Biden has exhibited ‘no concern’ about his ability to run in 2024: Peek

Fox News contributor Liz Peek discusses a Washington Post op-ed opposing Biden’s run for re-election in 2024, and how his EV push could destroy the auto industry. #foxbusiness

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  1. Biden should be in prison.

  2. Sometimes birds poop while flying.

  3. Kamala Harris' voice sounds like a squeaky door hinge that's opening very, very, slow. Ugh

  4. They're so sneaky you never know wat horrible plan they have next.

  5. Either we block the auto workers from a raise or we pay more taxes to subsidize automakers.. well maybe we shouldnt be building cars if those are our options. 😅

    Automakers are apperently not running a efficient businesses, innovating and adapting to the new business world!

    They say UAW doesnt want ev's.. its the autmaker industry dragging thier feet.

    They have no problem sending money to politians!

  6. Because Biden is beholden to China

  7. The establishment RINO Kevin Mccarthy, the Speaker of the House, is headed towards being the president of the United States of America. STAY FOCUSED, AND VOTE FOR PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP IN 2024!!!

  8. Put corrupt Biden in prison for Treason.

  9. Joe knows that the last election was corrupt. He expects to be reinstalled using the same method controlled by the wealthy, Marxists, globalist elites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. The writer is a republican..

  11. good make it super expensive to make an ev cause WE DONT WANT THEM !!!!

  12. Take away Biden’s beloved corvette. Make him get an EV.

  13. Joebribem Invoke the 25th!!!

  14. Biden doesn't know if he's alive
    – President Trump

  15. The Free Market system should determine when EVs sre practical in terms of cost and efficiency .Not big government. Let the technology evolve naturally, not force it.

  16. Democrats don't have to "have the conversation" with Joe about not running, just put screen in his home running old videos of conferences and meetings, he won't know the difference. Maybe have some mannequins dressed up as foreign leaders and dignitaries he can stand next to or greet.

    No one considers the dingbat Kamala a serious candidate.



  19. If Republicans would get a better candidate than Trump, they would win in a landslide.

  20. China EV cach fier a lot just look it up there junk

  21. We the people want to see the impeachment of the Biden administration and the majority of the democrats in office as well as placing Obama in prison and each Rhino in office…this is the time to dismantle the Democratic party

  22. Like trying to pump up a flat tire without a fix. The other group who does not want EVs is a majority of consumers. They are too costly, no charging stations in most of the US like where I live. The grid nationwide can’t withstand more usage. We in the US have an enormous wealth of energy resources here in the US. We don’t want or need dirty, expensive oil from our enemies. We want energy security and lower energy costs by using or own energy. We in the US produce, frack and explore for our energy cleanly, the best in the world.

  23. Joe is far too much a narcissist to step down.

  24. le monde entier sait que c’est vrai que BIDEN est corrompu mais les DOJ, fbi et le Marais le couvre .les medias corrompus le couvre aussi mais la verité sors sur ce pouvoir menteur et corrompu

  25. When Brandon takes a hammer to his Corvette and writes it off, I'll listen to his climate crap.

  26. especially when it's rigged. we can't get rid of Pelosi either

  27. He's not concerned because he knows the fix is in; just like it was last time. The joke's on you America.

  28. Are they going to run Michele Obama…..there are rumors…..

  29. China's EV are catching on fire, who wants their family in a burning car?

  30. Harris is so strange. Why is she the V.P.?

  31. Ev are no good , we can’t afford them and the catch fire and the batteries are outrageous we don’t want them!!! Stop shoving them at us!!!

  32. Biden should not be able to run again he is so corrupt it’s ridiculous!! We don’t want him!!!he is against our country!!

  33. I will NEVER drive an electric car and I will NOT pay to provide assistance for the ev industry.