Biden compares ‘Bidenomics’ to ‘MAGAnomics’ in Maryland remarks

President Bidenhighlighted the differences between “Bidenomics” and “MAGAnomics” in his Maryland remarks, saying that the GOP plan “is more extreme than anything America has ever seen before.”

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  1. How much went to the big guy?

  2. All I know is that we were able to afford things and not have to scrimp by under MAGAnomics, so I hear what he is saying, but no one I know is experiencing what he is saying.

  3. Bidenomics is poison ☠️! The American 🇺🇸 people are rejecting Bidenomics as they should. This guy @POTUS Sleepy 😴 Joe shouldn’t be re-elected. America 🇺🇸 is better off without sleepy 😴 joe and Bidenomics.

  4. "remember when stuff was cheaper?that was bad,you don't want that"

  5. Under trump America was affordable. Under Bidenflation it’s the worst it’s ever been

  6. I am a political Independent, but ,
    Dear God. Are people actually THIS stupid? lol. I can’t stand Trump, but it’s an undeniable fact that the economy and social climate was exponentially better 2016-2020 under Trump compared to 2020-present under Biden. It’s not even debatable. No matter who is on the Democratic ticket, I will be voting Republican. The lies, violence, canceling any opposition, child sexualization, and hate from the Left is nauseating and just cant deal with it any longer.

  7. Go take a nap 😂😂. It's going to be a landslide in 2024 if the liberals keep giving sleepy Joe an adrenalin shot and propping him up like this 😂😂 trump 2024. I'm sure trump is going to hang that mugshot in the west wing too.

  8. BIDENOMICS = Lockdowns + Corruption + Drug Addicts Everywhere + Hyperinflation + Fraud + Warmongering + Terrorism + Drag Queen Admirals + Climate Change Money Laundering + Fake News + Senile Dictator in WDC
    MAGANOMICS = Real Politics + PEACE + Freedom of Speech and Business + Traditional Values + Common Sense + Real Economy + Powerful Leader
    What would you choose?

  9. Bidenomics is the worst policy ever implemented. Inflation remains high and is only getting worse. Middle and poor-class Americans are suffering financially and Bidenomics is making matters worse.

  10. Old Joe's handlers collectively gasped: "Holy jumpin, the old guy got all of his lines right!"

  11. Wow literally youtube block dislike button

  12. Joe bro I freakin love ya dude, you're an absolute legend & you're really out there doing America proud with your STELLAR leadership skills as president. Keep up the great work my dude, love ya!

  13. This is what you get when you you steal an election and stick the Dumbest corrupt Democrat in office you get a babbling buffoon this is the best you Democrats could come up with

  14. You have to be delusional to go from prosperity to struggling and cheer about it. Bidenomics created twice as many people living in poverty and paycheck to paycheck. Way to go!

  15. Only half the country pays net federal income tax. Definitionally, income tax cuts can only affect those who are the “haves”

  16. This oatmeal brain would have a better excuse if he would just admit it was his cocaine and he’s been smoking crack with his son . That would explain his melted brain 👍

  17. Bidenomics=10% for The Big Guy

  18. Joe Biden:Unfit!, Unfit!, Unfit!

  19. Bidenflationomics works exactly as planned

  20. Biden is really becoming unhinged.

  21. People can really feel the Bidenomics

  22. Bidenomomics is a disaster.
    More importantly though is Biden's dramatic cognitive decline.
    It's becoming so bad even his handlers can't cover it up

  23. If Medicare is cut then these grocery stores better step tf up and slash prices to keep Americans healthy.

  24. Maga/nomics. Didn't brake America's pockets like this azzclowns crap has

  25. Biden hitched his campaign to the failed Bidenomics message and is now trying to deflect to Trumps policies as a bad thing. Of course the shortsighted forget it was Obama’s bad policies that got Trump in the White House in the first place.

  26. "I met Jill a few years back at UPenn—you think I'm kidding, I'm not, no joke—she was a student of mine, and I was teaching political theory mmmphffferb…beautiful coed, nice smellin' hair, boy, no malarkey either. Seriously, you think I'm joking? True story, fella. You think you can? Well, roll your sleeves up. I'm not joking, bub.

  27. That does make sense to me

  28. This obviously isn't working under democrats. Don't cry when/if someone you don't like steps in to power. Democrats had a chance to win America this time.

  29. Joe biden is a tormented dark fella

  30. Bidenomics sucks folks and i dont mean that hyperbole – joe biden himself in his head

  31. I love the part when he started screaming going crazy lol he looked like my grandpa when hes mad at his old school radio 📻