Biden admin plans to send tanks to Ukraine in a major reversal

The Biden administration is preparing to announce that they are sending M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine, according to three senior U.S. officials. NBC News’ Courtney Kube has details on the major reversal.

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  1. Biden sends 60 billion to Ukraine when he wouldn’t send a billion unless a certain prosecutor there investigating him got fired 🤔

  2. Fatherly with reprimandun

  3. That is why the United States does not have a free health care system like Canada, because they waste money on foreign wars

  4. It's finally "TANKS 🪖" Giving Day 🤣.

  5. Yeah Joe Biden sends billions and billions of U.S tax payer money to the most corrupted country in the world and once the money gets there they loose “track” of it. Totally not getting laundered to anyone’s pockets. Also Joe Biden is such a kind man, he totally helping shithole Ukraine because he cares and not because he wants Zelenskyy to cover his family fuckups

  6. Bro it’s only a matter of time until Putin gets put up with America’s involvement in Ukraine. This could very well drag us into war with Russia and possibly a World War

  7. On the last stadium Mr zelensky Will ask for nato soldiers, nukes and long distance stuff in ukraine. this Will be the point of no return for a nuclear war. Global businesses Will Also be destroyed

  8. President Maiden is popular like "Greatfull Dead",so good that I'm going to print his lovely "smiling enface" with "finger up " like weather station antenna on my T-shirt. 😀

  9. I support Biden’s decision. Ukraine has to get tanks

  10. Explosions, looting, sabotage, what are the reasons? Was it all planned? Is it an attack on Acts2:44,45 businesses? Some want to empower you with inexpensive products, so you can create and build, but others want to dominate and control. Rome said that they were going to destroy property and they are. Attacks on cement plants, stores and fuel supplies are all happening, like the huge explosion in South Africa, ports and warehouses lit on fire. The Catholic Church is the Church that rides the Roman Empire(that is why it is called the"Roman Catholic Church"). The Pope is the King of the Vatican City State that controls the Roman Empire. The Pope has 666 in Latin on his crown (vicarivs filii dei). Revelation 17,18 describes his system including what the leaders wear(Scarlet-Catholic Cardinals and Purple-Catholic Bishops, and the British Empire(UK) wears these colours also). Revelation mentions that this organization is responsible for all those slaughtered on the earth. WW2 was a war to hide their being exposed. They attacked Acts2:44,45 of the Bible, just as they are now. The Pope claims to be the head of God's Church and the British Royals claim they are the head of the Church, but neither are, but Jesus(Yeshua) of the Bible is the only head of the Church and all others are brothers. Those who follow the two legs of the Roman Empire are destroyed by God's Kingdom as mentioned in Daniel 2:44,45, Daniel12:4. Daniel showed that Rome split in to two Empires Catholic and Protestant. The lies of the Roman Church could no longer be hidden, so Rome decided to take control of the opposition. The Bible says that the true Sabbath is a sign and reinforces the covenant between God and his true followers. Protestantism and Catholicism both have the same fake Sabbath, called the "Lord's day", to mislead people in to thinking the Lord mentioned is God and that it is his Sabbath, but it is not. 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Russia was hundreds of Kilometers away, and separated by a completely different Country. I feel that Rome(Italy) started the war from the border of Poland. Poland had said that the military was there because Russia was sending migrants from the Middle East there. Why would the Italian Airforce be there for migrants? Migrants have a legal right under International law to immigrate from a war zone. Did Rome and Poland use military equipment like Russia's and Ukraine's and pretend to be the two, and started the war? Once the war started, Ukrainians were using NATO rocket launchers against Russians who were unsuspecting. Poland and Italy are Catholic and Zellensky claims that Ukraine is becoming a Catholic State. They have already banned the Orthodox Church there. NATO's Ukraine proxy government has banned the Russian language(which many only speak that language), banned all opposition parties, so how can this be called a fight for Democracy? 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  11. How bout y’all send Biden and the rest of the saltines wit ya

  12. God bless America and Ukraine

  13. Lest we not forgot that in 2019 while campaigning for President, he promised to stop getting involved in endless wars. Well, here we are about to enter year number 2 of the war in Ukraine with no end in sight and $100 billion down the crapper. So who's going to train the Ukrainian soldiers to run those things ??? I guess we didn't learn any lessons from Vietnam and Afghanistan.

  14. We couldn't defeat the Taliban in a 20-year fiasco, so we pump billions into another war against a nuclear power while talking about how we have to cut Social Security and Medicare.

  15. Joe had to protect the democrat money laundering machine. All the while our southern border has and is still being invaded with illegal aliens and drugs.

  16. Here we go. Wartime presidents are usually re-elected. Plus it's going to be entertaining to watch the anti-war left justify this

  17. This is very good news. We are waiting for the liberation of the territories occupied by Russian terrorists

  18. It is good that Scholz decided to supply tanks to Ukraine after all. This is another fine example of the right decision, but the strength of the right decisions lies in the speed with which they are made

  19. World War II was won, in part, because of world cohesion. When the United States and Britain began to actively give armaments.

  20. Send at least 100 tanks there-!

  21. If there is no supply of weapons, Ukraine will not be able to wage an effective war against Russia. And Putin will move on. And it will be a long military conflict. After all, this has not happened in Europe since World War II. The Nazis were defeated only after joint efforts and assistance from the United States and the United Kingdom. Now history is repeating itself. But we can end it on the territory of Ukraine, we just need to provide weapons.

  22. This has always been the plan of the Biden administration … and don't forget the 10% to the big guy

  23. If we don't stop Putin now, he will go further into Europe.

  24. For the Ukrainians to fight the war effectively, we must not slow down the pace of supply.

  25. Imagine what the Democrats would be saying if Trump had done this?

  26. Ukraine has never and would never help Americans. this makes no senses

  27. Are we raising the debt limit to pay for this? How much?

  28. $$.$$$,$$$ WESTERN TANKS to the Ukrainians, risky? ABSOLUTELY! We'd better get ready to see Russia target them like Ukraine targeted the Russian tanks. $$$$$$ Get your minds and emotions around them being destroyed now….. A SMALL PRICE TO PAY TOWARDS STOPPING THE THOUSANDS DYING IN UKRAINE. iT'S war!

  29. For all you viewers of the Globalist news networks…your guy just started WW3

  30. Russia threatens us with nukes for getting involved then we send tanks. Good job

  31. Perhaps Russia will do a precision strike on Treasonous* Biden
    *per The Biden Laptop

  32. Tanks are Not enough ✊🏾
    We need boots on the ground we need democracy 💙
    Coexist ✊🏾💙☮️🙏🌎

  33. Fugggggggg Ukraine !!!

  34. The most Treacherous "President" America has ever had. Every single democrat who voted for this old babbling fool on account of getting their feelings hurt by "bad Orange Man" is complicit in this disastrous president. The whole country waiting for him to keel over so we can celebrate a new National Holiday

  35. Now we need to send a Nimitz class aircraft carrier.

  36. send the tanks to the mexican border. russia isnt killing american babies

  37. Gotta get those bio labs up and running again

  38. Independent reporters are showing footage of the devastation that Ukrainian tanks have caused on Ukraine itself and its Citizens. Russian soldiers were taking Ukrainian Citizens and their pets to safety overnight. Msm reporters in other regions reporting damage by Russian tank shelling and Ukrainians shouting at the reporters that it was Ukrainian tanks that devastated their homes. Funny how that sort of news gets suppressed.

  39. That's right Joe. Give Putin the excuse to use tactical nukes. Biden…..Lol, you can't make this stuff up.

  40. The World Police, they live inside of my head. The World Police they come to me in my bed. The war machine is extremely happy right now. I sure wish people were intelligent and didn’t show up at the polls with one brain cell and a hand out.

  41. If this incoherent feeble sick man is not removed from office immediately we are going to be in ww3! The doomsday clock has been changed to 90 seconds before midnight! The closest we have ever been to nuclear war!

  42. Well USA will be in WW3 now once Putin finds out!

  43. I can't wait to see all these corrupt democrats, politics and anyone who helps go to jail. They deserve worse.. send them to Guantanamo bay.

  44. Great more money and now our tanks. Welcome to world war 3 that he wants to start. Think Biden cares about us, obviously not. Impeach Biden. Put all then In jail. Especially oboma. Pretty soon all you democrats are going down. I use to watch NBC all my life. When oboma came into office I realized how much they brainwashed me. No more. Want to know how I figured out they were, I went and picked up books and did research. I went in the streets and became part of this society. I am your average everyday American who suffers from Bidens inflation. There are 300 million more just like me. Yes 8 million votes for Biden but 200 Million voted for trump that the Democratic and Nancy threw away.

  45. ✌️🇺🇦🌍🌍🌍
    7 YEARS

  46. Biden is bringing the US to Ukraine with all of this money spending

  47. Bidet is sending them tanks, and the taxpayers are going to pay all the air delivery costs and tank fuel bills too.

    What a great president you US guys have got.


  48. As a us citizen im more than happy to be sending aid to ukraine. We americans spend hundreds of billions on defense. Ours or our allies