Thursday , February 25 2021
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Biden addresses Munich Security Conference

President Joe Biden laid out U.S. foreign policy in virtual remarks Friday. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: Watch More on …

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. He doesn’t speak clearly about anything

  2. Hey, ABC cut out where President Joseph BIden said the "N" word,

  3. Part of his speech got cut. Weird. I wonder why.

  4. Nice editing. What happened to the slip with the hard R?

  5. Wait, why is this edited? FAKE NEWS

  6. What's the timestamp for the n word? I feel sorry for the extance impaired folks who "voted" for him

  7. Let’s not forget Brown and Blacks only don’t know how to use the internet what a fucking tool

  8. Y’all cut the N.word THIS IS STRAIGHT UP BULLSHIT SMH 🤦‍♀️

  9. What a bumbling idiot. To hell with this administration and the MSM who allows the platform for them to spit their lies. BS

  10. I wish the President was there instead of Biden…

  11. Whyd they cut him saying the n word???

  12. Not going to cover the racist dog whistle where he yells the N word during his speech? Can anyone imagine them covering something like that up for Trump? Anyone at all?

  13. Why did ABC cut out the part where he said the N Word?

  14. USA needs to get out of Europe. Europe needs to take care of itself.

  15. CGI …
    He speaks in parables😂

  16. About 15 minutes into his speech he dropped the n word

  17. They cut out the part where he drops the "N" word by mistake. Just sayin'… Vice President Biden needed to stay home.

  18. The potato dropped an N bomb towards the end plain as day thanks deep state

  19. They cut out the part when he randomly dropped the N word. In the middle of the speech.

  20. Why did you cut out the part of the speech where biden said the word "n*gger?" Find the full speech.

  21. Biden said the N word. But ABC won't show you that

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