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Biden creates ransomware task force after pipeline pays millions in ransom

Rep. Richard Hudson, R-N.C., a company paying a ransom is like ‘negotiating with terrorists’ on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FoxBusiness #EveningEdit

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  1. Wow!
    Another task force.
    We are saved!!!

  2. 599,314 deaths 33,664,013 covid cases, 2000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after his WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown.

  3. Biden is slowly unfolding the US economic collapse then it's war


  5. Shouldn't the CIA be investigating, or are they busy with video games?

  6. Is his son leading the task force ? Lol

  7. Wonder what happen to the days when ransom demands were told to go pound sand

  8. He says task force like he created a league of super heroes

  9. Great. More bureaucracy. Don’t we already have some kind of a federal bureau that investigates stuff like this?

  10. This is a black swan …
    Just watch!
    They will make crypto look bad by making it the currency of terrorism…
    They will write bills and try to ban trades or make it so they can get their hands involved with your transactions, with heavy taxes and fees..

  11. HMMM Some body hacked a FUEL PIPELINE? But no one can hack election machines? HMM

  12. Always reactive , never proactive …..

  13. Another idiot Republican that doesn't know the difference between a oil pipe & a fuel pipe.

  14. So joe who taste better russia of china?

  15. Joe doesn't create anything. He's just a puppet. Weekend at Bernie's for Democrats. Pitiful.

  16. We need a ransom ware czar!😆

  17. Him : It is farcical (that) Putin doesn't know ….

    Me : I wouldn't be surprised if the "criminal group" is actually KGB posing as such …

  18. I bet Biden got some of the Ransom money….!!!!!!!! Biden sux . .

  19. Like MadMax said we already have that. Hire Professional Cyber Hacker Bounty Hunters. And pay them accordingly. Were already giving TRILLIONS anyway, why not spend some of it wisely?

  20. What Biden isn't saying is that whatever they do it will be us paying for it. They probably did it themselves just to pocket whatever they can get away with.

  21. Biden administration reactive, reactive, not a Pro-active . He can’t get out of his routine, work habits,for the last 47 years of experience in Washington Biden still living in his political limbo. We are now witnessing his “experience as a politician” 🆘

  22. How much is hunter Biden receiving from this "blackmail " ??? Wheres his laptop ??? Farse … no where near a big enough … descriptive word !

  23. He didn’t do anything when it happened. He “deferred” to the pipeline company. The Chynuh probably ordered him to stand down.

  24. The way Joe delivers a press briefing is not in any way normal.

  25. the left loves task forces and fact finding commissions

  26. That's what you get when you worship vehicles.

  27. Wonder who will be on the task force? Hmmmm. Lol

  28. With crazies like Biden nothing happens that isn't planned. The democrats now have their excuse for a tech spy force.

  29. This is the way you create a task force to seize cryptocurrency accounts and access hardware wallets

  30. Biden creates task force paid for by taxpayers, add insult to the problem.

  31. Biden wants a fresh diaper and a butterscotch pudding cup !

  32. Can’t trust and believe anything he says. Lies and unkept promises

  33. Let’s see: shut down the Pipeline. Stop all fracking. Then ‘a cyber attack’ , that affects just about all red states; paying ransom to terrorists. And these are who? From what Agency? We see where he is going with this. Controlled evolutionary destruction of the Middle Class to extinction? Hell will need to be redefined as on the earth, not the underworld. A job for the fact-checkers who own the facts factories.

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