Sunday , January 24 2021
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Biden, Harris Speak After Meeting with National Governors Association | NBC News

Watch live coverage as President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris deliver remarks after a virtual meeting with the National Governors Association’s executive committee.

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Watch live: Biden, Harris speak after meeting with National Governors Association


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  1. HELLO NBC. PLEASE INTERVIEW THIS DOCTOR. @ Why has this super cheap home test for codiv-19 been ignored?

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  3. Keith is great 👍 Love to hear him speaking 👏

  4. When you take a good look about Kamala, you can feel her negative spirits, bad. America will come to end with these demonic


  6. Stop it, the poor American people are dead because of your wars all over the world

  7. Unfortunately this is happening in our great Country, very sad to see unprepared people like those two up there!! God have mercy on us!!! 🙁 🙁

  8. So refreshing just to hear complete sentences and piles of self propping back patting and no hyperbole

  9. Ugh….It isn't over yet. TRUMP 2020.. heels up harris just isn't getting it…

  10. None of them Kamel and biden hasn’t Speech without a Teleprompter or Screen readers ever !! Because they are Fake persons , Can’t speak from their own hearts , they are Poppets of Nasty Pelosi and Hosein Obama 👳‍♀️🤥🙃 only .

  11. Finally we have someone who talk to make point 😷😷😷

  12. I hope this is the last bad Hollywood movie I have to watch. Vid and com men ts are so fake.

  13. I m pray God everyday for my president Biden

  14. All of these Biden supporters have to hide behind these memes!

  15. How do you sleep at night Kamala Harris, knowing everything you say is a bold faced Lie!!

  16. Comment from The Netherlands: wow… speeches with complete sentences, positive speeches without insults, without lies,, how refreshing

  17. may God bless the new gov….

  18. Thank the Lord we have articulate, intelligent, dignified and trustworthy leaders for Americans to be proud of and the world can respect.

  19. thats right Biden make sure you get your homie Obama covered for al that money he and Fouche put into the the facility in Wuhan that released the viru, to get more money for those ' vaccine" business 😉 you better do what he says of they will do to you what they did to Trump… maybe release some of those PIZZA GATE you sponsor… footage of you… you better play right because if you dont… those kid sniffing hair videos of you will look like a walk in a park. Good luck…

  20. American's legally voted for President Trump. It's far from over. Be patient folks, and the truth will prevail. Thank God President Trump did not concede 👍

  21. Kamala Harris, this woman raided a doctors house to sell abortion body parts for planned parenthood. I am so proud she is selling the american dream for covid.

  22. Obama is a polite cobra selling america to china.

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