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Biden calls for impeachment of President Trump l ABC News

A new poll from Fox News shows 51% of Americans support removing President Trump from office as Trump and his allies push back against Joe Biden.

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  1. Biden s son got all that money from China and Ukraine whilst Biden was VP? Why don’t the media explore this?

  2. You should respect your President.
    What’s wrong with creating jobs and having a great economy.
    From Australia 🇦🇺

  3. He should be removed. He is an embarrassment to the American people!

  4. i can't believe the BS that comes from this deep state org, panic much??????? The Dem's, big on projection!!!

  5. Almost every anti Trump video I have seen on YouTube not done by fox news has more dislikes than likes.

  6. I'm the hood ( south central L.A ) and no one down here cares about impeachment of the president 😂😂 the only ones talking about impeachment is the media hahaha

  7. Trump 2020. Biden is a clown. He sunk his own ship blabbering on camera about how he blackmailed Ukraine. Moron.

  8. Hunter fucked his campaign up

  9. If anyone really cares to know what this impeachment business is about…and the role Joe Biden and his son et al including President Obama played with the Ukranians…don't be afraid…Go on You Tube…Glenn Beck's chalkboard. There it is all spelled out… can't be any more staighforward.

    Abraham Lincoln said…."You can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time". Please pay attention to the money…the money, my money, your money…all the tax payers money…me on a fixed income…OMG OMG OMG …..

    The American's have had their money thrown around like feathers in the wind….we have been duped. And if you think a woman scorned and duped has no fury……try the American citizen. Joe Biden SHUT UP you hippocrate.

  10. Finally, stop to disturb chosen President of America Mr Donald Trump to govern America

  11. This deceptively worded poll is from a majority of DEMS polled. They try to make you think they only polled Republicans. That is a lie. MOST of those polled were Democrats. So of course they hate our President. ALL corporate network media tells us lies and refuse to tell us the truth. Late night shows, fake news media all saying the same thing with one voice. They LIE to us. This is why the people on all sides despise Network and their fake news. As always, someone needs to consistently stand in the middle and tell us the complete, objective and painful truth. I also notice the Fox personalities have been ordered by their Democrat executives at Disney to ignore this lie.

  12. I call for a grand jury to look into this piece of trash and his communist buddy Odrama's business deals! And hunter should be imprisoned after all the corruption that boy was caught in! See what happens when a president does his job, famous mfers get exposed as antihumanistic trash! Biden belongs in a dumpster fire!!

  13. It's imperative that Trump is impeached and removed from office. Otherwise, the Democrats will need to defeat Trump in a free election and that risks the American people re-electing him! That's no way to run a free and democratic country. Ridding Trump through the back door shenanigans of impeachment is the only way to protect democracy. It's not like there's an agenda to target Trump- Democrats only began discussing the possible impeachment of him shortly after the 2016 election.

  14. Liberals are so concerned with our President that they don’t care what the Biden’s did

  15. So there are people on Twitter getting petitions signed to impeach the president. This is a waste of time right? If half of the country or more vote for a presidential candidate and that person wins then the other side can petition and remove the winner? This seems to be the belief. So that idea is bogus and people need to stop wasting time on this. Impeachment is so complicated. They really don't have a smoking gun because both sides have whistle blowers, and evidence of quid pro quo. So if Trump goes down so should anyone else that did illegal activities to gain votes or to gain favors by threatening to withhold money or pay to play. This means that almost the entire government will be indicted. So if this is what people want this is what they will get. Everyone needs to stop becoming violent at rally's on both sides. Freedom of speech means freedom of speech. To block anyone whatever thier views to speak on public is thier right and stoping them is against the constitution. Meaning if what they have to say is not worth hearing nobody will show up. If you don't agree then do not go, and do not go to start trouble. If you do I believe you deserve to go to jail for obstructing free speech. Dont jeopardised free speech by being an asshole and or doing it to gain views on youtube to get paid. Some people think that stopping free speech is thier right to free speech. Negative. Anyways I hope we can find level ground soon. My head is spinning.

  16. Why aren't these television reporters calling for an investigation into Biden and son? Could it be they are that poorly skilled in journalism they can't see the real story here? Or is it they are just plain stupid?

  17. Go kiss Obamas ass😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Don’t let this make you forget that the only reason why Biden was a good VP is because he knew how to kiss obamas ass


  20. Joe Biden is toast! He has visible dementia!

  21. I think Biden should shut up! Maybe even STFU!

    I agree with Biden on Trump, but I don't think it is his place to weigh in on Trump impeachment … I think the only thing he can weigh on relevant to this situation is him and his son and why is it that Hunter Biden – loser, creep, and asshole extraordinaire gets millions of dollars for doing nothing and having no talent.


  22. After an awesome double administration the ex president Gorge Busch Jr. was I feel not paid the honors him and the then now also ex Vice president Dick Cheney deseved,the dynamic duo managed after four wars during two administrations to keep the American international deficit at finish two under a six and a half trillion dollar deficit.On Feb.24 of 2008,the beloved ex president Barack Obama wad anagurated with the Vice Joe Biden both the president of the united states.The country ran smoother than ever.The problem is probably a miss commutation about the improvements of other countries money.It's here just a misunderstanding from administration to administration,for instance the sterling pound and the euro are both active in the world for the United kingdom,the. Chinese yaun and the Japanese yen are both chiller we can't forget today's Phillipeane Piso either.Geuss maybe the issue is our international financial nets down,were losing in the worlds financial race as one of the world's superpowers.We have to pay out the yang to make things for this country there move,and may have made an honest mistake and sued or something and have to pay for it.Only god knows how much that might have cost us as tax payers,No ones really to blame for a back wash or or any other style of treasonous act.It could have just been a big mistake. M.L.Dix

  23. Most of the problems current are probably from previous administrations. Sounds like the leftover push from the efforts to impeach the ex president Gorge Busch Jr.

  24. “A new poll from a newly acquired news outlet by criminal globalists says Trump should be impeached.” Yeah right. Screw you Paul Ryan.

  25. Aoc how bout them ele. Cars in Cailf. Without electricity you stupid donkey

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