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Beyonce’s father, Mathew Knowles, talks about being diagnosed with breast cancer | ABC News

The pop star’s father spoke exclusively with ABC News’ Michael Strahan about his mission to spread awareness of how breast cancer can affect men.

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  1. Richard Roundtree, the guy who played Shaft, had/has,breast cancer.
    But, it is not a gender exclusive disease.

  2. I’m not a vegan but I know going vegan is the only way not to get sick. Eating animals is what gets you sick.

  3. My mom had breast cancer, and then I found a lump; I immediately went to get it checked out and got a mammogram as well. Fortunately, it ended up just being a lipoma, but that was sobering.

  4. Beyonce belongs to demon Baphomet, and very often she must send somebody to hell. Many people around her died, are sick. Now she sold own father, who is next her children? husband super evil?

  5. Very educational because most people aren’t aware of male breast cancer. Get well wishes to him. Life is life and no one escapes it’s ups and downs. 😔

  6. My hubby was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago. Remember, men have breasts too!!

  7. WTF I didn't know men can get breast cancer!!

  8. Beyour Besttoday

    38 mins ·

    Roby Mitchell (Dr Fitt)

    Little known fact that men can also get breast cancer for the same reason women do. The same reason men get prostate cancer. Both glands produce a nutrient rich fluid that contains glucose. The mammary fluid nourishes infants. The prostatic fluid nourishes sperm cells.

    If you watch the big cat kills on one of the nature channels,you’ll note it attracts scavengers. The lion or cheetah ( Know why the lion got divorced? Found out she was a cheetah) often has to fight off hyenas,wild dogs and buzzards. Similar thing happens in the microbial world. Fungi are the microbial “buzzards” that will come to dinner if there is excess sugar.

    Your immune system hates Candida being anywhere except your colon. If there is Candida overgrowth in the ducts of the prostate or breasts,the immune system reacts with inflammation. This inflammatory response creates a toxic environment. It’s chronic exposure to a toxic environment that causes normal cells to change into cancer cells as a survival adaptation. Your genetics can make you more or less susceptible to this transformation in specific places. This is why certain cancers have a genetic predisposition. My genetics made prostate cancer more likely. My mother had breast cancer. My father had prostate cancer.

    Should Beyoncé and Solange schedule bilateral mastectomies and hysterectomies to prevent breast and ovarian cancer? That’s the advice given women like Angelina Jolie who are positive for the BRCA genetic mutation. Depends on their lifestyle choices and how educated their doctors are. Breast and prostate cancers are easily preventable with diet changes,nutritional supplementation and bio identical hormone replacement. Here is the checklist:

    1) Adequate vitamin D-Note that Mr Knowles mentions the higher mortality rate from these cancers in African Americans. One reason for this is that dark skinned peoples are more likely to be deficient in the hormone called vitamin D. Hormones stimulate production of proteins. One protein made in response to adequate vitamin D is p53. p53 is the protein that puts the brakes on cell multiplication. If p53 is deficient,we see cell hyperplasia ( hyper=too much/many. Plasia = cell replication). Cell hyperplasia is the first step in the transition of normal cells to cancer cells. Vitamin D levels should be 70-100. After being diagnosed with prostate cancer,I had my vitamin D levels checked. Predictably,I was deficient.

    2) Adequate thyroid hormone-The other reason for the higher mortality rate of African Americans from breast and prostate cancer is a predisposition to hypothyroidism. People with an equatorial ancestry are more prone to hypothyroidism. Thyroid is the energy hormone. If you live near the Equator,the increased Sun exposure supplements energy production. You don’t need as much thyroid hormone. Not a problem if you’re in rural Africa and eating a mostly plant based diet. It becomes a big problem when you eat a high glycemic ( raises blood sugar) diet. If thyroid levels are low,you don’t process sugar efficiently. This leads to excess blood sugar. This is why African Americans,Hispanics,Native Americans and Asian Indians have higher rates of diabetes. This excess blood sugar promotes Candida overgrowth,inflammation and transformation of normal cells to cancer cells as a survival adaptation.

    3) Adequate iodine/iodide- These halogen moieties do the same thing in the bloodstream,prostate,breasts and other tissues as the chlorine halogen does in swimming pools and the halogen bromine does in baked goods. It used to be that when baked goods were left out for awhile,they would grow mold. You may have seen pictures of the seemingly bionic burger buns from McDonalds that sit out for months and never grow mold. This is due to the bromination of flour used in baked goods. This allows a long shelf life. If iodine/iodide levels are low in humans,we get “moldy” in the form of Candida overgrowth. Breast and prostate tissues,because of their higher glucose content,have a higher receptor population for iodine. If humans adequately supplement these halogens,it prevents Candida overgrowth,inflammation and the transition of normal cells to cancer cells. One reason Japanese women in Japan have a lower incidence of breast cancer is because they have a higher intake of iodine. Same with prostate cancer in Japanese men in Japan. When mankind was situated near the ocean,we had higher iodine intake. Today,most people are iodine deficient. Increase body iodine/iodide by eating more sea vegetables like seaweed or use an iodine/iodide supplement like Cell Protek,Iodoral,Iodorx,or Lugol’s.

    4) BALi Eating Plan-The other reason Japanese women and men have less cancer is what they eat. Okinawa is one of the so called Blue Zones. These are isolated populations throughout the world where the inhabitants routinely live vigorously passed 100 years old without getting cancer,heart disease,dementia and other health conditions that kill most Americans in their 70’s. The epidemiological microscope used to write the eponymous book revealed that a big reason for the Blue Zone longevity is what they eat/drink. My question after reading this book was “Why”? What is it about certain foods/drinks that makes them more salubrious? I found out the answer when I took foods into the laboratory to see which ones were most potent at killing Candida. Most western medical conditions are caused by the immune system response to Candida. The wine made in the Sardinia ,Italy Blue Zone has the most potent antifungals (resveratrol) of any wine in the world. The Okinawans are constantly drinking green tea which contains antifungals called catechins. Both catechins and resveratrol are in the family of plant antifungals called polyphenols. Plants make these and other antifungals (terpenes,flavonoids,carotenoids,etc) to protect themselves in an environment teeming with fungi that want to eat them. If we consume these antifungals via food or drinks,it helps keep down our levels of Candida,inflammation and the tendency for normal cells to transition to cancer cells.

    5) Adequate hydrochloric acid- Normally,the stomach produces enough hydrochloric acid to make the stomach 3 million times more acidic than your bloodstream. This high concentration of hydrochloric acid does a “scorched earth” kill of bacteria,viruses and fungi. This acid wash that accompanies each meal is also a firewall to Candida that is always in the colon. As hydrochloric acid declines with age and lower thyroid levels,Candida starts to overgrow,settle in tissues made vulnerable by your genetics. Wherever Candida decides to homestead,this is where you’ll experience inflammation. If your genetics predispose to Candida overgrowth in arteries,you’ll have a history of heart attacks and strokes. If joints are your genetic Achille’s Heel,rheumatoid arthritis may be in your future. If you’re genetically predisposed to Candida overgrowth in the breasts,prostate or colon,you’re at higher risk for cancer. You can assess your hydrochloric acid status by checking your MCV. This lab value reflects the average size of red blood cells. This number gradually goes up as B 12 levels go down. Hydrochloric acid is required for absorption of B 12 and other nutrients. So,MCV is an indirect barometer of hydrochloric acid status. An MCV above 86 indicates inadequate production of hydrochloric acid.

    Check all the above boxes and not only will you prevent cancer and other western medical conditions,you’ll enjoy a vigorous lifespan like people in Blue Zones.

  9. He needs that medical cannabis Blm

  10. I am a 19yr breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed at 32. I did the genetic testing because we have a daughter. Thank God I do not carry the genetic mutation. My daughter had to start having mammograms at 21, they go back 10yrs from your parents diagnosis, she's 24 now.

  11. I hope he's better now .

  12. Beyonce pray for your dad

  13. He share his experiment recognize him😮

  14. While I understand people being shocked that men can get breast cancer, I don't understand the more ignorant comments wondering how. If you've ever met a man you'll know they have nipples just like women do. What do you think is behind those nipples if not mammary tissue? Do you think it's just decorative?

  15. Prayers and thoughts go out to Mr. Knowles and every person who is going through breast cancer. ❤🙏

  16. How does a man have beast cancer still wish good luck for him in the future but wtf

  17. What are the chances that both Michael and Robyn's brothers had breast cancer? Maybe it's a lot more common than we think.

  18. I'm sad to hear this Mathew is like the father i always wanted

  19. Great coverage, people need to be aware that men get breast cancer too.

  20. 😩 so is this common if u every had gynecomastia issues as a teenager or what

  21. 😩 the older we get u contract cancer cells or diabetes near death god bless every body

  22. I hate the fact that us humans got to go through diseases

  23. Real men don’t have breast.

  24. Wouldn’t it be called Peck Cancer since men have pecks and not breasts…

  25. Ahh all that stress assist your body to break down making it a breathing ground for infection / diseases to come through. I hope you and your older daughters can make peace. A daughter will love her daddy no matter what even more than her mother no matter what, but when it comes to your daughter money the on front line working hard for that she would be paying out for messing over her Mother that's crossing the line. Daddy always to protect family/ daughter once you as a father stop that daughter does too.

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