Saturday , February 27 2021
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Biden addresses economic crisis, signs executive orders on COVID-19 relief

President Joe Biden delivered remarks on his administration’s response to the economic crisis and signs executive orders. #FoxBusiness

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  1. Fake presidency as it comes. 😆🤣🤧🧐🤨😃😂👿🤮🤮💩💩💩💩💩😂😂🤮🤮🤮🤮🤡🤡👿👿

  2. Come on man 🤮🤮🤮🤮👎

  3. Dam feels good not to be in the Trump reality show 24/7. At certain times calm bland normalcy is not a bad thing. Especially after 2020.

  4. He acts like none of this was mentioned before, like Nancy and her minions didn't
    put a stop to it all

  5. You don't have a clue..creepy boy

  6. Can't believe a word he or his people say. I'm certain he's lying! As always!

  7. Biden need to stop complaining and be a real leader. Stop lying to Americans. Stop getting rid of jobs. Why would eliminating fossil fuel fix the problems of climate change if you still need to purchase it from other countries that are causing it??!

  8. He can’t even speak clearly. Very concerned about the future of America.

  9. He signed nothing! And this isn't the white house!

  10. Is this the executive orders that made insulin more expensive or the one that killed keystone pipeline and tens of thousands of jobs, or is this the executive order that again allows China to purchase and invest in the power grid of this country…. For f sake

  11. Just two days after President Joe Biden took office, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) announced Friday that he’s suing the Biden administration over its plan to freeze most deportations for the next 100 days


  13. He doesn’t know what the heck is going on. He’s not a business man and is literally killing our jobs and isn’t helping by raising minimum wage on small businesses that can’t even pay there rent!

  14. Terrible President, killing over 11k jobs already.

  15. Hes like God hes a breath if fresh air thank if they are a God thanks fir Biden,I been happy every since ❤ love my president

  16. SHUT UP FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. This doesn;t look like the oval office to me. Where is he?

  18. To understand the Truth about COVID-19, look up & listen to Dr. Simone Gold, a doctor who explained the Truth About COVID Experimental Vaccines Designed to Harm Black People & People of Color.
    She was Arrested, but her Video is still on line, Look Up; Dr. Simone Gold, (Arrested!!!) Board Certified And Lawyer, America’s Frontline Doctors.

  19. Your actions do not match what's coming out of your mouth.

  20. Say goodbye to The USA. He signed all kinds of executive orders with loop holes that pretty much benefit the rich and The DNC. Oh yeah a "job Creator."The guy just got rid of the keystone pipeline XL. And wants you to wear masks forever eventhough the ones who are dying are the elderly who already have health problems for the most part. And the vaccine thing is already s total disaster. Beijing Biden thats all this guy us a sellout just like obama.

  21. lol peep the number of dislikes on the bar this is hilarious

  22. ..x x.. . End  COVID-19 … Now.  
    Directory of  Doctors curing   thousands  of  outpatients … fast.   @t

  23. Wet lettuce, people will smell weakness in this guy

  24. AMAZING that the MOST POPULAR PRESIDENT IN HISTORY has many more dislikes on ALL OF HIS VIDEOS…yeah but there was no voter fraud..eyeroll…this guy is the biggest joke!

  25. Thanks to Fox News for posting the full speech. Happy to hear a comprehensible speech for once. Sad to see there’s still Trump supporters after the failed siege on our Capitol. 5 people died in the name of that orange buffoon. But no big deal, right? 🙄

  26. Biden's claim on office is illegitimate because it is based on election fraud.

  27. You are no my president

  28. Is he off Federal property?

  29. WHY… were the Joint Chiefs absent from the inauguration?

  30. Let's grow the economy by shutting it all down. Well done quak

  31. Joe Biden essentially killed 56,000 families his first day in office. He signed an executive order destroying our petroleum industry. This is communist Democrats hell

  32. Good news – Biden has tested negative for President.

  33. My president did an excellent choice shutting down the pipeline👏👏

  34. He doesn’t understand what he is reading it does not compute

  35. Jesus christ. Make it more obvious you’re reading a teleprompter. He definitely has no idea what is happening.

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