Saturday , October 16 2021
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Biden Facing Government Funding Deadline, Critical Votes On Top Priorities

President Biden faces make-or-break decisions on his signature priorities this week: the bipartisan infrastructure plan, and on massive climate and social program spending. Lawmakers are up against a Friday deadline to prevent a government shutdown.
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  1. *Incompetent, irresponsible, This is the adjectives that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris deserve to have in your administration. Please help USA quickly!

  2. The Republicans are going to squeeze the Dems like the dems squeezed the republicans last time. They're just going to sit on their hands and say the dems can make the shut down go away. Its in their court.

  3. Don't give Biden a penny!! Give him his resignation and a retirement home

  4. The Democrats need to be on every form of social media and news channel making sure that everyone knows that the Republicans choose to put this country into a recession and shut down the country which will affect all federal, state and city employees paycheck, social security checks and all those depending on public assistance of any kind!! This needs to be done every day to ensure that each and every person in the USA knows that the GQP are responsible for the shutdown. We all need to vote OUT every Republican running in the 2022 and 2024 elections, this is the very reason that they are changing the voting laws and trying to force their way in, the Republican Party stands for nothing that would actually helps the American people!!


  6. Thank you Biden ! A true leader and the greatest president in history

  7. I was sitting alone on a park bench when all of the sudden I noticed this horrid smell of rotten potato's. I turned around and there he was, sniffing my hair. – Anyone

  8. Trump bad fall in line, Trump bad fall in line, Trump bad fall in line.

  9. Well know, it seems that the last Administration seemed to do their bidding according to the interests of the Corporation's and not the people whom voted them into their offices. They sure weren't thinking about our deficit.

  10. this will not happen this year yep

  11. Shut the worthless government down, they do not deserve the paycheck.

  12. If both bills don't pass it will be Biden's fault for not negotiating with more Republicans including Mitch McConnell. Pfft

  13. I'm no longer waiting for the GRANT LOAN because I earn $ 46,700 every 10 days recently

  14. Thank you Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, no reconciliation here lmao 🤣 😆 😂

  15. Russian trolls and sycophants trying to alter facts again…I guess their own investigation didn’t go to plan and Biden won by more votes..But don’t let truth get in the way.

  16. Why did Biden order his CDC director to ignore an entire panel on scientist to force his agenda on Americans ?

  17. Biden is now like the grand wizard of North America.

  18. Shoot down the green new deal 😆 climate change that's been the same for decades can wait

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