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Biden expected to select 1st Black Defense Secretary l GMA

The President-elect is expected to nominate retired General Lloyd Austin, who could be the first African American to lead the Pentagon.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  3. You got to remember guys & girls, George Lucas was way ahead of his time when it comes to Racial Diversity, in Star Wars- The Jedi Council is made up of Diverse Extraterrestrial being- Aliens👽 & Humans that are Jedi’s, If Donald Trump and most Republicans had their way in Star Wars, The Jedi Council would mostly be a “White Jedi’s” Council, & Master Yoda would NOT be in charge or Mace Windu, because one is of Alien Species and did NOT show his Alien Birth Certificate, and the other is part of the BLM movement✊🏿. Donald Trump would appoint Chancellor Palpatine and Anakin Skywalker as The Jedi Head Council and Ruler- because in my opinion, they are WHITE! 😏

  4. Joe Biden nominates Ray Theon.

  5. Afghanistan be like :
    we're so proud to be bombed by such a woke administration!

  6. Obama killed 30 seal team 6 . Go to rumble

  7. Lol no they won’t give him any real intel

  8. White democrats have always viewed blacks and hispanics as their little voter pets, their little pawns. You should hear the jokes they crack about their little submissive black voters when the cameras are off!

  9. What does this mean? Will blacks be more willing to go and fight in foreign wars because a black man is the leader? How does this appointment help the black Community PER SE? Nothing like he plan for illegal immigration.


  11. Listen, the MSM has no credibility left. You automatically label
    everything "false" and "baseless" because you are in denial about
    anything that helps President Trump. No amount of evidence of fraud will
    ever convince you because you are part of the fraud. I wonder if you
    will even report the story when Trump is declared the winner of this
    election. My guess is that you will lie to the people and tell them Joe
    Biden is in the White House when he's actually in his basement lamenting
    his losses.

  12. MJ: "I'm not gonna spend my life being a color". I so understand those words now. This is so damn irritating, I mean talk about whether or not he is competent for the job. I HAVE EYES!! I can see if he black or white or a woman or a man…SO DAMN FRUSTRATING!!!

  13. Speaking of defense, hey ABC, are you going to cover the Swalwell story, or do your ChiCom overlords not allow it? We are watching you ABC, you dirty traitors.

  14. The racist are the those who just speak about race ….what a stupid info ….dont make différence bettween people about There skin color ….first news of the Day …the first black in charge at the White House …. Confusion mean democrats

  15. First Dark skin i guess because we already had a Bl ack man

  16. Oh cool, a Raytheon board member. Cool cool cool.

  17. anytime biden picks a minority it will be assumed that's why they were picked, since that was his main criteria for picking VP. His own fault being a racist tool of the far left

  18. 1:10 I no longer need my 9-5 because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  19. U.S. Congressional Inauguration Committee due to opposition from three Republican leaders

    Failed to confirm Biden as president-elect

    And prepare for the next presidential inauguration resolution

    It is worth noting that

    CNN also reported on the Congressional Inauguration Committee

    Failed to pass a resolution confirming Biden as president-elect

    The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, which is made up of lawmakers from both the House of Representatives and the Senate, rejected a motion on Tuesday that essentially recognized Biden as the winner of the 2020 election. It is worth noting that even CNN reported it.


    December 7

    The famous Fox host Tucker Carlson broadcasted A video of Di Dongsheng’s speech

    as one of the members of Xi Jinping’s think tank

    The video was also retweeted by President Trump

    Di unabashedly claimed

    Between 1992 and 2016

    Various crises between China and the United States can be resolved within two months

    The reason is that the CCP has high-level relations in the United States

    Di Dongsheng is the School of International Relations, Renmin University of China

    Deputy Dean, Professor, Deputy Director and Secretary of the Center for Foreign Strategic Studies of the Communist Party of China

    Since his speech has attracted a lot of public attention at home and abroad

    The CCP immediately deleted this video from the entire mainland network

    Di Dongsheng talked about when Xi Jinping visited the United States in 2015

    In order to pack a punch for Xi Jinping

    The CCP intends to hold a new book launch event in Washington DC

    This book is called "The Governance of China"

    the bookstore for book launch event was booked already

    the bookstore owner refused CCP officials

    Then, a mysterious old lady helped the CCP officials

    to make the bookstore owner cancel the original reservation

    Di Dongsheng asked her how she did it

    The old lady said "I'll reason with him"

    This sentence comes from "The Godfather"

    Very classic and famous black words

    to give him a result that he couldn’t refuse or scared him to refuse

    Di Dongsheng revealed in the video

    She is President of top Wall Street financial institutions in Asia

    She is not only American

    And also have Chinese nationality

    She also wrote a book called

    "A Jew's Memory of Shanghai (1927-1952) [Lillian Willens] "

    People's Daily confirmed that she is really an old friend of the CCP

    In addition to People's Daily Online

    There have been many official Chinese media reports on Willens before

    She is 93 years old this year

    In July last year, when she was invited to the Confucius Institute America Center

    She introduced her Experience in China between 1900 and 1945

    The left media and the left of the Democratic Party tried to cover up the deep relationship between the CCP and them

    But was exposed so high-profilely by Di Dongsheng, a pig teammate

    It also clearly proves the long-term collusion between Biden and other establishments and the CCP

  20. More wars coming, but first they need a scandal to blame someone…..Don't trust or listen to these politicians….They are getting Ex-Presidents to take the vaccine on live TV. That tells you right there in a nutshell that what Biden/Harris said was true. IT IS TOO DANGEROUS TO TAKE. Biden/Harris said Trump Administration Vaccine is TOO RUSHED. NO ONE SHOULD TRUST IT.

  21. He's a RAYTHEON arms seller board member. It doesn't matter to me that he is of my own race.

  22. Ah what an amazing feeling to see our future president make history in the right ways 🙌🏻🙏🏻💯 can’t hardly wait to get back to a somewhat normal presidency


  24. Somebody tell these News Network jackasses that Biden is not the president

  25. Here comes the setup!! AH!!!

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