Biden Cabinet official forced to make stunning admission

During an exchange at Tuesday’s budget hearing, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland was forced to admit that the administration’s climate agenda strengthens China.

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  1. That’s what Biden wants! He’s compromised by China!

  2. We will be ruled by evil clowns from now on so get used to it.

  3. Proof gov has become so fascistic no one can work with gov permission…

  4. China will get rich on the elec car thing…and our battery waist will be tremendous environmental hazard !!! And they're not practical right now for America

  5. Bush was an investor in oil!
    Obama is an investor on insurance.
    Hillary is an investor on firearms.
    Biden is an investor in lithium and cobalt mining.

    Y’all see the tactics yet!

  6. You NEED mining to make the EV BATTERIES you demand the automotive industry to sell. Come on MAN!

    Oh and its Trumps fault

  7. BiDumb: Who cares about their environment

  8. Has anyone seen Obama's birth certificate yet? 🤔

  9. Head of the DOI has stated that she wants all mining and timber off of BLM managed lands. She’s a total twit that doesn’t understand the law at all.

  10. Interesting, kinda explains Chinese sending spy weather balloons.

  11. That coming from Obama is a nice change from 15 years of, "it's Bush's fault".

  12. The Hreat Depression, WW1 and WW2, Korean War, Slavery, the American Civil War, and many, many more historical events were ALL Trump's fault.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I know those leftists won't fact-check that.

  13. Hey obo didn't you notice your vp and son's involvement with chynna?

  14. You know, if we are going to talk about resource extraction. We should at least take a look at the big picture here. The Earth has a limited amount of easily harvestable resources. By limiting US mining and oil extraction, we are preserving those resources for the use by both our future selves and the future generations. And with the way technology is improving, it is likely that by the time we must harvest those resources, we will be able to do so with minimal impact to our environment during a time when the prices of said resources are at an all time high. So although in the short term, we are fueling our adversaries, in the long run, we might just be ensuring our survival.

  15. China already owns the United States. We are now they servants.

  16. trains are not safe how safe are electric vehicles a good idea..two hundred year old Tech flying off the rails polluting everything in the area.. Slow biden is a rotten potato.

  17. Have you seen what cobalt mine does to the environment, its a crater in the earth the size of a small city!

  18. I heard the other day that they want Trump for questioning in the killing of Laura Palmer, u have to be over 40 to get that, everything is Trumps fault.

  19. Oh and biden is a moron.

  20. I support going hard on China and Russia. We closed the pipeline giving putin 10s of millions more to fund his war, and importing everything from China makes them richer and us In the U.S. poorer. now China thinks they are more powerful than the USA military wise.

  21. Our gov is just a branch of China now

  22. Selfish! You do not want to mine your raw materials because you can print money out of thin air to buy anything you need from other nations. Your leaders and this media are all selfish, evil and warmongers!

  23. Biden sailed you lot down the river. Big time. 80 million votes.

  24. Because Biden and the DemaRats are in bed with China.

  25. Get these leaders out if here! This whole Biden crap and everyone clown he has in the white house has been the biggest disgrace

  26. Tucker is secretly hoping trump goes to jail.

  27. thank god for the republicans , they do so much to help america. we the people are so blessed to have republicans do all that they do for Americans and the world . keep up the great work. lets all stand up for the flag and ring the liberty bell!

  28. she is just a shill who has no identity and is being used do to her race of native American that is all. She should be ashamed of herself and to realize what is going on in this world or do not sign up for these jobs. FFS people why cant you see what they are doing.

  29. Love ❤️ our 2023 Prius. 50 MPG plus and NO Anxiety 😎

  30. So Barry thinks that Trump let the Chinese government have their way with us? He speaks with a forked tongue. Is that little weasel not aware that it is Biden, not President Trump, who was paid millions by the Chinese ? I am so sick of the lies. I am even sicker from Americans with blinders on .

  31. Biden knows that Trump will win the
    Election hands down
    Then Biden and his minions will go on trial

  32. Biden shut down the mines… Trump's fault…😂😂😂😂

  33. That was a given from the get go. What a bunch of incompetent a…….

  34. Dems sold America in the early 2000s and don't want to get caught. Because if they do we have to pay back China all the money they gave dems. Funny nothing trickled down. Own up to your faults dems. It's about time.

  35. Top Fox News executives and anchors had doubts about claims from Donald Trump and his allies that the 2020 presidential election was rigged, but network leaders continued to air these conspiracy theories for fear of losing audience members, according to new emails obtained from Dominion Voting Systems defamation lawsuit against the conservative news network.

    In one December 2020 email, Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott reportedly told an employee who fact-checked Mr Trump to “stop now.”

    “This is bad business and there clearly is a lack of understanding what is happening in these shows,” reads the email, part of a trove of documents obtained by watchdog group Media Matters for America. “The audience is furious and we are just feeding them material.”
    People still believe Fox News proving stupidity is incurable.

  36. The strong will survive and right now we are not looking to strong.

  37. Here you go Biden's cabinet at its best to screw up American once again find job😢

  38. I'm Joe Biden & I approve this message. Hunter & James. I demand my 10%.

  39. Joe's on the CCP payroll. What do ya expect!!

  40. I’ve been saying this for years. Any green energy tech that claims to be “made in America” is just assembled in America. The vast majority of the materials are built in and bought from China. It’s like Kemp in Georgia who took a trip to China in order to make a deal to get more goods shipped to the ports in Georgia all of a sudden started pushing green energy in Georgia. Both sides is willing to sell us to the highest bidder just to get what they want.