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Biden administration looks to negotiate Iran nuclear deal l GMA

ABC News’ chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz reports on the latest about the U.S. interest in returning to the nuclear deal and reversing the …

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Stop looking for ways to nuclear bomb another country then justify it "for the greater good"

  2. why Iran nuclear is so important for westerns 🇮🇷

  3. This will cost trillions as Iran will develop and use a bomb as they said they will triggering a Middle East war that can escalate into a world war.

  4. We are back to funding terrorists? That didn't take long.

  5. Only Pres Trump put pressure on Iran. They are blackmailing us!! Give us money or we will make nuclear bombs! Come on dems, your kids are counting on you. Stop it!

  6. I’m from Tehran, Iran and I beg you not to trust Islamic Republic! They’re torturing us every day

  7. Such an embarrassing fool!

  8. I'm curious… who in the US wanted Iran to have nuclear anything…?

  9. The 2020 Presidential election gave no consideration to foreign policy, only socialism, dare I say it communism. So now we're gonna get screwed by Iran for FREE!

  10. Iran Nuke deal. Stupid is as stupid does. Hopefully Congress will have brains enough to prevent. We do not have Money to bribe Iran!!! This idiot in the white house love the chinese and Iranians more than America. His son probably making $$$ on these deAl.

  11. You know, and I don't want to make a whole big thing about it or anything, Sleepy Joe Stinkyfingers is almost as big of a Racist Dimwitted Fool as Martha "Crybaby" Rubbish.

  12. Go back to the deal and stop whining. Or are you Netanyahos lapdog?

  13. Cancel keystone pipeline 1st now give Iran 💰.

  14. no it's not hard for iran, why do these idiots keep saying the same thing. iran won't take part because biden will ask for more than what jcpoa requires to give the same thing that jcpoa was meant to give.

  15. Why would Iran need nuclear energy for energy purposes. They have the 4th largest oil reserves. Besides, "private jet" Kerry can help them build wind farms and solar panels. I believe there are loads of wind and sun in the desert plains. Conclusion, Iran wants to build a nuke bomb.

  16. nuclear scientist dead and nothing done about it. before they kill u rouani. before

  17. No Deal! You can not trust people who only aiming at destroying Iran. Lesson still not learned?…lol

  18. Look realistically peace with Iran is tough because of Russian ties. The key is making Iran feel independent of everyone! Give them a real voice and treat them as you would any free socially moderate nation. But who’s doing that? Does Iran even know what it needs?

    I’m all for peace but…

  19. There are people who actually think they can talk Iran out of building up their nuclear program with a deal…even in secret

  20. an old saying says " if you can't fight them, join them " and that's the end of the story.

  21. Yeah great. That’s all well and good till Americans vote in their next trump and America is sitting there with all the nuclear weapons leaving the rest of us at their war mongering mercy.
    EVERY COUNTRY including America should get rid of nuclear weapons. But they won’t. Especially America.

  22. We cannot be PC in dealing with primitive, murderous regimes. ABC's version of news is to intentionally sponsor a leftist agenda. The verbiage they use is so overtly slanted and obvious, that it is laughable! "Biden, eternally righteous!…Trump, perpetually immoral!” The only ones they are fooling, are our college children brainwashed by the PC cancel culture professors, that espouse extremist socialistic ideas, allowing for no middle ground, or better known as common sense. Shame on them!

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