Saturday , May 15 2021
Home / News / Biden Announces Executive Orders To 'Curb The Epidemic Of Gun Violence' | NBC News

Biden Announces Executive Orders To 'Curb The Epidemic Of Gun Violence' | NBC News

President Biden announced new executive orders to “curb the epidemic of gun violence.” These orders include restrictions on stabilizing braces for pistols and gun assembly kits that create “ghost guns” that are harder to track.
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Biden Announces Executive Orders To ‘Curb The Epidemic Of Gun Violence’ | NBC News


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  1. Criminals gonna get their hands on gun regardless. Executive order only gonna hurt law abiding citizens ONLY. Gold bless america

  2. Lies and misinformation pandered to the ignorant in order to use fear to control the people of this country. Everyone needs to educate themselves. I can’t believe someone can get up on any stage of authority and spread such toxic misinformation without deafening backlash.


  4. Does this guy know the Constitution?

  5. Guns aren't the problem. It's people's heart. When you take God out of everything this is what happens.

  6. IMPEACH this Chinese tyrant!

  7. The pen is mightier than guns, ban all pens

  8. Chicago has the strictest gun laws and it is the safest city in the nation 🤨

  9. imagine how long he prepared this speech, probably practiced a solid 6 hours in front of a mirror. old joe can't think on his own for more than 5 seconds without forgetting where he is

  10. 3/4 receivers and pistols w/ braces treated as sbr (which btw wouldnt it be more similar to a pistol caliber carbine)
    Criminals: Guess i’ll die..

  11. NFA control? I guess Biden only likes when rich guys own guns.

  12. 30 minutes to build a ghost gun? These guys could make a killing as gunsmiths.

  13. Boring gun-happy Americans. The world is sick of US racism, 7 MASS SHOOTINGS in 7 days, school shootings and bombing in the name of peace..

    The US show videos from Mars but no videos of Uyghurs in Xinjiang and only two suspect witnesses from Xinjiang a city of 25 million.

    The Changcheng (Great wall) to Lu sè Changcheng (Great green wall) can both be seen from space.

    The US had fires from a gender reveal party that could be seen from space. When was America great?

  14. He said a pistol , with a brace, is more accurate than a rifle ? I'm not a gun expert but that sounds like bs

  15. There is not a gun problem in this country. There is a people problem. A gun is an inanimate object and can't hurt anyone. In the hands of a person though, anything can become a weapon. It is time we went back to holding people responsible for their actions and stop pampering them. Children today are being taught that they are special and somehow immune to punishment.


  17. Rich White “Liberal” “Progressives” democrats have armed security or concealed carry licenses themselves (NYC only issues to rich, famous, politically connected) and are bored, so unleashing thugs on the citizenry is entertainment for them. The “Progressive” Democrat Politicians in NY deny the citizenry their civil right to self defense! USA citizens have a RIGHT to carry a firearm for self defense including in NYC!!!

  18. YES!! At last. A restrictive Gun Control is a MUST! Cudos Joe.👍👍

  19. I think the WORLD should declare human rights CRISIS on US and every country should point their finger and CONDEMN the US government…. Like what the US did to other countries

  20. There’s a reason america is such a joke … you’re more obsessed about having guns than being human

  21. He needs to go take his meds

  22. Sounds like the same epidemic that was going on during Obama's presidency. Funny how the epidemic went away during President Trump's term.

  23. Hey Democrats you voted for this lol 😆

  24. pistols and braces… i feel attacked

  25. Very few braced guns have ever been used in crimes.

  26. I want to be the first to thank President Biden and his administration for creating an executive order which will allow ghost guns in the black market to double or triple in price. For a second there I thought I was actually gonna have to get a job.

  27. I missed trump Joes is the worst president ever ruining our country bringing all these people in and not help all our homeless veterans and citizens!!!!!!!!!The economy well go down if we don’t do something our fellow Americans we need to unite and fight for our country he is bringing sooooo many people in how is he going to maintain everyone we need to protest these people need to be impeach

  28. I'm starting to have a hard time believing that crazy gun Advocates aren't willing to shoot up schools and cause Mayhem to support their anti-gun agenda. I'd bet they'd let criminals out of jail and do everything in their ability to create gun violence while punishing legal citizens and using the destruction they started to push their propaganda. As a Seattle-based legal gun owner who's never committed a crime, I'm wondering what I'll need to do to register my firearms if I can't afford it. Will the government kick in my door and take my weapons as they did after Hurricane Katrina to the law-abiding citizens there? I'd hate to get shot in my home by police for exercising my constitutional rights. I guess Biden thinks even the Constitution needs Amendment. He must be getting tips from Seattle where we extend more protections and rights to our homeless than we do our tax-paying citizens.

  29. The only epidemic is liberal incompetence/hypocrisy.

  30. Let's vote to ban the secret services guns.

  31. Dont think anyone will pay much mind to Biden that stole the election…

  32. Looking from outside of USA, as a German. Nobody is getting shot over here in Germany. We have strong gun laws and not a lot of people have one. Despite that it's very hard to get one as well. That why we don't have mass shootings. It happens yes, but not nearly as often like in the US. We have jobs, safety, healthensurence for every one. Life is good and Opportunities are there for everyone who doesn't break the rools.

  33. When is Biden gonna ban stairs since he almost died trying to climb one.

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