Biden clashes with McCarthy ahead of high-stakes debt debate

Senate Budget Committee member Sen. Mike Braun discusses expectations for Biden’s budget meeting with Speaker Kevin McCarthy on ‘The Big Money Show.’ #foxbusiness # bigmoneyshow

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  1. Love my Indiana senator Mike Braun! Dislike RINO Indiana senator Todd Young! He voted with Biden, he lied about fighting to get the border under control!!! He's fake as hell!!!

  2. What about the millions spent on how dogs are affected by cocaine?

  3. If I was speaker. I would shut the government down. Your not doing anything for us anyway. I would tell Biden. When he sends the national guard to the boarder will negotiate. Not until then!! Biden has single handedly destroyed our country with war. Out of control boarder. Rampant inflation. All cause by his policies. Brandon needs to be removed from office! This joke is getting old!!

  4. It is the Increments in taxes the Bidens DEMOCRACY Government is taking from Enterprises to fund a World War 3 War. And passed to Citizens.
    The Enterprisers are not the cause of the Price Increments and people having to use their "own" savings till they are financially broke.

  5. How about millions paid to scientists seeing which Ketsup runs slower than other brands, yea, we have this type of money wasting

  6. Một tổng thống gian lận và già yếu

  7. There is only one reason why the socialist-democrats through their puppet Joe Biden refuse to negotiate with Speaker McCarthy about the economic future of America.
    That one reason is in this acronym: "WEF".
    This is all about the WEF (CCP controlled) socialist-communist agenda to collapse America.
    This has been in the making for years, even Ronald Regan spoke of it in terms of "liberalism".
    This has been planned for a very long time and it was in January 2021 this WEF agenda to collapse America really started.
    That is the reason for all this economic nightmare and why Joe Biden has given favour to Russia, China and Iran at the expense of America and cost of the Western world.
    There will be No negotiation because of that WEF agenda.
    Anything Biden may agree to, he will betray as he always has done.
    This means there is going to be a political war between the socialist-democrats and the Republicans, just watch and see.

  8. Reality of Europe & western world govts. & Systems:-

    Doesn't support their own honest tax paying citizens & decent qualified immigrants.


    Give everything free to illegal & criminal immigrants.

  9. I don't know, maybe not using tax payer funds to support all the illegal aliens with welfare, housing, cell phones hmm just a thought.

  10. Clash how can a dementia pt pres. even know what to do, feed him his applesauce and call it a day

  11. Eliminate the goverment and Americans will thrive with love and respect….VOTE TO ABOLISH THE GOVERMENT..

  12. This comment is being posted after that fateful meeting, just for the record, and since it is Speaker of the House McCarthy who is, in this instance, the one who is "misinformed", it is he who must be the one to budge, not Mr. Biden. What we are witnessing as a nation is the extreme resistance to change; the transitioning into a new era that is the Equity Spending era that is currently more recognizable as the quantitative easing (QE) era.
    During this first meeting between Mr. Biden and Speaker McCarthy it appears that Mr. Biden handled the Speaker with kid gloves, but that kind of acquiescence cannot be extended in these future meetings simply because of what is at stake, and then there are the, "…sheer facts and figures of the matter". These facts are misunderstood by Speaker McCarthy, and it is inevitable that he will be slammed into this QE reality in the near future, QE3infinity, 2012 specifically, which reality is that we do not actually have a national debt to begin with, but instead we only have a pretend national debt which, of course, also means that our federal deficit is totally irrelevant, as far as the amount goes. The crux of the matter is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to actually or , for that matter, we the peoples' QE $s that are we the peoples' electronically generated $s.
    On the other hand, where Speaker McCarthy is correct is when he speaks of the need for there to be a more accountable, a more transparent QE spending process, and the like. However, with Speaker McCarthy being so very far "behind the curve" when it comes to the whole new/old federal financial/spending paradigm that has currently been assigned the nomenclature quantitative easing, instead of the more appropriate "Equity Spending" terminology, it is very doubtful that he will be the one to make an agreement with the White House on this (pseudo) "debt ceiling" dispute. Indeed, the way things now stand, it looks like Speaker McCarthy could end up resigning as Speaker of the House, maybe even involuntarily, due to his inability to grasp the reality of QE. Then there is even the possibility that there will be an alliance, as difficult as this is to comprehend, between Biden and Trump that results in Speaker McCarthy accepting the reality of quantitative easing or resigning and being replaced by a congressional member who can accept the reality of QE. To belabor the point, this denial of QE/Equity Spending cannot be allowed to go any further, in my opinion.
    The entire explanatory narrative on how and why quantitative easing works is called Equity Spending (YouTube) or ES, not to be confused with the more politically correct, Left leaning, in my opinion, inferior MMT explanatory narrative on QE spending.
    Then there is the very much censored/suppressed quintessential literary contribution for explaining how and why quantitative easing works that uses a fictional novel format which storyline is fun to read as well as being profoundly satisfying, even if I do say so myself, titled: (Revised 2nd Edition) "All About Equity Spending… With a Love Story". Finally, there is also the non-fictional Continuing Commentary section between chapters nineteen and twenty due to the uniqueness of the subject matter. Reviews are available on Amazon books. P.O.O.F.O.O.S.I.E.

  13. President McCarthy sounds good .

  14. There is no debating with Biden !! Its more like a parent trying to talk to a two year old !!!! Biden gets all his advice from his many little friends that live in his head !!!!

  15. obviously boughtout biden big guy is hellbent on destroying our money and economy. if that is not the case, someone explain to me while we are at a120% debt gdp, that we don't need to cut B.S. spending? please. i would love to hear the excuse as to why we should continue to spend more than we produce and to spend it on crap that does not sustain our economy or lives. if a woke kid sees this, i am going to need them to break it down for me and i am curious as to how they balance their checking account.

  16. Politics theater 🎥 🙄 entertainment and distraction 👍

  17. Biden and his criminal organization are Traitors to the American people. He and many more belong In PRISON.
    Wake up America.

  18. The way things are going we will all finish up living in tents. 🎪 🎪 🎪 🎪 🧍‍♂️🧍‍♂️

  19. Courtesy of the monumentally incompetent one term liability presidency of one Donald Trump the National debt increased by 7.8$trillion dollars : in increase greater than at any time since WW11. Trump is responsible for 30% of the current national debt . Not Biden. Trump racked up this mind blowing amount.

  20. Hey Joey, Stubbornness is not a business plan !!! Ya heard

  21. No more money for Ukraines, the United Nations, NATO, that’s a start

  22. McCarthy playing political games, asking why the President won't play political games. The National debt is about more than that, no Republican cared when the orange blob was spending like a drunken sailor.

  23. The dems gives millions to the big green energy companies and the big green energy companies donte millions to the dems

  24. The government has to stop borrowing from the Social Security fund they do it all the time from years ago and then you got off 400 billion dollar Park that they put in California there's a lot of wasteful spending what happened to the three trillion dollar infrastructure bill where did that money go and they want more money for a infrastructure it's gotten to the point where I don't even want to listen to the news fix the fossil fuel thing bring down the cost of fuel in the working machine will run

  25. Biden is one S.A.P.O.T. and he needs to get his head straight. Biden is one useless P.O.T.

  26. This should be a concern from the president. There should be no debating or clashing. For the good of the country is what matters.


  28. Mr. Biden's eyes look like two pitted dates. He's frail and hardly knows where he's at. God will call his name and he will die of natural causes. The most incompetent President America has ever had. Foreign powers disregard anything he says. Most of the world laughs at him and America. The whole matter is disgusting and vile.

  29. Bidens Policies Are No Coincidence Obama Designed To Set Up A Globalist Takeover Of America ☠️

  30. Hire politicians to run economics, what could go wrong?

  31. Biden is a Criminal. Simple as that, look at the country's situation. Wef and China are destroying the countries from within without war.

  32. A few generations are going to have to deal with the initial debt shutdown. It just depends if we want to be the adults to accept that sacrifice. I don't trust this administration anyway to spend money wisely. Might as well shut it down now for our future.

  33. The best thing McCarthy can do is just push Joe Biden aside, Joe Biden can't add or subtract anyway…

  34. Biden working for 🇨🇳 china not for Americans,, = treasonous acts against America.

  35. If I were McCarthy I would walk into that meeting and not sit down and say are you gonna budge and when Joe says no I would turn around and walk out

  36. The Biden administration is the worst administration in history