Biden has done everything to thwart US energy production: Rep. Flesichmann

Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Tenn., discusses Biden’s energy policy, the Supreme Court’s decision on EPA regulation and fallout over Roe v. Wade reversal.

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  1. And WE LET HIM! Buck up America wtf is wrong with us?

  2. It isn’t just the important pipeline it’s food too

  3. Biden HAS to be replaced quick

  4. no he needs to be out of office last week…

  5. Our government is corrupt.

  6. The DEMORATS will use any method to go over and above what CONGRESS was elected to do, but the progressives in the party don't want that.

  7. These DEMORATS are EVIL, trying to use the filibuster to get their way. This is not government.


  9. Congress gave up its authority to the EPA, and now they can "RUE" the day, EPA, IRS, ETC

  10. The EPA got shut down by the COURTS and the DEMORATS are losing their minds.

  11. We aren't gonna wait anything out, we are gonna vote him and the rest of the lefty weirdos out of ANY position of authority. Many need to be jailed, like his Son, Brother and self. Congress did NOT vote for us to be in a WAR and it is illegal for this BAFOON and his parasitic minions to involve us in one. We were instructed in the very beginning of our country: get involved in NO foreign wars! Plain &Simple. All alphabets need to stay in their LIMITED lane. SCOTUS has spoken on Roe and it's over, power goes back to the individual state. The Fed was,is and should always be, in the role of protecting the people of our country.

  12. When did the role of the Senate and Congress get reversed because it supposed to be Congress put the bill forward to the Senate and if doesn't pass in the Senate it goes back to Congress but now it's being done the other way

  13. Even people who hate Trump for no reason, won't support this old fool of a president!!

  14. He's beholden to climate TERRORISTS.

  15. Let's circle back the LSD flower child's of the 60s know Americans aren't listening to John Kirby or deciples of Biden admin while Gen milley preaching woke at army war of college solder's being murdered affg Obama Biden Susan rice Hillary bengazie burns ukrane children wouldn't be orphans Former President Trump was in W H someone add

  16. That's what you think FJB

  17. He sure isn't upholding to his oath that he swore everybody but the American people a traitor

  18. He just said it he don't care how the American folks are suffering.

  19. So how long are we the people going to allow our elected representatives people that work for us Not do their jobs and take care of the American people and the American needs 1st each and every one of them politicians and DC are responsible For not doing their job for allowing this to continue and then there are those that are responsible for wanting this to continue Why do you think the forefathers put the 2nd amendment in place Why do you think the oath I took as a young man said all enemies foreign and domestic which I have never been released from And there are a whole lot other men and women out there in this country that have not been released from the same oath It's time to start seeing some charges file people in jail and Lynn jail and treason has been thrown around a lot lately and I see a lot of that coming out of DC and if you follow the UCMJ treason is a hangable offense It's getting about time for the American people to take our country back From the self serving politicians who think that they are in charge of us they are not now nor have they ever been

  20. Biden and Harris are clueless on everything. Jean Pierre is a joke too. They would break an anvil with a feather. Worst president ever by far. Put America last should've been his campaign slogan.

  21. Well now congress is not going to change this the people are looking at dictatorship, why is this idiot doing everything he can to ruin this country

  22. So what can we as Americans do. Perhaps a convention of states

  23. There has never been an administration in the Whitehouse that is so Anti-American as the Joe Biden Administration. The best thing Joe could do for this country is to resign and take his Un-American hypocritical administration with him. FJB! FKH! FNP! FJY! FAOC! FLC!

  24. Never thought my Fellow Americans & I would be held Hostage by an administration.

  25. Remember we were energy net exporters until Biden took office. We. Could be supplying our European allies but, by government policy, will not.

  26. Biden thinks it's fair to simply make us all slaves to his wants.
    He's the most non patriotic president ever. Funny crooks don't seem patriotic.

  27. ALEX EPSTEIN 's "Fossil Future" on sale now 2022. The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels. HUMAN flourishing

  28. More misery everyday

  29. A fool dose foolish things !!!!!! This democrap freak show has got a ending and it's not a good one !!!!!

  30. We should not be outraged by the Court overturning Roe.

    We should be very concerned that Justices Steven Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan have continuously ignored the Constitution in order to legislate from the bench. They made decisions on what they wanted the outcome to be, even when their decision went against the Constitution. Roe WAS SUCH A DECISION!

    We now have a Court that APPLIES THE CONSTITUTION! This is NOT radical. The liberal belief that we have a “living” Constitution IS radical!


    If you think abortion is a “Constitutionally protected right”, give me the citation.



  33. Screw the left wingers,,there a cancer,and need to be cut out

  34. Well he has no room to talk either. He could afford an electric vehicle but it all takes time and if they did come down and pray she might make a difference. But how many of these rich a***** do you have in your government that owns electric vehicles. And why should the American people pay for the government to drive around with gasoline. Remember you push it in power nobody else it's your fault too

  35. Then why don't you give them the stuff that they need to get the h*** out of the war. You won't give them the right equipment. Yet you pour money into their country. And you got something some businesses over there you should be worried about Joe Biden

  36. Biden just doesn't understand that when you become President you are owned mind, body, and soul by the people of this country and he should stop escaping to Delaware every weekend.

  37. We're witnessing operation: String'em along.

  38. King Biden an joker Kerry plans are going as planned.
    Biden moral center has drifted with losses an Hunter's degeneration.

  39. The American people have known these Agencies have worked against American interests, It is great to sit back and watch the corrupt policies and corrupt bureaucrats be unraveled by the supreme court. The rule of Law is being restored. The democrats nearly destroyed America to enhance their power. Remember that in 2023 mid-term elections and then the presidential election two years later. Its time to clean house and get our country back on track.

  40. Do people really believe things are going to go well waiting all the way until the next rigged election in November? Read the Constitution again

  41. This climate change crap has to be stopped , it’s do more damage to the planet than the people are …It takes years and years to change things we’ve been doing … Stop believing the crap there spouting , it’s all money making for politicians and the rich …

  42. This may be true but its not the real cause of fuel prices going through the roof . Saying it is isn't being honest . They are selling our fuel on the global market now and they intent on making us pay 24 dollars a gallon or more . They passed a law back in 2015 allowing oil to be sold on the global market and they are shutting down the domestic fuel market index and making us pay what the rest of the world pays . If they pay 10 dollars a liter we pay 40 dollars a gallon . So the gasoline and diesel fuel they are making here is now being shipped over seas to sell . Its called globalization and its going to collapse our economy just like they want it to . I invite any of you to go to the library of congress and look this up for your self


  44. Are we our own first transponder, medical support, security protection and detective that can fix the criminal injustice?

  45. Schizo-Green-Mescaline experience.

  46. A "deer in the headlights" moron.

  47. It is time for you to approach everything you do during the day consciously. You should constantly control your thoughts and feelings. Any negative thought in your consciousness must be nipped in the bud. Protect yourself from everything that contributes to the existence of negative thoughts and feelings in your consciousness.

  48. Put this idiot in a nursing home that looks like the White House and then replace him with someone that has a functioning brain and backbone.

  49. Hes selling it 2 Chins 4 60 bucks a barrel and buying it from saudi 4 120 a gallon. I'm the smartest man I know.