Tuesday , April 20 2021
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Biden Holds Roundtable On The American Rescue Plan | NBC News

Watch live coverage as President Biden holds a roundtable on the proposed Covid-19 relief bill, the American Rescue Plan, at the White House.

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Live: Biden Holds Roundtable on the American Rescue Plan | NBC News


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  1. ONLY THE " 9% OF $1.9 2 TRILLION" FOR COVID STIMULUS ?????????????????????????????? IS THIS A JOKE OR WHAT?.

  2. After my 10% Biden sure.

  3. Rescue the USA on $1400 common man you gotta to be kidding, sniff sniff.

  4. Most of the great majority of the Kuwaiti people suffer from a shortage of living, and most of them make their living from the retirement pension or the salary of a job
    And that does not cover living life in Kuwait because of the outrageous price tag in all aspects of life and living
    The monthly salaries are deducted by the merchants who do not pay any tax to the state, but their work is not looted
    With authority
    They withdrew almost all of the state’s reserves, estimated at a trillion dollars
    They also extracted all the savings of the country and the people without the slightest shyness or fear of God or of the people.

    Where is the Generations Fund, which was established in 1950 during the reign of Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, the Emir of Kuwait at the time, and which was organized in 1976 during the reign of Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, the Emir of Kuwait at the time, by deducting 10 percent of the proceeds from oil sales
    As we entered the third generation without showing him a tangible sense

    Apparently, it was established ((as a fund for the ruling family and not for the Kuwaiti people)) because we entered the fourth generation and did not see any distribution of annual profits since its inception.
    Even if the ashes were scattered in the eyes

    Despite the fund’s benefits in billions, we have not seen any distribution of wealth from profits, whether an annual bonus or other grants, since the fund’s establishment and now, we have not seen any distribution, whether from profits for foreign investments that exceed the Kuwaiti oil income.

    We also did not see any distribution of the profits of the Social Insurance Institution, which specializes in the affairs of retirees, which profit in billions annually without a return, share or deductions granted to retirees. The retiree has not been granted any annual subsidy or an annual bonus from the profits since the establishment of the institution .. And now

    In addition to the oil money that enters the state treasury in billions, then siphoned off and looted through multiple and different tenders.
    And through financial and administrative corruption and the delusional development of the country

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    These are their salaries in the thousands

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    Engineers, accountants, oil employees and others have measured that, there is a huge disparity in salaries
    There is no financial justice with salaries or administrative promotions and supervisory positions.

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  5. George Bush, the father and son, destroyed Iraq from 2003 to 2021, and Iraq is still bleeding from the blood of killing, displacement, destruction, suction and looting of the country's funds at the hands of a Persian Safavid authority loyal to Iran, and where is the democracy with which America praised Iraq
    A lie, slander and fraud have emerged. Iraq has become a country ruled by Persian Iran by terrorist militias, and there is no security in Iraq. Kidnapping, murder, torture and secret detention by militias loyal to the Iraqi and Persian government or outside them.
    America must put an end to the terrorist militias that brought them through Iran and the Iraqi government loyal to Iran.

  6. Displacement, killing and destruction after the Safavids took power in 2003 in Iraq, killing and displacement became under the pretext and pretext of the bogeyman of ISIS, who were made by the Persians. They ruled Iraq, plundered and seized the goods of Iraq and the country, and the Iraqi became below the poverty line

    May God take revenge on ISIS, the creation of the Safavid Persians, the Magi, and take revenge on the Safavid authority that abandoned only the Sunnis of Iraq, a country that destroyed their homes and killed most of them under a pretext and a flimsy sectarian excuse

  7. creating wealth out of nothing only diluts wealth and reduces it.

  8. Today with all Dems YES on the American Rescue Plan, at the forefront, of the vast devastation of The Corona Virus, a sigh of relief can finally be emitted! leaving everyone thirsty for more good News.

  9. Wow.
    Who knew a real President could accomplish so much in such a short amount of time. Six weeks and the country smells cleaner.
    Except for the Republican Politicians still licking their Seditious & Ignorant

  10. Biden is the worst thing to ever happen to America

  11. very single Republican voted against the American Rescue Plan of 2021 this week in the Senate, which pretty much marks them as enemies of the American Public and as far as I'm concerned, sets my opinion in stone that I will never, ever, ever vote for a Republican ever after this. For any reason. That was outright brazen and absolutely callous of them during a pandemic to oppose the funding of more vaccines, more state programs, more unemployment insurance extensions, and oppose the minimum wage increase.

  12. His plan will help nobody, his plan is to undermine everything that President Donald Trump put in play

  13. Yeah it's a wonderful plan to Distroy the American people

  14. Bunch of Russian troll's in the comments section

  15. Biden turned the white house into a old folks home. He's waiting on a med call so kamala and Pelosi can put him in bed for his afternoon nap.

  16. Mr.president yes these are tuff times.
    At less look into the backlashes. And fixing America is a huge thing to conquer but do you really have the power to stop a system once it's broking and prepairing it self to reboot. An that same system have something inside of it that the people of American are afraid of it. What's that you might ask. It's call entrapment its use in rare forms. And o I got one I have a lot but I'm pretty sure this one will do. 85% of none drivers travel with out a contract and has no contact with any organization by not giving consent. That a along is a crime and this is precisely what I'm getting at fraud and entrapment.

  17. What about as ssi ssd I. Vet retired senors

  18. A $15.00 hr increase for those industry's that can afford to should, I believe doing so would give a shot in the arm to the economy and help it to rebound faster.

  19. The volume Is so low, simply cannot hear this, OR IS THIS THE PLAN!!!!????

  20. "Open Biden" as Pelosi would say

  21. does anybody notice the racism three black people one “want to be “black person and a very white leader???? ha ha ha are y’all trigger now!!!

  22. Democrats are true to form — Opposite to CAMPAIGN PROMISES. Reducing the amount of UI and the time period for Unemployment Insurance — at a time like now. Promising to deliver for working folks, but not following through before walking it back. It has been like this for Decades, VOTE THEM OUT !!!

  23. Wow that was a total nothing burger! It was painful just watching this. Total missing what the rescue plan will really do and when it will do it.

  24. This is getting ridiculous now, he can barely speak. I wonder who is really running our country.

  25. Either speak the phuck up, or take off the virtue signaling masks you bag of fools. And on top of that, these Leftist Dems are not seated around a "Roundtable". My god, do I have to correct everything?

  26. is that the same biden who was going to send out $ 2000 checks two months ago?

  27. How come they are burning wood in the fire place? Doesn't that violate Green initiatives?

  28. BIDEN is full of crap, he said that his focus would be the virus that he knows it has to be eradicate in order for thr economy to come back but Everything is opening up and the virus is worse than before because of it mutating. He also said he will make sure America's get the stimulus, that hasn't done. Hes allowing thousands of illegal immigrants into this country using tax payer dollars to give these migrant, housing, food, EBT and transportation while many Americas have lost their jobs. Also lot of the illegal migrants are testing positive and they are still letting them into thr country, while America's have to wear mask and be tested before coming back into the country. Biden has made this country unsafe to live in.

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