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Biden delivers remarks on implementation of the American Rescue Plan

President Biden delivers remarks on implementation of the American Rescue Plan.

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  1. Fake president. 81 million votes, really? I bet he didn't get 8,000 votes. Fire Paul RYan and run an honest news channel.

  2. Only one person in comments likes this president

  3. Every time he talks it's so low, speak louder

  4. he just reads off a teleprompter….

  5. We have an idiot President and cabinet of clowns pretending to run our country

  6. How does a lifelong politician who has never…..NEVER….!!!!!!! had a job in the private sector have a net worth in the MILLIONS of dollars, and yet he wants to bash CEOs who build businesses and employ hundreds or thousands of people? This guy is such a FRAUD.

  7. This cray cray potato has the codes

  8. Lord please help us 🙏



  11. Thank to President Trump we got a vaccine for the Chinese virus

  12. This guy not even running the show.

  13. What they sent us doesn't even cover one month's bill

  14. This ole fool is totally clueless. I am amazed the people that buy into this BS.

  15. No it’s not!!! You’re destroying America.

  16. I believe someone is answering these questions for him in his ear piece

  17. 592,409 deaths 33,274,659 covid cases, 2000 Americans are dying every day from the Trump virus, even after his WH took control of all hospital data from the CDC 'it is what it is' since Trump allowed over 40,000 infected citizens to enter from China via Europe after his shutdown…

  18. He gave you Money…now they own you.

  19. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Did he just wake up?

  20. Speak up BoBo! Falling asleep listening to you!

  21. Oh my, sooooo painful

  22. Could anybody in the world be more boring. No animation. Weird voice modulation. But you have to give him some due, he proves he can read, sort of. No Go Joe is so convincing, NOT! Give me Trump every time.

  23. Sounds like there is always something in his mouth…

  24. I'm a restaurant owner. I now require vaxx cards to be seated indoors. I started this when vaxxes opened up to 16 and above 3 weeks ago. We're still at 50% capacity requirements. My customers knew I was going to do it. 3 weeks ago even on Fri and Sat we were closing @8pm. We are now closing at 10pm Wed thru Sat and operating at a full 50% capacity. I'm pushing our local chapter of National Restaurant Association for Vax Passports. Other owners are starting to follow my lead. My servers love working without masks.
    Unfortunately I had one young couple who objected to this and asked them to leave. I had to call the police to escort them from the premises. My responsibility is to my customers, employees and community.

  25. Lmao…he's gonna tax all the woke celebrities more and they endorsed him 24/7…👏🏼👏🏼 Brillant watch the fight back now..🤣

  26. Mr Potato Head "delivers" fake remarks given to him by his Puppeteers.

  27. Why is not every one equal Children Or Not? He is Racist

  28. The Republican party is still calling it a witch hunt, even after The Coven was discovered in Trump's basement😱


    GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  30. One of Adolf's most popular slogans :
    Make Germany Great Again!😱
    Sound familiar?

  31. BIDEN2024!!!

  32. Biden is illegitimate illegitimate illegitimate
    Illegitimate illegitimate


  34. American rescue plan would involve getting rid of Bidens whole administration

  35. American rescue plan?.. Hell the government caused it. There is nothing wrong with America except for the government.

  36. politics are boring without mr trump

  37. Why does it sound like Biden is talking inside a large studio room? I do not recall lights being angled downward to light POTUS before on orange-man-bad. You can see the shadows on the wall behind him. The angle is from the ceiling, NOT from eye-level.

    This is strange. This sounds like he is on a sound set. It's echoing. Is this supposed to be the WH but is coming from someplace else?

  38. F joe and his illegal administration

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