Biden announces investment in electric vehicle chargers

President Joe Biden announced Wednesday at the Detroit auto show that electric vehicle chargers will be added in 35 states and 53,000 miles of the National Highway System. WATCH ABC News live stream here: SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: See more at http://abcnews.go. com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: #abcnews #abcnlupdate #biden #electriccar

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I'd rather this than those IRS agents, loan forgiveness and other nonsense policies

  2. i hope poor democrats must drive ev cars for the sake for biden. dont be hypocrite

  3. uhh, who wants to pay 10k usd for battery replacement? green deal is just a gimmick

  4. Ahh nice keeping those pockets lined for your boys in China.

  5. President that actually does something positive and forward thinking!

  6. I wish this is our bigger problem Your f*** can get married or not

  7. Do those electric cars have rubber tires and how often do they get changed?
    Where does the rubber go?
    It Sublimates!
    Means we breathe rubber every minute of every day whether we burn tires or not!
    Where was the longest tire fire and how long was it in Europe and it lasted about two decades nonstop night and day!
    Yeah you guys wanna kill Petro but you’ll go out and put it in your tanks another military equipment and go blow up a bunch of gunpowder and that’s OK as long as the people that are making all these weapons are getting rich!
    Let’s talk about the China industrial revolution that peaked out 1988!
    West Coast fire started in 1987 I haven’t went out since!
    What would Samson do? He would tie fire to wild animals and run them through your food source! He would train hawks and eagles to help spread wildfires and once they learned that they could start their own and chase their prey out into the open they do it in Australia!
    The big lie that everyone believes!

  8. In one sweep NASCAR motocross monster truck jams Weedwhacker’s lawnmowers chainsaws & more others become extinct!
    And just think just one galactic year ago was the largest mass extinction in the history of the planet earth with 96% death! Our sun is exactly in that location as it was 250 million years ago just one trip around the Milky Way!
    Science used to say most of my life a galactic year was 220 million years!
    That’s true our sun is in the exact location of the first mass extinction at 85% death 440 million years ago exactly 2 galactic years ago!
    If a galactic year is 230 million years that is our best case scenario leaving us 10 million years in front of mass extinction number three the largest and approximately 10 million years in front of mass extinction number five or number one the very first mass extinction going forward or back!
    The earth is about 19 or 20 galactic years old with life been on it in the last four galactic years! In the last four galactic years there has been 20 mass extinctions majors and minors five major mass extinctions!
    That’s 20 mass extinctions in for galactic years climate change is a function of every single one no matter what happened the climate changed!
    These are the facts of science I can break down each mass extinction to approximately 6 million years on paper!
    But now since you threw 30 million different variable possibilities at me how could I possibly do that math in my lifetime!
    But I did do every 10 million years between 220 and 250!
    Human race has been in the crosshairs of extinction since we walked on this planet by the grace of God we’re still here!
    The end amen!
    Debate me I will crush you!

  9. Even with the economic fluctuation, I am very excited to have earned $25,000 on my $5,000 every 10 days

  10. We need to change the government, rewrite history. To continue the work of those whose books we read. There is no money on the street. Although the states print is a simple paper secured by labor.A medium of exchange. Only Rockefeller, Henry Ford, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Gennady Balashov, Rybakov, Tinkoff, Abramovich, and such as they teach to earn and return profits back to the country's economy, create jobs. However, they do not tell about the markup.They are called entrepreneurs, businessmen, and traders. # putin with kadyrov , b1den and other government representatives lo%I.they are afraid of losing control. USSR- fascists. The education system educates generations of performers. don't be afraid of them. We must fight back. We give them this power. They don't produce anything. Even weapons. The ring is closed: Religion-medicine- science – education system.They deliberately siphon money from the population. It's a cartel. Spread it in the comments, we need to arrange a revolution of consciousness.
    # Как тебе такое, Америка?)


  12. Chicago bulls sht
    Auto industry of scams
    The THIEVES corrupt

  13. Ev cars are junks lets go Brandon

  14. WTF!!! Who can afford an electric car? They cost too damn much, use too much electricity to charge, and groceries, housing, etc. already cost too damn much. This is the most WORTHLESS administration in the history of this country.

  15. DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST aka Aggressive Progressives aka Cultural Marxist aka The DEM Party – always use RACE to promote their Agenda – to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE OUR NATION as China joe promised

    “The goal of socialism is communism” ~ Vladimir Lenin

  16. And I’m sure the metric system will totally be used nation-wide too.

  17. Making rich friends richer.

  18. Wouldn't that be the job of private industry? The grid is not nationalized.

  19. Hey China Joe – How bout the power to supply those Charging stations? will we be buying our fuel for the small number of Power Plants we have from the other terrorist and tyrannically abusive slave labor type countries and most of them our enemies so they can buy more weapons to fight us?

  20. Biden better do something after having lost the petro dollar economy to Russia and company, Mr Putin the genius used Ukraine as bait for the purpose of proving to the rest of the planet what the US would do if it didn't like something and Biden and his cronies bought it hook line and sinker by sanctioning Russia proved they can no longer be trusted to be the only nation handling energy the group joining Mr Putin's leadership is growing quickly and Biden and the US can never go back and have no choice but to allow free enterprise to prosper. Talk about the US being played for the all time sucker while Biden and company are in their bunkers waiting for nukes to fall when it is already too late..

  21. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  22. I can’t imagine what these will cost when it breaks down and people who say they don’t make me laugh. Wait a few years when people are bumping into each other , snow , salt and heat .

  23. $900k in infrastructure, $ 900b to you Ukraine. Who owns who?