Biden has been 'bad' for our country in 'so many ways': GOP lawmaker

Rep. Warren Davidson, R-Ohio, discusses U.S. energy policies under the current administration, the 2022 midterm elections and the Army missing its recruiting goal as Biden’s vaccine mandate remains in place.

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  1. O boy here we go USA is in I. Big trouble

  2. What will it take before Americans start to demand that Joe Biden be dragged out of office? Biden is a colossal danger to the USA and to all Americans. It is well past time when Joe Biden and his worthless son and brother should be rotting behind bars. It just goes to show how corrupt and rotten the establishment is in today's America. Joe Biden has been a spiv and a gangster all his worthless life.

  3. As a combat veteran, I am no longer recommending this woke, vax happy, and anti-Christian military.

  4. Biden gets 10% of every barrel SOLD TO CHINA,HE HAS DIRECT CONTROL OF IT AND HE IS A FOOL

  5. The demons lie at every turn, and everyone knows it. Winter is coming, let the voters go to the poles broke and cold, he is destroying the demon party. Good boy, good boy.

  6. You guys are absolutely torturing yourself with your own f**** redundant lies you know that right if you have 5% of the population that believes in your nonsense it's still not going to help you when the guillotine arrives

  7. 6.29 a gallon in lancaster ca

  8. To think 81 MILLION people voted for Biden just because he wasn’t trump. Biden and his administration voted and signed several acts just to seem like the good guys like cutting of the oil pipelines and look how that turned out. Well the people voted and we all have to live in this reality unfortunately.

  9. Prices been up 40% plus for awhile now. We ARE in a recession.

  10. FJB. And his administration worse ever.

  11. the other thing is you dont bring people to your country to pick the fields, thats wrong. you bring them over for a better life, thats if your country can afford to support them.

  12. Please watch Benny Johnson on YouTube, todays show is amazing! This administration is distorting our country !

  13. Biden's oil production decrease means we can't help supply Europe with needed fuel this Winter. This results in less money for the US, and problems for our European allies. It's also less likely that the war would have happened if Putin did not see this as a propitious time to conduct war, with an oil shortage going on. If the Democrats want a clean environment, then Putin using nuclear weapons is not going to help much!

  14. The people are sort of waking up to this climate stuff. I don't really see what they can do about it anyway.

  15. I guess I'm paying far less and I'm so stupid I didn't even realize it 🤷‍♂️

  16. Joe Biden is allowing Mexican drug cartels to build forces in New York City to kidnap New York representatives and exchange them for El Chapo's release why aren't you reporting on this everyone knows it you have been warned New York City

  17. Biden your the sweetest trying to be cool agent ever. Im sorry my mommy and I are up against politics right now

  18. the gulf of Mexico could supply this entire country but biden turns the other way like an idiot,,,can't wait til' 'he's gone

  19. $6.79/ga diesel and $7.09/ga gasoline here in komifornia..


  21. Are there any Fox news segments that AREN'T obvious bias Republican cheerleading.

  22. You should not complain we pay $5.80 pr gallon here in Australia the government tax it hard
    But I buy Whisky on special $23.50 and get 40%

  23. Josef Biden, who couldn't fill a Wendy's parking lot in The Summer of Love riots, claims he got more votes than Ronald Reagan or even JFK. But Biden is being too modest. He got more votes than anyone in human history … except for Josef Stalin.

    "It's not who votes…it's who counts the votes!"

  24. He’s using it for strategic purposes! He is strategically trying to to make American leftists believe that high fuel prices are someone else’s fault and not because HE shut down the pipeline. He is dumb enough to think that Intelligent Americans are too stupid to realize that the recently lowered (temporarily) fuel prices are only because he has drained our fuel reserves 🤬

  25. Shut the government down..

  26. Biden has been the worst thing for this country.. destroyed it all.. because of his hatred of trump..who was 100 percent better..

  27. Wow welcome to the land of make believe…

  28. Ukraines prices are 65 percent lower go figure good job Bidumb

  29. Went through 7 states this weekend . . . Something REALLY strange is going on. Can’t put my finger on it but it doesn’t bode well.

  30. The "recruiting," went to the 87000 armed IRS ARMY. They should all be drafted ASAP

  31. It started with his "Boss" and Continues to this day. Think NEW WORLD ORDER.

  32. Biden is the worst liar next to my x wife

  33. They all are just making it up as they go along…just a bunch of idiots that couldn't find their way out of a closet.

  34. The rout next month is going to be amazing to watch.

  35. I hope opec does cut it America deserves all the bad karma it gets

  36. Karine is a disgusting lying fool! No one believes a single thing that comes out of her mouth!

  37. Lol come on man ! Would you take orders from a bloke that has a woman's uniform on ? I realy hope your answer is No! . For starters a man that has a woman's uniform on must be mentally ill 🤒 and your going to join a military force that he commans your going to take order's from a completely nut job . I can hear his first order of war " put your hands up or run away " said the commander in a dress 👗 🤔 what a woke joke

  38. the network for numbnuts

  39. What a JOKE she is-Press Sec.

  40. Ha! $4.19/gallon in Indiana today; eggs $4.00/dozen (I’m still in shock at the egg price). I’m sick of the Destructocrats.

  41. Biden trafficing imigrants children and democrats impeach these evil demons

  42. The SWAMP has to be CLEAN. Period!!!!

  43. So they are finally admitting one world order. We need to get our own house in order before worrying about other countries!! Sick of my tax dollars going everywhere but here!!