Tuesday , April 20 2021
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Biden Holds Memorial For 500,000 U.S. Covid Deaths | NBC News

Watch live coverage as President Joe Biden holds a memorial at the White House for the 500,000 Americans who lost their lives to the coronavirus.
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Biden Holds Memorial For 500,000 U.S. Covid Deaths | NBC News


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  1. will biden be calling on the leader's of china whose incompetence lead to this virus be prosecuted ?

  2. I want Donald Trump to be prosecuted regarding how he spread the COVID-19 virus with his lies, his misinformation, and his campaign rallies. No one spread the virus like Trump. 500,000 people in America are dead from COVID-19 and Trump clearly knows the virus is deadly from the Bob Woodward tapes. Trump should be prosecuted and put in prison. Make it happen!

  3. 😊 President joe biden cares for americans that died of covid. Donald trump called it a hoax he did not care for dead covid victims in America. Many Americans glad Donald Trump aint our president nomore 😆

  4. Old people die all the time…pathetic loser mourning…

  5. Biden only knows to how mourn pathethic…..Get this clown out of office…

  6. RIP to all the victims. Thank you president Biden to recognize this tragic milestone

  7. Biden killed 500,000 Americans

  8. No one in the United states cares about what Biden has to say…

  9. Didn’t realize that 75 million people that died from ww2 is less than 500,000 deaths. But okay biden with this liberal privilege

  10. Biden is now responsible for over 200,000 American deaths! His incompetency cost another 200,000 Americans their lives! Remember this in 2024, he KILLED over 200,000 Americans and will soon surpass Trump's 300,000 murders.

  11. the president of a developed country promoting big pharmas products instead of addressing the fact his citizens are physically inactive, obese and have an unhealthy general diet. politicians.. promise big when campaigning but delivering very little once in public office 🙂
    bring your obesity rates below 5%, reducing urban pollution, encouraging physical activity, eradicate tobacco smoking and create a healthy general diet should be of primary interest
    perhaps the united states national institute of allergy and infectious diseases funding gain of function research into bat coronaviruses being modified to become more easily transmissible to humans at chinas wuhan institute of virology resulted in a lab leak or perhaps it was a food market leak, who knows. does not change the fact the biggest epidemics of lifestyle are being completely ignored

  12. Joe step down .You are just bring good benefit for our enemy is Chiniese comunist. Your are make ruin An America Country .Down and Shame on you Joe…hahaha

  13. 75 million were lost in WW2 alone

  14. He needs a card to cue him. Dementia kicking in

  15. But Joe these deaths are just a cultural norm

  16. This is so Lame….and to any patriot out there.. you should know it also.

  17. I am disgusted at how he compares Covid-19 to WW1, 2, and Vietnam. They have nothing in common. Nothing. You can't just look at the numbers, you have to look at what's behind them. In those 3 wars, 580 000 died (so more than Covid, he even lies). They were young men, in their 20s, with a life to be lived, dying from bullets and other military causes. The covid deaths are grannies in their 80s, having lived a full life, dying peacefully in bed. Disgusting. How ignorant can a person be?

  18. he (biden) should of been preaching this 2 -3 years ago….but he didin't.

  19. For Christ sake the guy is reading off of a tele promoter….wake up people..

  20. This is one boring worthless POTUS…he's full of it. And if anyone below falls for it…good luck to you.

  21. So that means biden is responsible for 100 thousand deaths in just 1 month…?

  22. I promise you if I'm elected president, you're gonna see the single most important thing that changes America,  we're gonna cure cancer         — joe Biden

  23. Covid's a champ. Killed the flu within a few months.
    2020 mvp hands down

  24. La France est avec vous 🇨🇵🇺🇲

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