Biden heads to the G20 summit in Bali | GMA

President Joe Biden will have his first in-person meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping since taking office. Subscribe to the GMA YouTube page: Visit the Good Morning America home page: Follow GMA: Facebook: https://www. Twitter: Instagram: Watch full episodes of GMA: 2YnifTH SIGN UP for the daily GMA Wake-Up newsletter: #presidentbiden #g20 #bali

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Bidens are sniffers.

  2. Biden of Democrats and Xi of CCP are very similar to each other: 1. Both control the mass media. CCP controls every single media in China and then expands its outposts in the US. For example, Tik Tok successfully infiltrates US and becomes the propaganda machine of CCP. Democrats controls the mainstream mass media particularly CNN which becomes the de facto press secretary for Biden’s WH. 2. Both used state apparatus to crash political opponents. Xi used corruption as an excuse to crash his predecessors’ factions and becomes the emperor of China. Biden uses JD, FBI, IRS, SEC, Supreme Court, mainstream media, big tech, AG in Democrats states to prosecute Trump to ensure he cannot run in 2004 & put Steven Bannon in jail (pending appeal) in order to silence him. 3. Both are righteous moralists and proclaim themselves as the saviors of their countries. Xi preaches only he can realize the Chinese dream (underlying meaning: China replaces US as the world’s only superpower). Biden attacks the 75 million Americans who voted for Trump in 2020 as fascists and anyone who disagreed with Democrats are “threats to democracy”. 4 Both believe in big government. Xi is crashing private enterprises especially those tech companies & move the country towards planned economy. Biden expands US deficits by handing out welfare to make sure Americans to become lazy and bribe young voters through student loan forgiveness to keep their Senate majority. Conclusions: Biden = Xi & Democrats = CCP.

  3. But what this person pronouns?

  4. don't let him get lost

  5. Thank you for Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩

  6. Was machen eigendlich Bill Gates und Klaus Schwab bei dieser Versammlung G20 ? Es sind keine Politiker!!!!

    Wer hat wirklich das sagen über die Welt ?

  7. May the leaders be able to bring world peace. And also the Vegan World to tackle the climate crisis, health crisis, and food crisis.

  8. Glory to all Ukrainians who gave self life for Freedom of Ukraine.
    America is strong because we have the Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans. America could safety to building a Hi-tech, and strong a wapens. The Ukrainians are strong because the Cossacks has gave they life for freedom of Ukraine by Centuries.

  9. Hi, Bali is in Indonesia.
    Bali is not a country but a province.

  10. Well, I think Mr Biden is in Colombia right now. How come a president of a respected country slipped his tongue by saying Colombia instead of Cambodia. He might have been a little hangover.

  11. Nancy go home,before smbdy,steals your 35,thous,fridge

  12. Does he know where he is going?

  13. Can't wait to watch black man /white man domestic war within Usa , the next decade Washington, Newyork, Chicago burning into flames with explosions . We will watch with pleasure on tv — This will be bloody karma of Usa . We will not even sadden — Wait and watch the karma —

  14. Oer say does that star spangled banner yet wave

  15. I shudder at the spectre of a buffoon president trump
    at the G20 summit and meeting with the Chinese leader.
    Frankly it would be an utterly embarrassing disaster!

  16. The United States of America. America's NATO expansion, towards Russia's border, careless interest rate hikes, and excessive dollar currency creation are to blame for the current global crisis. To make matters worse, it compelled other countries to take side in the heavily interconnected global economy. It did not invest as much as promised. America followed and hindered China's development everywhere it went. America thrive on political interference in the EU and North Asia's stupid leadership. America has no intention to get Zelenskky to stop the war and utterly destroyed the Northsteam pipelines at the detriment of Germany. The domestic politics of America are quite polarizing, and its so-called human rights fell flat when it came to abortion.

    The international scene, America's rhetoric did not match its deeds. I have no faith in this America in any shape or form. Indonesia's President said it more aptly, Asia will not become America's proxy for conflict in the Asia region. If President Biden cannot even control his house speaker, what can he control? Everyone should take America's speech with tonnes of salt. Joe Biden's stammering speech and ambiguity very much said it all.

  17. Hey sleepy joe how much did you and Zelenskyy pocket from the Ukraine war out of those billions in aid…share some

  18. Can talk about the morning news that Mona is so slow to give news and her outfits are so off look’s like she’s going to a party with that hair and off shoulder stuff 🙄

  19. Let's all apologize for being Americans to the world. Let's go ahead and turn in to a third world country. Let's just go ahead and give up.Let's just go ahead and tell our children.I am so sorry I didn't fight for your future. I am so sorry that other countries control our Government. Sorry sorry sorry. Let's take down all are flags because we don't have a country anymore. Let's just give it to the world they have done a great job.Oh" That's why everyone want to come across our boarders…. But not for long…

  20. Enjoy in bali , indonesia 🇲🇨

  21. 🚨Pearl Harbor, Japan killed 24,000 Americans and the Japanese were punished. And now, with biological weapons in Wuhan, the CCP has killed 1,100,000 Americans, killed 6,400,000 people around the world and cost the US, EU and the World trillions of dollars in damage. In 1950, the CCP invaded the State of Tibet and strongly persecuted the Tibetan people. The CCP invaded the Uighur Nation of Xinjiang, persecuting and killing the Uighurs. The CCP's killing caused the indigenous population in: Tibet Country, Xinjiang Country, Ningxia Hui Nation, Guangxi Country, Inner Mongolia Country to seriously decrease. The United States and its Allies, the United Nations, the World need to help Tibet, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Guangxi, Hui Ningxia, Hong Kong, … become independent countries from the CCP zombie invasion. The CCP zombies seriously threaten to invade and expand the East Sea, East China Sea, Taiwan, India, etc. The CCP has invaded 200 nautical miles of many countries to exploit seafood. The CCP supports Pakistan against India, supports Iran, North Korea, … against the US and its allies. The CCP threatens to expand the 'global supply chain' and expand the Army to invade, threatens to 'expand the debt trap with many countries' by 'lending to invade'. The CCP brutally represses, detains and kills people in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, Tibet, Guangxi, Inner Mongolia… Over the past 30 years, the CCP has stolen technology, copyright, intelligence and information confidential information of the US and EU through Huawei, ZTE, … from international students and Chinese living abroad. The CCP 'drinks all the water of the Mekong River in the dry season and releases the water causing flooding downstream in the rainy season'. The CCP has invaded and seriously threatened the 'border invasion' of 13 neighboring countries. The CCP invaded the economies of many countries: '' by living and naturalizing people of Chinese descent. They hold many important companies and hold 60-80% of the economies of many countries. The threat of the CCP is too great and serious. The US, EU and International quickly ‘punish and destroy the zombies of the CCP. And quickly knock down and destroy the 'economy of the CCP'.🚨The CCP is a major, serious threat to the Security of the United States and the West and the World. Comprehensive economic embargo and liberated Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Hui Ningxia, Guangxi, Hong Kong, and Taiwan into independent countries, free from CCP aggression and oppression. Those were 2 fatal blows that killed the CCP.🇺🇸🇪🇺🇯🇵🇬🇧🇦🇺

  22. Chinese had joe walk across platform while Xi stood watching joe crawl to him, reading other countries posts calling USA hypocrite and untrustworthy, China is now worldwide leader in power, trade, economics and financial.

  23. Try not to fall off stairs.

  24. Don't fall off the stairs sleepy joe

  25. If you grew up in a "rough area" in Biden's generation (I did), the only guys that talked like Biden were PUNKS!

  26. our enemies are looking for a weak link and found it in biden administrations.

  27. Bali is a Province in Indonesia🇮🇩, Mr. President Old man

  28. 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨URAAA!!

  29. Retarded and demented. JOE BIDEN EVERYBODY!

  30. He beleived he is in columbia…joker of the world

  31. President of Russia, Brazil, Mexico absent 😪

  32. China:"Our Agenda is tear down America & The West! Lets join the commies brotherhood!"

  33. An the circus continues,