Biden Arrives In South Korea On First Visit To Asia As President

President Joe Biden arrived in South Korea Friday on his first visit to the country as president and on a tour that will also take him to Japan.

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  1. Thanks nbc, this is the perfectly cut clip to show the idiocy of mask.

  2. Freak show. Grifter Joe Biden is an imposter.

  3. Why did he take off his mask, he wasn't even social distancing, why doesn't Biden #FollowTheScience to #StopTheSpread
    Is he just using masks to virtue signal?

  4. And let the blind Trump followers go wild with hillbilly nonsense.

  5. 0:37 what a plane. Monster. Would be nice to have that

  6. good thing he wore that mask on the stairs …by himself. I cant believe this charade is continuing. EVERYONE knows joe is in decline…its embarrassing

  7. So Biden wears a mask getting off the plane, then immediately takes it off when he gets close to people. Either this is all theater or his brain is long gone.

  8. Cool dude with aviators on, and takes face diaper off after walking up to people. Lol

  9. Delusional Biden Is A Lying , Corrupt, SENILE , Liberal Controlled Puppet ! A Complete EMBARRASSMENT For Americans , And Is Joke Of A Leader Of The Free World ! No One , No One Respects Biden And The Liberal Controlled Media Desperately Covering For Biden's Mistakes And His Liberal Agenda Hurting And Destroying Our America ! Biden And His Liberal Controllers Have NO CLUE Of The Damage They Have Done ! Out Of Control Border Illegal Immigration, Gender, Racial Divide , Identity Policies , Staggering Inflation/Gas Prices Are All BIDEN'S FAILURES ! Biden's So-Called 80+ Mil. Votes ? Who Really Believes That ? …… Come On Man ! lol

  10. He gives away taxpayers money to other countries😡STOP,LOOK what's going on in our country…🤬

  11. yakuza operate in japan inpune transfering corporate money into pedofilic pornography. nothing is done about it. 2 busy sanctioning the russians that DONT want lgbtq in they country. vote for ukraine who want nato in ukraine to force lgbtq on russia. 

    boycott japan now until yakuza is no longer institution.

  12. ….and we thought obama and big mike were terrible….

    🤣🤣🤣 Joe's handicap is exponential

  13. ❤😂🎉😢😮😅

  14. US and UN nations fought for our freedom and Koreans have never forgot it. China has been meddling with our elections, now that Moon the communist is gone, Koreans are hopeful to get back standing together with the free world. Korea is ready to participate in the alliance. We are happy to stand with the US.

  15. It's a wonder Joe found the stairs, q-tip head.

  16. S Korea must have its own tactical nuclear weapons and nuclear submarines ready to wipe out China. It will take about 300 nuclear warhead to destroy China which S Korea has enough nuclear materials to build 5,000 nuclear warheads. Due to N Korean nuclear threats, S Korea has legal rights to build its own nuclear weapons for defense by nuclear treaty guideline. It's up to S Korean government to become nuclear power. Nuclear weapons in S Korea will able to delete China within 5 min and S Korea already has EMP bombs to shut down Chinese radars. S Korea can build about 500 nuclear warheads in a year and already has technology to build nuclear submarines with SLBM capability.

  17. Why was the demented geezer wearing a mask while all alone walking down the stairs?

  18. Shame he didn't fall down

  19. Is his teleprompter going to talk about monkey pox vaccines?

  20. This fraudulent administration is an embarrassment to this country.

  21. JOE BIDEN is the "mail order" President:
    defective out of the box, no warranty, no refund, just grief.😜😁🤓😂😵‍💫🤪🤡👍

  22. God Bless Joey Biden!!! Our babies are starving and the clown sends $$$$$$$ billions to Ukraine! You rock Joey!!!

  23. I just hope he finisles his term and disappears

  24. This presidency has turned into nothing but a party for joe and his doctor wife. Traveling around the world. Attending parties where he can dress up in fancy clothes and laff about high gas prices and crippling inflation. Telling stories of all his incredible accomplishments as a young man. Driving SUVs' around in circles on the White House lawn. Having this evasive attitude of, "what me worry? I didn't do nothing, the other guy did." Yeap, just having a wonderful time, while Americans are suffering, and they are suffering now more than they have in decades.

  25. Watch your back Joe.They call that President "The Korean Donald Trump"

  26. 🧔It needs to be an investigation of all the Biden's family and friends, pentagon's chemical and biological weapons lab could be already set in South Korea. China should send spy planes, spy agents, wherever Joe Biden go, the corrupt Democrats and corrupt GOP and his corrupt family are right behind they do not care about humanity, they want all world power these are the very people who develop corona virus, covid 19 virus.👨

  27. Biden go away from India,if you have problem with any country then deal your self. Don't provoke other country. We have seen you in ukraine Russia war. Can America return dead ukranian life.please go away from India🇮🇳🇮🇳

  28. And Americans are hoping we don't see the headline Jokin Joey left Korea.

  29. Hi! I'm Joe Biden I represent my handlers from the United States of America. Where I I'm?

  30. Hope he remembers in which country he is 😂

  31. "Here is our Indo-Pacific Economic Framework… two simple words… HATE CHINA!" — Biden