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Biden admin doubles down on extended unemployment as job growth slows

FOX Business’ Jackie DeAngelis and Strategic Wealth Partners President and CEO Mark Tepper discuss factors contributing to the labor shortage.

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  1. Repubs are as guilty as Dems on this issue!!!!

  2. I want money for doing nothing. And I want twice as much.

  3. All those Help Wanted signs that you see out there won't be there in a year from now. The Biden Administration wants to keep the American people on unemployment. They want those jobs to be filled by the people that are crossing the border as we speak. Biden Administration will give them immediate citizenship.

  4. In Pennsylvania, if you refuse to return to your job when recalled your UC benefits are terminated. State governments are not doing their job by requiring & enforcing people to apply for a minimum of 3 jobs per week in order to maintain their benefits.

  5. My neighbor and her boyfriend are both on unemployment, and have been for a year. We live in Phoenix Arizona but right now they're in San Diego on vacation for 3 weeks. They couldn't afford to take a 3 week vacation to San Diego before the pandemic, and they're still filing their unemployment claims while they're on vacation

  6. Keep worker pay as low as possible. They deserve to work low paying jobs until they get skills to grow out of it. We need to protect our dollar from inflation. Keep wages low!

  7. Listen, if you add the number of people on unemployment you'll see how he came up with his numbers of new jobs. He just put them on the FEDERAL PAYROLL!!! Follow the numbers, follow the numbers!!!

  8. What good is free $ if there is nothing to buy cus no one is working. 🤣

  9. The guy is a true moron. he is so far out field. his head is still in school being pounded on by bullies.

  10. My local Dunkin donuts or mc Donald has a hire sign for almost a month 🤔 just saying, a jobs a job but nobody seem to be taking it 🤷

  11. Turn off the gd spigot!

  12. Umm, ok! Nobody around here works, they are either on pa, or getting 600 a week from unemployment.

  13. Raise the Wages 👏👏

  14. Biden hasn't had One smart policy yet, and he never will

  15. when the masks come off the unemployment should end…until then what are we doing? Most left the high prices cities to go live in cheaper areas, one income can easily cut it if you are smart.

  16. But no doubt that the Harris Regime is killing America. America Last with this regime in power

  17. I have a problem with it I worked the entire time we’ve been going thru Covid. I was just layed off. Now I pay my taxes how is it fair that everyone received extra monies for a year, now I get screwed if I can’t find work.
    Go figure

  18. Meanwhile disabled people have to survive on 780$ a month . ON THE STREETS!

  19. In all fairness part of the problem is what people are paid. In my region there are 100 miles between Walmarts and yes there is a low population but polices have reduced their potential workforce as well then their was a pandemic. There is also a distances problem at current cost of travel (56 cents a mile according to IRS) then it literally pays better to work for $7.25 an hour than to travel 30 miles for $10 to $11 an hour. So unemployment is a much better deal than either one….

  20. Once the unemployment benefits run out, student loan payments resume and eviction moratorium ends. All hell will break loose. The wealth gap is going to explode

  21. C’mon, I know some young people who are actually not looking for a job because they are using the 300 a week and not for what is was meant for.

  22. Being a mechanic when I work on the side I have 2 different pay rates one for people who get free money and 1 for those who work for it

  23. F that if I can work, y'all can work. You guys collected enough free money.


  25. They are trying to make us a socialist country by targeting the youth …. we've been taught how to be lazy thanks to phones and social media so we are never really alone ….. pay me to do nothing and I always got money thanks to the ridiculous amount I'm getting and I will continue this until there is no hard workers left in America and then we have to depend on the government to live …… see where this is going ?

  26. 10 dollars an hour is a good decent minimum wage for now, that's bringing home between $280 to $350 on a 40 hour week, depending on your dependents and if you get health insurance through your job. Now that's still not much to live on, I've been there and it sucked, because you literally have no money left to do or buy anything after you cover the necessities, like rent, utilities, car payment, cheap cell phone plan and groceries, but its doable if you don't live above your means and tuff it out until something better comes along.

  27. I know guys that were making $25/hr at my last company. I can guarantee the piddly federal unemployment ain't going to entice them into sitting on the couch.

  28. I've been holding off on getting a job until I'm done moving in a couple weeks. As soon as everything is settled I am going out and getting a job, and I'm sure I won't even to worry about the fact that I moved in from another state, and quit my last 2 jobs. They might not even do a thorough employment screening. Thanks lazy America. You just made my job search a LOT easier

  29. States can opt out if they don't want the money. We'll see what happens to those who do. They are running an experiment for the rest to watch and decide if they want to follow. Biden is awesome for workers negotiating power, no doubt. Hope he cuts temporary worker visas too.

  30. O Biden XII paying BLM and ANTIFA to burn down cities.

  31. It's funny the people that are saying covid is over are the Sam ones that were saying it was a hoax

  32. What if they end the unemployment and nobody still goes back what happens then. Are they going to realize it's child care and people don't want to get sick and die for a buck. Can't take it with you.

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