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‘Biden-Harris Admin Represents Hope’: Advocates React To Sweeping Immigration Reform | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Simone Boyce speaks to immigration advocates and people who will be affected by new immigration laws to see how they are reacting to the new administration’s potential policies.
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‘Biden-Harris Admin Represents Hope’: Advocates React To Sweeping Immigration Reform | NBC News NOW


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  1. America's immigration policy has led to increasingly conflicted societies.

  2. Traitor Trump's anti American Traitor Republicon Kleptocracy TrumPutinTard trolls are just in love with Putin the Butcher Thief's Russia … 🖕🏼⚰🇺🇸

  3. 3 days in and over 50,000 people lost jobs, made deals for the CCP buying into our energy infrastructure and put troops in Syria already at this moment. Lol.

  4. Don't you mean the Harris-Buden administration?

  5. Um, I thought fighting COVID was priority one. How does bringing in tens of thousands of new people help with that right now?

  6. Kamala Harris got into politics by sleeping with a man in his 70s while she was in her 20s!

  7. Just wait till the mob from South America getting here.

  8. one last thing..watch this..this is what all your stupid wars do to people…
    Malak: The Girl Who Stumbled Out of a War Zone and Stole Our Hearts – YouTube

  9. I know Biden will do none of this…because he is deceaitful and a liar just like Trump and does not care about poor people.

  10. Will you let people have free education to help people switch jobs in an ever shrinking economy, due to technological advancement and change? Poor people should be able to screw up and be able to have a second chance but schooling is so exspensive most people only get one chance or none at all.

  11. I know the democrats will not do any of this, because your just like donald trump, liars and only care about rich people.

  12. Do you think Elon Musk and his solar compay along with the USA government could give everyone in the USA a free solar roof to prevent climate change, help families feed their children to stop the USA from becoming a desert?

  13. What do you think of the rich people avoiding taxiation with off shore bank accounts to avoid taxes and make poor families pay more because the rich are not paying taxes like donald trump, biden isn't like Trump, say it anit so..

  14. Do you think we should have universal basic income NBC? it would help millions of people, Biden will do it won't he for all the immigrant children that need that little extra to help get ahead like all the poor people living on the street?

  15. Hope and light, ? what exsactly do you want? NM this is just another political talking head MSNBC i mean NBC, what do real immigrants have to say?

  16. I am sick of hearing from the white supremacists that are immigrants themselves, lying about immigrants and what they bring to this country. Unless you are 100% native american it is time for you to stand down and shut up!

  17. Biden's a Manchurian Candidate, he was NOT elected into United States Presidential office legitimately. Joe Biden gives & has hired an Acting-Authority to Push/Give Medical/Pharmaceutical advice that is NOT APPROVED by the United States FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

  18. why is all the losers that come to the usa…

  19. Deport all the illegals. It is time to enforce the law.

  20. Immigration reform? They’re hurting? You have an entire country of hurt!!! Where are the $2000 checks you promised?!!

  21. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin

  22. Represents hope to the ultra wealthy and politicaly connected….

  23. Communist. Liars. Thieves are not hopeful.

  24. Y'all better be careful about gettin everybody pumped for all this hope and change. You need to give people realistic expectations and stop making Biden out to be the second coming of Christ.

  25. What About those Christians from Iraq that were fleeing Isis. Are they still being detained 🤔

  26. Though I don't care for Trump as a person. Trump had the economy booming. Until this Covid nonsense. I don't understand the "medias" hype on Biden/harris. I guess I just see the big picture. Unlike others.

  27. "citizenship act" = break the law and get a citizenship, guess I don't need to apply for citizenship like a normal person all I need to do is break the law and I get citizenship for free.

  28. 4 days ago Mexico deported Honduran refugees back to Honduras. Are they racist? Do they deserve a border? Why isn't everyone screeching about Mexico's deportations? Oh I see we should because if not racist. Every other country can do it but when we do it's racist.

  29. Right🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

  30. Yet the last 4yrs harris has done nothing but cause deep division but yep now they are going to try?

  31. It's time Texas stopped pandering to idiots in Washington. We can do it better on our own. Sign the petition to have an independence referendum on the November ballot. #Texit


  32. Impeach Biden crime family.
    Where is Hunter?

  33. It represents hope for lower wages for many labor jobs.

  34. I’m Hispanic and I don’t approve of this message. Mexico has open borders and it’s Not going very well for them.

  35. They need to get legal, I know this may be hard to understand for some.

  36. “Reform” seems to be as dull as “sexist” and “racist” these days.

  37. Angelica Salas; exec. dir. Chirla:
    "By bringing more immigrants in, and giving all U.S. citizenship, it means freedom and safety for everyone. No JOBS… but unemployment checks solve that."

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