjc) + a.s. + t.r. + a little j.j.
    …he mustve spent 10 days watchg motivation & old campaign speech videos. anybody else get the sense that he never became grounded in a secure identity? like maybe he busted his dad mercilessly boinkin some 'help ' at a tender age & just never discovered where to go from there (& rightfully so).

  15. Mr. O'ROURKE, I'm sure your a good person, with good intentions but there's limits to what's free. The things Politicians call free are not free, someone must pay for it, so its a misleading statement. Just like President Trump gets a lot of criticism and shall we say, From friend as well as foe. Since we have Democrat, Republican, Independent and a few others. We call most liberals, conservatives and you name it. The you name it's are really new and stole the name Democrat. About GUNS??? I was bourn in 1932. There's been guns since I can remember. for protection and putting meat on the table.There's a few words of wisdom and they are. Take away the guns of good honest citizens and it will be open season on good citizens because criminals will have guns. If someone runs for President with gun confiscation on their agenda or even the mention of it their campaign will be over. You may be able too fool the uneducated and some of the educated but those with 40 or 80 years of life are hard to fool because they have seen the good and bad of the Democrats and Republicans ( especially the first two years of President Trump with the Democrats nipping at his heels. We still have the memory's of Obama and Hillary fresh on our minds.

  16. Planned Parenthood: “hold my beer”

  17. That was a good laugh😂. I was waiting for someone to blurt out PUSSY🖕🏽🖕🏽. LATINO FOR TRUMP 2020!!🇺🇸🇺🇸

  18. This guy is such a fucking cuck. He feeds his wife baby turds🤮

  19. I wish him luck in the private sector.

  20. Me nombre es Robert O'Rourke

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